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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 04/11/2019

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44 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 04/11/2019

  1. Hey, I’m doing a program based on PHAT and want to add another shoulder exercise for the back/shoulder hypertrophy day.

    Right now I have seated dumbbell press, single lateral dumbbell raises, and cable facepulls. Any ideas?

  2. 4-6 weeks of bulking left. Monday, I’m upping the cals to 3800 and starting a German volume split. I’m excited and terrified.

  3. Can someone explain the correlation between rep scheme and diet? Like, I know that someone who primarily trains in the 6-8 rep ranges always will look different than someone who works out in the 10-12 rep range, but what if you do 6-8 on a bulk and 10-12 on a cut, or vice versa? What happens?

  4. I destroyed that aussie broad last night. 5 hours of releasing 2 months of sexual frustration, BUT learning from previous mistakes with the lawyer lady I texted Aussie-girl first thing and asked if her vagina was okay

    Edit: Also, she said only one other man had made her cum and I told her im about to Buzz Aldrin her ass and be the second man to plant that flag.


  5. I know smoothies are generally just “throw stuff into a blender” and you don’t need recipes but I just got a vitamix so I’m gonna ask for smoothie recipes.

    What are some good smoothie recipes?

  6. Asked a girl out and she said she’d be keen to set something up after she finishes her holidays. Not sure if that’s a gentle no or not.

    Will find out I suppose

  7. If you’re apart of that CHAARG bullshit, clean up your shitty kettlebells and medicine balls when you’re done juggling your pseudo protein shakes and colourful croptops that are always 3 sizes too small. It’s maddening walking into the oly room all hyped to lift correctly to run into a graveyard of dumbbells and bare barbells scattered amonst your hopes and dreams of being even remotely in shape. Jesus H Christ, people.

  8. I’m on rest day and off work today. I don’t know what to watch on Netflix and I’m craving food besides the tuna and rice that’s waiting for me. I already jerk it enough times today and I don’t really wanna go out. Bored out of my mind craving beer with some dried shrimp with Valentina sauce and lime.

  9. So this may not be the right place to ask for advice, but I guess it’s worth a shot.


    I’m a guy who has lost 54 lbs (370 -> 316) By exercise and intermittent fasting. The last ten pounds I decided to change my diet from around 3kcal in burgers and shit to:

    Roughly 800 calories a day, consisting of an average of 80-90g Protein, ~35g carbs, and about 45g fats. I eat two wraps with turkey, cheese, and 5g carb tortillas, and a single serving of pork rinds twice a day, and drink water or vitamin water. I also take a multivitamin.

    Those ten pounds dropped quick, but now I’m stalling again at 316 lbs. I haven’t been to the gym lately because honestly I have not had the energy for it. I try to go when I can, but this amounts to maybe two days a week. I realize that needs to go up.

    I’m eating the diet that I am because the dining hall at my college doesn’t offer much in the way of healthy food, and this was legitimately the healthiest option I could find.

    I was aiming for keto/fat adaption (if that’s even a thing), and it’s been about two weeks now. Week 1 was good weight loss, Week 2 is stagnation.

    What can I fix about my diet?


    Here’s a picture of my progress if anyone’s curious.


  10. Making good progress on my strength on external rotations with my right side. Up to about 60-70% of my left side after starting out at roughly 30%

    Bands every day, weighted external rotations every other day at the gym.

    As a whole my entire right shoulder feels better.

    Also, since I sorted out my hip/glute issue and am deadlifting heavy again I forgot how hungry I got after those DL days. I am already bulking but might add like 500 more cals to these days.

  11. Hey, has anyone else experienced disorders eating tendencies and disorders emotions/thoughts about food in result of cutting and bulking cycles? I feel like this is something a lot of bodybuilders don’t want to talk about and that it’s a lot more of a prevalent issue than people think. Any advice on this/your own experience with it? How do I cut and bulk without experiencing these negative side effects? I know it is essential to cut and bulk to reach goals and build muscle so I can’t just give that up…

  12. I may spend too much time reading the DD.
    A middle aged saleslady at work (fairly nice, but messes with me all the time) asked me if I would be her personal trainer. I said “sure, we will start with 5 sets of fork put-downs in the 8-12 rep range!” She didn’t get it…

  13. Out of curiosity to all you guys, what is your height, weight, TDEE, and are you cutting or bulking right now? 5’11 170, TDEE roughly 2850-2900, attempting to get past mental block and actually bulk.

  14. Gonna drop about $100 on some Express sports trunks soon, just waiting for my rewards points to update. The actual retail cost would be about $200, but with a *$75 off your $200 purchase* deal and rewards it’s gonna be half that. Only buy Express with deals/sales, it’s expensive stuff.

  15. I once saw a joke video of Steve cook hip thrusting super light weight behind some smoke show while smiling at the camera, or maybe I had a weird dream about Steve cook, Idk. It would be cool if someone could link me that video though.

  16. It’s weird hearing other people’s perspectives. Often I’ll talk to my mom at night, just chilling and genuine conversation. Talking about MLMs, dropping classes, and how being gay is a choice. Shits wack.

    I don’t understand how someone can be so into religion that they think that being gay is a choice. You have all these people that say “I like the same sex, I can’t control it” then religious people saying “our omnipotent, all good God allows evil and free will in the world, so it is a choice”. Then *she* brought up cancer as an example. I’m like “what? Cancer isn’t an evil from a human. It’s something inside a person’s body that destroys them. No person said ‘you know what? I’m going to create a most horrible disease and infect people with it’. No. It’s just something that *exists*”. Nigga hits me with the “let’s not use cancer as an example then”. Like what?

  17. Watched Cbum’s latest video and it was the first one I watched all the way through. I now see why there is so much love for him.

    >I cook a bunch of rice because I’m lazy, it’s easy and lasts for days

    > I’m tired of rice, so I’m switching to sweet potatoes. I’m too lazy to cut them though, so I poke them with a fork, wrap them in a wet towel and toss them in the microwave

    > I’m too lazy to spend a bunch of time doing my hair in the morning, so I get it cut short

    >The Apple store stresses me out because I have to pick up the product I want, then look around for someone that can check me out, but all the employees are dressed casually

    Dude is my lazy spirit animal. Not to mention the editing doesn’t give me motion sickness like Guzmans videos – it’s like he just presses the record button then posts right to Youtube.

  18. challenge of with bro, on bar tonite, of to say “what is most embassarring thing to have done with of women/of lack on women”

    my bro Marcelo is say “i am 1x shave of my ass, in order to feel, so is as if i am with women, holding on her sweet ass”, hehehe

  19. How many of you do cleans? Wanting to work on my explosion and athleticism and have been trying to find a way to add them into a PPL program.

  20. rekindled with an old tinder match, and after only one slightly provocative snap I’m already chomping at the bit to be balls deep in her sweet delicious thicc cheeks. no hetero

  21. Leg day. Forget my powerlifts…Grab my pair of vans 65’s and say fuck it. Best choice I made today, I almost wore my Nike Free runs instead haha.

    Vans are actually pretty good squat shoes.

  22. I had an extremely vivid dream last night where my 5’6” 110lbs polish friend said he would pay me £15 a month to coach him and 3 months later he won the olympia naturally. It was so detailed, I had full body control and had no idea I was dreaming, I wrote his diet plan and workout program fully lucid and only got started to be aware that I was dreaming when he looked like 2011 phil after 2 months training. I also was alot bigger and stronger and leaner in this dream.

  23. When tf did Tinder get rigged, it was fine before i met the girlfriend i recently broke up with. I have a bunch of likes and they clearly are witholding them

  24. Damn, is it me or do a lot of girls have better postures than guys? A lot of guys on campus seem to have question mark postures…im p sure that shit is unhealthy

  25. You ever have a coworker that just laughs at everything, someone says something (funny or not) she laughs, she herself says something and she’ll laugh before or after, someone does something she laughs. Once you notice it you can’t unotice it and it becomes extremely irritating listening to it 8 hours a day, or maybe I’m just miserable…

  26. My posture is crap…my back is arched when I try to do the deadlift form, how can I improve the form or should I not do deadlifts due to my crap posture?

  27. gf is acting like a gainz goblin. I’m going out tonight with the boys for the first time in months and am going to hit legs beforehand. Now she wants to have dinner together but I already missed a session this week. Being all passive agressive that she wanted to see me longer before I go out while we’re going to a theatre performance tonight anyway.

  28. So my gym has moved the incline press directly underneath an air conditioner. I’m having to do quadruple warm-up sets just to avoid hypothermia.

    Edit: also, you ever see someone do an exercise so obscure that you struggle to even imagine a name for it? Just saw someone doing a… smith machine lying partial single-leg press?

  29. I think my way out of this knee and shin pain is to develop glutes and hamstrings for the next few months

  30. So somehow I forgot to seal my whey protein bag and it was left open overnight for like 9 hours. Is this gonna severely decrease the best before date or should I be fine?

  31. So the GF is cutting and I’m bulking, you bros been in this situation before?

    Can be difficult at times with me needing to put down 4000 calories while she’s sat eating 1500!

  32. is it ok to wear a shirt that says your high school football camp on it to a college class and the gym? i found it in my closet and it fits real well actually

  33. 2nd day wrecking it in my new gym stuck going light and looking fat as fuck from being hurt all winter…

    At the memes are here bros from the old guy doing one set on each machine to the skinny kid flexing in the mirror. A to Z gym memes at 5:30 am.

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