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Every day Dialogue Thread: 03/18/2019

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59 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 03/18/2019

  1. Finally back to heavy (for me) squats after an injury. (Worked my way up healthily don’t worry). Been noticing I’ve been using my left glute more than my right. Anything to fix this?

  2. Alarm goes off at 6 to get up for the gym. Gf says no way Jose. Lay there a few, then get changed and get up to wash but not before muttering, “Sometimes you just have to suck it up…” Chugging my pwo in the kitchen when I hear foot tapping. “Ok come on, let’s go”


  3. Got laid for the first time in 3 months on friday, but forgot my watch and she hasn’t found it yet. What to do guys? I got it last christmas and it is my only watch. I really want it back, I don’t even care about booty.

  4. >live in northern europe

    >buy hoodie from the united states

    >check tracking service daily

    >it takes usps a week to get the package out of the united states

    cant wait to receive the package in may

  5. Caught a cold on Friday night and have been sick while studying for the past few days. Can’t get myself to eat very much at all and haven’t been in the gym in three days!! Which is the longest I’ve gone without a workout in 2019. Feel like absolute shit.

  6. Holy shit, so I had been following the ICF 5×5 since January 2018. Today was my first day of nSuns. Not that the 5×5 was getting boring per se, but I had so much fucking fun today. Definitely gassed after all those bench and OHP sets. Also first time using my face pull rope (home gym). I have such a chest and arm pump right now, it’s fucking awesome.

    Fresh gains after getting over the flu, kill your lifts today!!!

  7. any of you guys ATs or in an MSAT program that can offer any tips or advice? I’ll be heading into my junior year soon so I want to be on top of my shit

  8. Really cute girl at the gym that I’ve seen around for awhile, low key mustering up courage to Mack next time I see her. What do I do/say boys? I feel like macin at the gym can never not be awkward.

  9. Big Maori dude just said to me right now “looking big bro” then did a Most Masculine flex. We’re all gonna make it bros!

  10. I kind of broke something at work (I’m relatively prone to this) and the cute new girl said “woah, which way to the beach?” So how do you surreptitiously gauge a lady’s ring size?

  11. I made it through Monday without caffeine. Unintentionally, but I did it. Also had a killer squat workout. I’m unstoppable!

  12. So today is officially 6 months boys, OHP is 45kg ,bench is 85kg, squat 100kg, deadlift 110kg (all for 3 sets of 5) is this good everything started at the bar or less.

  13. tfw day 2 of being sick, not being able to lift and I’ve obviously become mega-catabolic, losing all my gains and retaining all my fat.

  14. I got bored and made my PPL spreadsheet super fancy on excel. Should I just go all in, start posting more on Instagram, make a shitty website, and sell it for 100 dollars?

  15. Heard through the grapevine that a lot of the girls at work call me “the really muscular guy”

    Definitely making it.

  16. Y’all ever just lift heavier with more reps just to flex on your past self? Like in your mind just shittalk your younger self like “lmao what a fucking bitch can’t even rep 135lbs never gonna make it smh”

  17. Anyone that struggles with math but got through it have any tips for me? I’m on my second to last semester of college and I have to pass a pretty tough math class to get my degree. I’m absolutely horrible at math and I feel like nothing is clicking. Any study tips or anything would be appreciated

  18. Wew

    Got some quotes on some truck leases

    The lowest price was $9000 for an F150 for 2 years (thanks to A-plan and the Ranger price was somewhere around $12000)

    And the Colorado was $13000 for 2 years (with a GM friend’s discount)

    I’m better off just buying something for that much

    But the question is *what*

    I like the size of the new Colorados and Rangers and the older ones are just a little *too utilitarian* while being slightly smaller than the current ones

    Dodge had the third gen Dakota that matches the idea of the current mid-size trucks

    Jeep has the Wrangler, but those can get crazy pricey for what you actually get (people in my area really beat the shit out of them)

    I’d prefer to not get a full-sized truck as I used to drive an F150 and wasn’t a big fan of just how big it was

    But goddamn I want an adventure vehicle

  19. Never had an inflamed lymph node before, it’s fucking awful. 0/10.

    On top of the pain, difficulty swallowing etc, it fucking rounds your jawline. What kinda *bullshit*

  20. Started nsuns 4 day routine today. Estimated starting rps: bench 275, squat 315 and deadlift 305.

    How realistic would it be to reach 4(or 5) plates in either squats or deadlifts by the end of the year doing pl routines(sheiko or BBB)?

  21. u/gymbull what does it take to get someone banned from the chat? literally none of us (not exaggerating at all) like him and he just antagonizes everyone constantly and is literally just racist 24/7 to anyone non white in the chat.

    also he doesnt lift or add anything to any discussion

  22. I managed to take my final paper for a class on Asian philosophy and turn it into an argument for physical fitness as a way to cultivate the attitude and practices needed for spiritual liberation.

    Bodybuilding for life

  23. Told myself I wasn’t going to do high rep squats, did 5 sets of 10-12 and ended up with a mean headache. I guess my breathing was part of it but fuck I need to stick to 3×8

  24. First day of my new job went pretty good.

    The gym there is massive, and they have like every machine known to man, but the free weight section is tiny and missing a ton of equipment I’d need. That being said, they have super nice squat rack/deadlifting platforms, along with a jack, so I guess I found my new leg day gym.

  25. Hit a ridiculously easy triple today on bench with 305lbs. No spotter, no guards, and no one in the gym to save me if I fucked up, otherwise I would have gone for more reps. Next week though I’ll be sure to have someone there to row the weight off my neck when I go for 315lbs for 5 on bench.

  26. I spotted a guy who looks suspiciously like Hitler from like 15 feet away. He had a normal Chevron mustache but due to his greying pattern at a distance he looks like he has a Hitler stache. There’s no way this guy is not aware of it.

  27. I’m 15 and been working out for around a year. Put on good amount of muscle and went from chubby to now more muscular. But I still have some extra fat around my chest area. I’m going to beach in June and wanna get rid of as much fat as I can so I don’t have man titty look. I’ve never taken my shirt off in front of people unless I have too but this year I want too be able to be comfortable with the way I look. Any help on what to do is very appreciated thanks!

  28. So I upped the calories a bit. Took a poster’s advice and basically ate whatever I wanted within reason for about 10 days. Also deloaded. Gained a little weight. Hit chest today and had the best bench session of my entire 17 week cut. 225×7, 245×4 and 225×6 for top sets. Basically the same as I could do at a fat 230lbs at 200 and 10-11% bf. Felt fucking excellent. Gonna up the volume hard for the next couple weeks, dial the diet back in and see what happens.

  29. I don’t know whose fault it is that my Mr. Hyde never got delivered but I’m upset. I wanted those tingles.

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