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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 03/22/2019

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37 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 03/22/2019

  1. Was looking forward to leaving work early to hit back but then I get a random lower back aggravation doing absolutely nothing. I guess I’m going to be fat and lazy instead.

  2. Explain this one to me eggheads: if metabolism isn’t a real reason for why some people are skinny “naturally” and why others are fat “naturally” then how come I lose weight if I eat under my 4200cals and other people gain weight eating over 2000cal

    You’re telling me these people eat 3500+cal? Like my brother is 200ish lbs and eats shit food, but it doesn’t seem like a lot. Like I get that these people don’t track cals and def eat more than they’d estimate, but I legit will lose weight if I eat like 3800cal while others gain weight with a lot less.

  3. I’ve been a lurker here for several years and only commented a couple of times, but this is without a doubt the best community I’ve come across and it’s to the point that reading the DD is one of the best parts of my day

  4. Week 1 of 5-day nSuns complete. Leg and ass DOMS are real but my upper body feels so ready for this. Les get it bros.

  5. I love noise canceling headphones. I’m pretty sure the guy next to me tried to tell me something and I couldn’t hear a thing and pretended to not see his mouth moving. Interaction successfully avoided.

  6. Crush called me “muscly” so bulk is going great. Now how do I make a move before I get friend zoned completely is the question.

  7. What do you make of the trend of people holding entire phone conversations at the gym? Through their headphones, mind you. If they were doing this on speakerphone they deserve to be strangled.

  8. Tornado warning on while at the gym in West Texas. Going to stick close to my gym crush just in case she wants to go out with a bang.

  9. Started talking to this cutie and we had a lot in common while I was telling my friends about her she was getting fucked by some guy that could barely speak english

  10. 2 dudes using deadlift platform to quarter squat.

    Fuck you, sucking everyone’s time and space like a reality vampire

  11. Smacked my leg against the edge of a fire pit inside of a slab of concrete last night.

    Today is leg day.

    Can’t squat.

    Still doing legs.

    Someone send a wheelchair pls

  12. Haven’t posted in r/bb in a long while. I moved 600 miles away from my friends and family for my job about 4 months ago. Last 2 girls I was seeing said they really liked me but didn’t love me. I’m about 8 weeks into my cut so I’m not thicc and not lean. I’m just frickin lonely, man. Can one of you bros lie to me and tell me I’m gonna make it?

  13. Anyone else just feel sad for no reason from time to time ? Like it just comes on randomly and I feel down for no apparent reason. Also anyone in EMS really looking into becoming a EMT during college ?

  14. Yo bbs how cool would it be if you could make food have any macros you wanted?

    Brb forever fat for life. Jk I’m sub 8% but the cravings are coming harddd

  15. Hit 30kg DB bench and 40kg OHP for 5×5 today.

    I can now press over my head what my starting deadlift was 3 months ago

    Can I tell people I bench 1pl8 now??

  16. Im noticing the better looking people at the gym are the ones who never talk to anyone and just focus on their shit

  17. If one of your gym bros/broettes posts a lifting vid on IG, do you leave a like even if the form was…questionable?

  18. Whoever suggested lacrosse ball for my chronic thick knots in rhoms /lats, I love you. My shoulder can finally move like it suppose to. My lats are much better and look bigger now that it’s not restricted and knotted up. Use this on everything now. My pec minors. God my posture and workouts have changed immensely. For anyone struggling, try it out

  19. I was benching heavy (225) and failed my second rep and since I’m an idiot I brought it down on my face. Now I have a 3 inch long bar shaped scrape on the side of my face.

  20. Night out with my bros got cancelled because the weather is ice and it’s like Mario kart on the roads. I already started pre-drinking before it cancelled and fucked up day 1 of cut. 20mg dbol down the toilet.

    Feeling the kidney ache already but only 4 beers left. Then hydrate and back to the drug protocol tomorrow. Dbol sides are worst. Stank brown piss

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