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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 03/11/2018

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59 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 03/11/2018

  1. Today’s Daily Grill is: [Lauren Baker ](

    Lauren is a macro counter and general food-wizard. Tons of her posts are food related and almost always come with a recipe and a macro breakdown. I love when people do that shit because it lets you know if it’s worth making it before you figure out the math and realize it doesn’t work for you.

    I don’t think I know another human being more obsessed with kodiak cakes and protein style pancakes. I’ve stolen a ton of her dessert recipes because they’re always limited ingredients and quick.

    I don’t think Lauren currently has any plans to compete, but no doubt she would do well in any bikini event if she decided to!

  2. My chest is 46 inches but my biceps are 15.5 inches. I’ve been bodybuilding for many years and have tried to implement various routines and tactics to bring up my arms but that’s as big as they get at single digit body fat levels. I’m definitely torso dominant and i suppose I’d rather be this way than limb dominant. I’m open to any suggestions.

    I’ve heard of the wrist to maximum arm size ratio where you measure your wrist(mine is 7 inches-medium apparently) and add ten then you get your maximum arm potential. Doesn’t work for me lol.

  3. I know this picture is old, but I am curled up in bed and I don’t want to take a new picture— I would say, this is 100% accurate as far as what I look like right now.

    I compete in beauty pageants, and for my next one, I want to be really toned— closer to your levels of cut, aka, definitely further than in this picture. In it I weigh 165lbs (and I currently weigh 165lbs!) I was wondering how much weight everyone thinks I should lose (just a guess or something) so that I can properly plan my next bulk/cut— next pageant isn’t until the last Saturday in July, so I have 4 months, just wondering how much I “really” have to lose.

    Even if you’re just spitballing, leave a comment so I can poll the information!

  4. I have no water in my house. Haven’t since Friday and won’t have it till late Monday. My toilet reeks of pee and I have to go to stores to poop. It’s like camping but in a house.

  5. On a bulk and getting bigger every day which is good, but lately my balls have been having less and less room between my thighs. Test shrinking your balls would actually be a good thing.

  6. A couple weeks ago my old roomate asked me what I did to get my calves so big :,)
    Little does he know I work legs once every few weeks and skip calves most of the time so I guess good genetics.

  7. Is it just me, or has bikini been getting smaller and smaller each year? I went to the Arnold Classic and out of all the IFBB pro bikini girls I think maybe one of them had enough muscle to have some semblance of legs and a butt.

  8. So I’m on a cut and I am experiencing something really weird….I’m not hungry ever. I have been doing IF for a month now but the last like week I’m just not hungry and dont want to eat when it is time too. I have probably ate less than 1000 calories the last like 5 days and I feel great. This is weird.

  9. Does anybody know how to find a decent lifting coach? My squats absolutely kill my knees on a semi-regular basis (like 1/3 of all workouts) and I have no clue why, but clearly my form isn’t perfect. I just don’t trust most of the sleazy dudes that normally call themselves “trainers”.

  10. how to write optimum messages on tinder?

    i wish for meet women, accept “sex act”

    so far i have “1” intercourse, 1st time, multiple kiss/nudity

  11. For the guys thatve fixed their gyno, did you go the doctor route or did you do it on your own? anything you wish you did different or just any advice? appreciate it

  12. Anybody else use 531 in their programming? I just got to the point where is see my AMRAP weight and get hyped because it was my 1RM not too long ago.

  13. I haven’t lifted for several years. I went in for the first time today and I’m currently at 145 lbs. My lifts have gotten very low. E.g. My bench I was able to manage today was 65×6 for 3 sets and dumbbell press was 30×6 for 3 sets. I was planning on doing a PHUL/PHAT type workout but now I’m not sure anymore.

    Anyone have any advice for someone starting back up after a long time. I’m 32 and 5’7. Thanks.

  14. I keep hearing that diet is essential for building mass. If you’re on a budget would it be better to work on strength and fitness instead?

    Can you be poor and buff?

  15. Any of you taller guys ever compete naturally? A guy at my gym has told me a couple times that I could compete in classic but I’d have to lose at least 20lbs and I’m not all that happy with my size even carrying that extra weight.

  16. Shared laundry in an apartment building can be such a bitch. I usually do my laundry on Sundays, and I do two loads. Today I could only do one at a time(there are only two of each machine) because someone left their clothes in one of the washing machines well after they were done. Even as I notice other people bringing their hampers in, I refuse to move her clothes because there is no way that the scenario of a woman walking in as I throw her underwear into the dryer would end well for me.

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  18. Took some advice from my last comment in here and decided to try get back on the horse. Downloaded bumble last night. Chatting to a few girls. I’ll keep you guys updated.

  19. pressure washed for 9 hours straight today and now my mind is telling me to go to sleep cus i have to do the same thing again tomorrow. someone tell me to stop bein a bitch and go lift

  20. So last night I banged this girl and she said I’m like a sex robot and that I could solve world peace by giving lessons.

    Nice having someone rub and kiss all over your body.

    Best part was seeing my leanness in the morning natty lighting. Gonna be a good summer boys.

  21. Is there any evidence that you can build muscle on a cut naturally if you aren’t at your genetic potential? Assuming you keep lifting with the same intensity/volume as you were on a bulk and protein intake was kept high. Please tell me yes so I don’t feel like cutting is complete waste of time.

  22. So I have a very sore throat today. No fever, but my joints do feel a bit ‘fragile’. Do I go to the gym or not?

  23. Bros, taking care of your skin matters! We’re all in this to look better, so you can’t overlook your skin.

    I just started using Jojoba Oil on my face and Coconut Oil on my body after every time I shower, and my skin looks phenomenal. Radiant but not oily–my skin just glows. Plus I’m on MK-677 which helps out as well. Good skin definitely bumps you up a few notches/10.

    Plugging /r/SkincareAddiction, read their wiki for heaps of great advice.

  24. I got my first day of physical therapy tomorrow bois! I’m so damn excited, this journey of recovery has been long. Though I still have an even longer road ahead, tomorrow is a major milestone in the process! Kill some shoulders, chest, arms and back for me bros.

  25. Picked up a red slingshot today.

    Is it normal to hear a “tearing” sound when using it? I got a size L and I’m a fairly average build guy (they said 141-180lb for size L, I’m about 170lb with small arms) and I hear this really disconcerting sound. There’s no actual tears though.

  26. Some contractors were looking for me at work last week, I was refered to as “that one skinny guy” by one of them and the other said “the muscular one”

    (This was relayed to me by the day shift)

    So i guess that means the cut is over?

  27. For people who have different dietary preferences how should protein be considered? I don’t eat any meat aside from fish, which is really only once per day. Just doing a quick overview of my diary it seems that 70 grams comes from vegetable/grain based sources like: nuts, quinoa, bread, oats, and peas. Then 100 grams comes from animal sources – 75grams from whey, milk, and cheese, and approx 20 from fish.

    Should I just assume that vegetable based sources are usually closer to 50% bioavailability and account for that?

  28. Just started my cut. I’ve gained a solid 30 lbs over the last few months due to crazy work stress and general life problems. Time to cut down and look aesthetic again!

  29. Hi, i am wondering if i can take HMB, thermopure, L carnitine, CLA, fish oil, multivitamin together for fat loss? They are all from myprotein and cheap so i figure why not. However, the fear of taking 20pills a day are stopping me and i need someone to confirm that it is safe before i proceed to checkout

  30. Doing a PPL, but I’ll have to squeeze in both push and pull today, am I gonna get rhabdomyolysis if I train for 3+ hours?

  31. Any tips for rehabbing a shoulder impingment? Right now i’m just sticking to ibuprofen and heat on the shoulder, and taking the week off from the gym, next week going back and just working with a plain bar.

  32. Had my flight exam today. Went flawlessly except for a certain leg of the flight where I was in a scenario I had never experienced before with an air force trainer aircraft but I managed to mitigate it well. Officially received my private pilot’s license. Next up commercial!

  33. Had a 1lb steak for dinner and sweet potato fries. Then went to a metal concert. I’m ready for tomorrow’s workout.

  34. I had a customer tell me I’ve got an excellent sales voice today. Feels good to hear things about myself that are nice. Who’da guessed?

  35. Had a bit of a reunion weekend with some friends. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard.

    Also ran 5k one morning to burn some calories and I didn’t die. Result.

  36. Had a weird ass dream over the weekend that just came to me now. My wife was wanting to watch a fitness youtube series so we were going through all the big names. Stopped on Piano man, she started saying he looked like a freak and in my dream I started shouting out all the classic phrases. “We all freaks baby… wooo! it sick! it piss!”

    r/bb invading my dreams now

  37. I’ve just got my blood results back after a week of terrible symptoms and turns out I have glandular fever (mononucleosis/mono) and not just bacterial tonsillitis.

    This means I can’t train for 2-5 months, and there’s nothing you can do to treat it. So far I’m in the acute part of it where I have pretty constant anxiety when trying to sleep, very swollen and painful tonsils and extreme fatigue.

    The suppressed appetite will help with my cut (lol) but I can’t fucking train and I’ll loose so much progress. FUCK

  38. Bumped up arms to 3 times a week now, and have designated push/pull days where tris/bis are first in line for that fresh energy. Feels great, the pump is rocking my socks off, and they are recovering quickly enough for me to manage the frequency. I feel like my arms are getting a little bigger (it’s only been about 3 weeks, so pretty marginal), but I’m afraid to measure them. Seems like every time I tape them off, there is no change or negative change despite stength gains… fuck my lilbitcharmitis

  39. lol any1 here legit limps the next day after leg day?

    i have this new thing at work, so one of the head managers was limping like a month ago, and everyone asked what happened, and he was like “oh i did legs yesterday”

    and now suddenly for the past month everyone starts to limp occasionally, saying they did legs..

    like this other manager is going to my gym but he barely works out, only talks, and if he does, he leg presses like 2 plates for 2 sets of 10 or smth

    and today he’s limpin so hard, and im like “what happened”

    and he’s like “did killer leg workout yesterday”

    lol i think it’s pure attention seeking, for me when i get leg DOMS the hardest part is getting up from the chair and then i can walk np through some pain

  40. To those of you who think you can take gear and look good without putting in the work: take a look at the monthly progress thread in /r/steroids & have a good laugh

  41. Smashed a new PR DL this morning. Was thinking about it last night and told myself today I’m gonna lift more than I have before, and I did!

    Feels fucking good man, especially when most people at my gym don’t DL and there are probably only a handful of guys that can lift >3 plates

  42. My crush is coming over for a pool party this Friday. Need some tips how to look my best so I can get her to fall in love with me.

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