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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 03/14/2019

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45 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 03/14/2019

  1. Every time I take a shit after leg day my right leg falls asleep. Really badly, like not “oh that feels funny” but more like I have to wait 2 minutes for it to go away before I can walk again. Every time, only the right

  2. Anyone have a link to the post of the guy with bodybuilding posters in his dorm room? I tried for like 5 minutes and couldn’t find it.

  3. Anyone here go from awkward hermit to social butterfly? I need to become more social asap or at least know how to fake it. It seems like my social circle gets smaller and smaller. How do you balance having so many people in your lives?

  4. So, the front desk girl at the my gym is a pure autismo. Today she made this wierd sound today when i walked out after I said goodbye. Worst part? Its not the first time…

  5. Does this look like an okay set of dls? This was after a few sets of squats and dls so I had to hype my self up a little, which I think made my form worse, I think my hips were too high and I didn’t get my upper back tight enough.

    [355 x 2](

    I was hoping for 405 by the end of this training cycle but idk if I should try if my form was this bad on 355

  6. My wife doesn’t even need to monitor my diet and she knows what’s up:

    If my abs are looking good and my arms look small, I’m cutting.

    If I look three months pregnant and my arms look small, I’m bulking.

  7. why should vacuums be necessary? bbers who can’t can still can look great

    shouldn’t jump on that NSP bandwagon

  8. Just got home. Sat down on the shitter. Opened up youtube. First 7 words are


    Then I hear my mom ask my dad, “what did he say?”

    Thanks Philion.

  9. Damn bros I’m feeling pretty proud of myself right now, this post is gonna come across as shameless flexing to some but whatever. Graduated college like 6-7 months ago and learned that my job puts me into the 93rd percentile of income for a 23 year old (in the USA). 95th percentile if I get all of my quarterly bonuses. My goal for starting out is to be assertive that I’m sure as shit not gonna work heavy OT/weekends. I’m thinking about aggressively tackling my student loans, since if I live like I do now I could prob pay em off in 2-3 years. Also hit two new PRs – 245 x 8 on bench, 275 x 10 on squats. Getting lots of female attention. Not a totally bad time in my life if I’m being honest.

  10. Anyone in here meditate? I’ve been doing guided mindfulness meditations the last 2 months and I’ve been enjoying it. I feel like its slightly helped my anxiety and my ability to calm my thoughts down. Just wondering about anyone else’s experiences.

  11. I am one of those people that somehow accumulated a ton of gym stuff. I have 4 belts now, 3 sets of straps, 3 wrist wraps, 2 of elbow sleeves.

    Most of it comes from having to replace my old stuff then realizing i hate the replacements.

    My one belt is too big from my fat days, one is too small(bought wrong size), one fits but with my short torso hits my rib or hips no matter what I do so i ended up with a new nylon belt.

    Old straps were 15 years old, tried the 2in wide ones now and dont like them.

    The sleeves could be considered normal. 1 set heavy neoprene the other just a lightweight cotton elastic

  12. I’ll be honest with you guys, I can understand a little more as to why so many dudes claim fake natty. It’s so fuckin annoying to post anything and have almost every single comment pertain to your cycle or what you’re taking

  13. At the gym doing knee raises and some fat fuck just came up and recommended jogging if I’m looking to get rid of my love handles. I’m insulted and fucking pissed and also self conscious now.

  14. There are so many just like average looking guys (above DYEL, but still don’t look like they actually lift) that deadlift between 185-225 at my university gym. I was just thinking, how easy it would be to just be average? Really makes me appreciate all you freaks out there deadlifting 4+ plates.

  15. So when youre on a cut and you body is yelling at you after a long workout “I NEED FUCKING FOOD. No like seriously… I need some food or Im gonna make your life as miserable as possible” do you listen to it and eat a lil extra (something with good macros) on your post workout meal or do stay strict and only eat what you planned on eating?

    ALSO. I got to torture a novice lifter today that agreed to do pull day with me! He was actually a great sport about it. Did the whole thing, didnt complain. I was impressed with him, but it was fun to watch him suffer

  16. Russian fit chick from tinder wants to fool around so good feeling.

    Seems like I’m getting next to no matches these days but the ones I do get are quality. Odd.

  17. I posted a few days ago how this cut was goin well and now I’m scared it’s going a little to well, think I’m dropping a tad faster than I want so guess I’ll bump them cals up 100/150 maybe.

  18. Friend of mine gave me some buckwheat, I have never heard of it before and it’s macros are great! But I have no idea what to do with it… any ideas?!

  19. Been trying to eat a little cleaner even tho I have had awesome success with IIFYM. I just want to be a little bit healthier and feel better. What foods have you healthybois relied on?

  20. If a muscle group is still sore from a workout (for example) 3 days ago does that mean when I consume protein today that it’s still being shuttled to these muscles to help it repair, or is the soreness just an after-effect and has no real meaning with regards to protein distribution?

  21. Day 2 of fighting the flu. Atrophy has occurred, I am withering into nothing. Take my energy, bros, and remember me in the light.


  22. Even when I get down in the dumbs I’d always find positivity in this sub and in lifting. “We’re all gonna make it” was my fuckin motto. But lately and lately I’ve just been losing joy in things, and lifting has become a chore for me for the first time. Dramatic af, but I’ve stopped believing that we’re all gonna make it. Sorry to bitch.

  23. I literally cringed so hard watching this guy Pat McNamara on the JRE.

    The TL:DR of him: He’s a retired Army spec ops dude; okay great, everyone can respect that.

    But his whole thing he preaches is insane “functional training” routines involving stuff working out with cinderblocks, bags of sand, and boards of wood; instead of lifting in a conventional gym, or doing any sort of conventional lifting…and says anyone who does the “traditional bench press and squats in the gym is either just trying to look pretty, or has no idea what the fuck they are doing; and it’s not functional for performance”…and goes on to say that his methods make you the most athletic.

    Okay dude…Tell that to every single NFL athlete who’s been on a bro-split PPL since high-school, and would outperform you in any way…Say that to Mike Tyson in his prime who was on a calisthenics and olympic weight lifting routine exclusively, who would lay you out…say that to Jon Jones who power-lifts almost exclusively, and would toss you…list goes on. …Here’s the clip of him talking about his routines. Dude’s swinging a brick in between his legs saying it’s more effective than the Bench Press.

    It’s insane how people try to mislead people to sell bullshit training programs; and I find it so funny that Joe Rogan doesn’t correct this guy after how many world-class athletes he’s had on there that directly proof of going against everything that guy is saying.

  24. What the fuck just happened?! This is crazy fucking shit. This girl just came over to fuck, my coworker (I’m a fucking idiot I know). She’s super cute but super insecure. She got here at 6:30, we fucked for like an hour and had freaky sex, she let me take 1000 pics of her and everything, and then we just laid in bed and talked/cuddled for the rest of the time (a few hours).

    This girl for sure has a crush on me. She won’t kiss me even though we have fucked a lot. Like no lip to lip just neck and shit. I think it’s because she’s so insecure and anxious about her kissing skills. This is weird because she is so fucking cute and has a perfect body. Her explanation is she saves kissing for people she’s really into or boyfriends (bullshit).

    So finally after talking about shit and trying to have sex again she says her vagina hurts and she wants to jack me off. She starts doing that and starts getting her face close to mine and kisses me. So we’re making out and I can tell she is really nervous about her kisses. Then she stops and says to me “I don’t like the way you kiss”. I’m 100% sure it was her projecting her insecurity about kissing onto me. So I respond back “yeah I don’t like the way you kiss either”. And holy fuck!!!!!! Her eyes started tearing up so much and she immediately stopped talking. And then got up and I was like um what’s wrong?? Long story short she got all her shit and left, deleted me on Snapchat, texted me to leave her alone and delete the pics. What the fuckkkkkk

  25. 3rd week back into working out consistently and cutting in about a year (maybe year and a few months). Hit 195×13 on bench on Monday and 210×10 on squat yesterday. Down 4 pounds from 226 in about 2.5 weeks. Goal is to be 180 by the end of the summer. I feel like I could be making more cutting progress if i dont consume a shit ton of sodium.
    But most of all, I’m lifting again and it feels good to be back 🙂

  26. if the guy who just happens to have a respectable nice ass picks the treadmill directly in front of my elliptical when they’re all entirely vacant, is he gay or me?

  27. Nothing has lit a fire under my ass like my classmate. Shes seeing this guy, Im happy for her, shes had a rough semester. I am in no way attracted to her and I just like to hear about her life and whatever else.

    Anyway she breaks out the “and his body too!” And then Im like heheheh ok well sure right? Girls can mire, its a free country. But then I met him after class and Im like.. this dude is **nothing.** Im trying to bulk to 180, feeling a little doughy, but my lifts are improving. But this dude… nah. If hes got a swimmers build he never left the kiddie pool ya dig? So Im going hard in the gym. Im gonna flex on them both, out of pure spite.

    I wish them the best, I hope they even get married. But they gonna learn.

  28. Eating disorders fucking suck dick. Switched up my post workout meal because I was having cravings. Still hit my macros spot on but the extra sodium is making me feel like shit now I’m all anxious and cant sleep because I feel like I trashed my diet and am going to wake up fat. Wtf man

  29. Am I the only one that sees comments like “just hit 225×4 squat on a cut” and wonder why the the fuck people are cutting if they can only squat 225×4?

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