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Each day Dialogue Thread: 03/20/2018

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44 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 03/20/2018

  1. Planning a trip to the Olympia this year. Went ahead and signed up for a new credit card so I can get a free flight out there. Pretty excited

  2. We’re entering the time of year when most of this sub is now 2-3 weeks into a cut. Things are about to get melodramatic around here, I’m looking forward to the shared misery and martyr complexes.


  3. Good morning ladies and gents. Send some good vibes my way. My lil dude was diagnosed with pneumonia and my wife now has pink eye. Hit a solid back workout yesterday so all is good for me.

  4. Calling all present and future wrecking crew members. If you have not done so already, please report to your nearest gym and proceed with the program as whatever god you believe in intended.

    Special is still going on. 50% off for new members. link in bio.









  5. Yesterday, I actually heard a normie on the bench next to me say, “yeah man I’m trying to get jacked. Think like, Brad Pitt in Fight Club”…

    Honestly thought this is just a meme until now

  6. The DD is a mistress, her stays always fleeting. You watch, for a week or two, her stories encapsulating the mood of Bb. You get complacent, and suddenly she’s moving timezones again. Her stories are filled by others, but you aren’t jealous, with a sly smile, you know she will be back.

  7. Haven’t had anything to post lately. So, Hi DD, have a good day, please assert your dominance over gravity.


  8. Definitely taking a break from weed for the next few months, its funny how much I can fuck up my diet in so little time

  9. Goodmorning DD, I am now 5 lbs away from my goal weight of 190 before I start my lean bulk. Probably won’t hit it by April like I wanted, but that’s okay. I’m going to be giving a eulogy at my fathers funeral on Saturday, and I know what I want to say, however do you think I should still write it down? Woke up pretty bummed today more so than yesterday, but hopefully this chest workout I’m about to do will help. I have had to remind myself to eat a couple times since Sunday morning, but life goes on. I am thankful to be surrounded by such loving friends and extended family during this time, as well as thankful for this community. Crush your lifts boys and gals

  10. Heavy AMRAP bench today so that’s good:)

    Also having the talk with the GF about our doomed relationship, if she follows the script I thought up in the shower just now It shouldn’t be too bad.

    Lets make some bench gains today bois, no matter whats on your plan.

  11. Kissed a girl for the first time in like 6 years last night boys! Found out I’m a fucking terrible kisser though…

  12. Over the last few weeks I’ve been talking to this girl who’s in the powerlifting club for my school. The girl weighs like 100 pounds, but can rep 225 on deadlifts and squats 😯

    Needless to say I’m meeting her at the gym in 30 minutes for a lift. I’m going to fuck this up, I guarantee it.

  13. There is this guy at my work who lies about everything. Once he called into work crying his eyes out because his friend died in the ft. Mac fires ( he did this a couple days into the fire) but when the fire was put out there were zero casualties. Which so so shitty. Betting on the demise of someone during a tragedy just so you can stay home and be drunk, which he does constantly, calling in sick and you can tell he’s wasted. He also took a day off to go to the doctor and when he came back he told me he was taking t3’s for his foot pain ( which he said he got at work) so I go ” how are your bowel movements then? And he goes ” I can’t stop shitting!!” So that’s another lie t3’s make you constipated. There’s so many other cases like this where we’ve caught him in his lies. But he just won’t admit it.
    My final complaint with this guy is that ever since I went part time at work he leaves all the work til I come in. My other co-workers tell me that he just waddles around and says ” we’ll just do it when Kevin is in”. Can’t stand this guy.
    In positive news this guy might be getting a job elsewhere soon and then he can be someone else’s problem

  14. So I’ve never bulked before cause I’ve always been fat, trying to see if this makes sense. M24/6’0 currently 170 ~15% cutting to 160, [pics]( I’m gonna maintain this summer and start bulking mid august. I want to do a nice lean bulk up to 175-180 (then cut to 170), 4 pounds a month, but the food intake seems modest.

    Calculated TDEE (sed): 2140

    1.5 hr Gym Burn: ~300-500

    Surplus: 500

    So at most I’ll be eating between 2900-3100 cals on bulk? Math checks out but seems like you guys are housing at least a thousand more usually at a minimum. obviously I will adjust intake as data comes in

  15. What are y’all hitting today?

    Legs, Back and Bis for me. Hook grip was fucking with me on deadlifts and now my thumb’s fucked up :/

    Crush it today bois!

  16. Glute kickback machine is my favorite machine rn. Last night I even chatted up the cloud of cool homo dudes that always surround it.

  17. How important is it to get enough protein from meat? I assume that different kinds of protein sources have different amino acids, so it’s good to eat a variety. I noticed that my meat consumption is a bit low, I’ll usually eat one piece of chicken breast or a bit of beef on around 3-4 days of the week. I get protein from

    50g from lentils

    44g from eggs

    30g from milk (sometimes 60g if I drink 2l)

    25g from peanuts

    And sometimes 20-40g from meat.


  18. Just ordered some creatine. Does it make a noticeable difference? Prob plan on taking 5mg a day. I’m going for that Rich Piana look (R.I.P)

  19. So my current go to breakfasts are steel cut oats with Greek yogurt and sugar free jello or 1 serving of Kodiak cakes and Greek yogurt with sugar free jello.

  20. Any tips how to not get front delts activated during flies?

    My front delts take over and it makes me fail the set before my chest is done

  21. Got some Mr Hyde cotton candy flavor, can’t wait to have my head blown off by all that beta alanine and caffiene. Heavy bench day tomorrow too….

  22. What the fuck is it with my physique currently?
    My cut is going well, I’m down to 189lbs at 5’10” natty and roughly around 15% body fat.
    I have separation on my triceps and forearms. I have veins on both my biceps. My entire lower body is coming along nicely. And I’ve even gained a bit of strength on this cut.

    My midsection still makes me look like I’m some guy that lives in the woods and wrestles bears as part of his morning routine. You see the outline of all of my abs but there’s still a fat pad over my lower stomach.

    How long will this torture, aka the cut, have to go on?

  23. Lol just realized I’ve been flexing abs wrong this whole time… Turns out I do have a pretty decent 4 pack. A nice surprise for sure

  24. Alright so my ex somehow found my Reddit account and read through it. As some of you know I share some pretty personal stuff on here that I’d never talk about with anyone irl. So I’m making a new account, which is why you won’t see the guy who eats like a fat girl whose dad didn’t love her anymore. If you wanna know my new username then PM me. Damn shame cause I like psychoreps as a username combining both my uni degree and my yates style of training.

  25. Haven’t posted in a while cause of reasons! Getting back and the gym and somehow developed dermatitis (my hands are literally peeling and painful) and youngling to the doctor didn’t help 🙁 I literally slept with a Vaseline based mousturizer and socks on my hands…This sucks, also I do research in a lab so that means using/removing gloves and washing hands all the time which doesn’t help with the peeling/dryness…

  26. since we’re all doctors here, i have some questions.

    i am a hypochondriac at heart, so this is most likely nothing, but i feel like i can feel my blood pressure being high. but what i’m reading says that you can’t actually feel high blood pressure. it’s almost like a pump, but less pleasant and sometimes comes with a headache.

    family history has some diabetes in there and my dad died from a pulmonary embolism out of nowhere. diet is pretty clean and i keep sugars around 100g a day, so it’s not excessive.

    i’m hesitant to go to a doctor about it because they’ll say there’s nothing wrong, but i also don’t want to die. so what the hell is this?

  27. Anyone know a good guide/infograph/list of “favorite classic” poses. I gotta find one that makes me look good and dont know where to start.

  28. Is pulling sumo just easier if you have the hips for it? Most guys can’t pull sumo or just find it uncomfortable and difficult due to how their hips are shaped, but it seems like every single fucking woman weightlifter on IG that is pulling decent weight pulls sumo.

    Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

  29. **What is your favourite chocolate flavour of protein powder?**

    I’ve had Rule 1 choc fudge, MyProtein choc smoothie. Enjoyed both but in terms of flavour preferred R1.

    I tried Optimum Nutrition chocolate (think it was triple choc?) and liked it. Thinking of getting it next but want to hear recommendations. Things like taste, price, etc

  30. Had to do the roll of shame this morning. Annoyed as its weight that I’ve benched successfully before.
    On the plus side at least my cut is going well.

  31. About to join the Marines and I heard bootcamp kills literally all gains. My friend in the Navy said he used to sneak to the bathroom and do pushups during bootcamp. Oh God I’m scared

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