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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 03/06/2018

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37 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 03/06/2018

  1. Today’s Daily Grill is : [Olivia!](

    Liv(someone tag her, I can’t recall her exact user, snoo snoo) is currently 11 or so weeks out from her first show. She’s respectably strong and I linked a video of her in the 1 patty club pushing it for five with more in the tank. I met her for the first time at the 2015 Arnold Classic, and a fun story from that weekend is that the late Dallas Mccarver hit her up in her DMs and they made awkward eye contact the whole time our group stood in the BSN line.

  2. I used to Get bullied when I was small so my dad bought me a bench press now I’m still small and have a dusty bench press


  3. If this is what it takes to have abs, I don’t want them after my comps. I just want some fucking bread.

  4. Tried adding hanging leg raises on my leg-ab day because I heard they’re extremely good shit

    However I was starting to swing like an orangutan due to nothing being there to stop me (unless I slowed down reps) and to be honest I didn’t really feel the burn in my abs as much, kinda about the same burn as was in my shoulders from dangling from the bar

    Is there a technique I’m missing? I watched a video yesterday on them and the guy had back support to stop him swinging, so maybe that’s the difference.

  5. Want to buy a preworkout but don’t want to develop a dependence on caffeine. Do caffeine preworkouts work? Or does that really jus defeat the point.

  6. This might be mental but is it possible that some people get a “greater” pump than others cause of blood flow or blood pressure etc. or is that in my head, like a friend of mine has little vascularity with similar body fat and he never sweats in the gym and I sweat a ton, idk what u think fam?

  7. Just threw up 310×5 paused on bench. If I can hit anything over 340 at my meet next month I will be happy considering I missed 336 on my third.

  8. Why are all other fitness subreddits such shit? Post on the lose it subreddit talking about their “journey” losing weight. Why does everyone make weight loss out to be this amazing, difficult thing?

  9. I can do like 15 pullups on my first set but that drops to like 7 and then 5s etc. I should probably just lose weight

  10. So my quads are officially just too fucking big for American Eagle jeans. What brands can actually accommodate bodybuilder quads?

  11. Trying this carb-free teriyaki sauce recipe, I found on the web over the weekend:

    * 1/2 cup soy sauce
    * 1/2 cup water
    * 1/3-1/4 cup Stevia (go by taste)
    * 1 tbsp crushed ginger
    * 1 tbsp crushed garlic

    Simmer and let reduce for 10-15 minutes.

    Will report back.

  12. anybody here lifting 3x per week? Life has been getting in the way and am looking to switch to 3x per week but don’t know what program to run

  13. Took progress pics today to send to my coach for my 3 week out check ins. I’m still holding a lot of fat, I’m terrified I won’t be ready for this comp…

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  15. Both mine and my gf’s credit limit on our first credit cards have just gone up from £1,350 to £2,550. I got my credit card solely to increase my credit score cause I didn’t have any debts to pay, so I just buy everything on my credit card, and pay it off when I get paid. I have a phone contract, and car on finance now though, which will be paid off this July. My gf does the same thing. No car though, only a phone contract.

    This’ll really help when we get quotes for a mortgage.

  16. think im getting a 2nd round of noob gains on my back. i had a decent back but for the last 1.5 yr havent trained it much due to injury. now im cutting and losing lbs but my back has gained some size

  17. homies my friends are doing the 100 squats a day for 30 days thing and they asked me to join. should I do it? I don’t want to get too toned, just wanna be big

  18. I have a pear shaped body, I’m 14 and and a guy. What can I do?

    I don’t have wide hips but a slightly wide pelvic bone and a narrow rib-cage/shoulders. Will it change during puberty or after I start lifting?

  19. Pros: Fat booty and strong legs, generally good insertions and my abs show at pretty high bf%

    Cons: 5’6″

  20. I am completely carb depleted and I look like a wet Chihuahua. Jesus I can’t wait for Friday have some carbs and put some glycerin back in my muscles

  21. New dude at work is 33 and is always trying to tell me some bullshit about “what he use to do”. “Back in high school I maxed…
    Before my back surgery I was doing 70 pull ups in a row
    I use to run a 4.3
    I eat at a 1,000 surplus for two weeks while not working out, and then workout for two weeks while at a 1,500. You should do that if you want to gain some serious weight
    I’m trying to be at least 220 in six months for the summer”( he is 180 right now)

    He sprouts so much shit at me, but today he told me I had good calves so I guess I can put up with his shit.

  22. time for a dumb story. im a late bloomer when it comes to girls, didnt start paying attention to looks and fitness until a year ago .

    How can you tell if a girl that you don’t talk to is attracted to you? This girl thats a good amount of inches taller than me keeps looking at me for some reason in the university dining hall. dont notice this from any other woman, except a few in my classes. legit, everytime i eat she just looks at me. I swear shes following me too when i go to get ice cream. she looks exactly like my eye exam doctor from a year ago who i found really attractive, plus the girl is my type (think black hair, pale and clear skin, bangs, nice facial structure). is she interested or nah? Would be awkward to ask her if she is. so any brahs give me some feedback? Her height might be intimidating, but fuck it breh. i might have a chance because she likes to look at me (i assume so). i have a gut feeling

  23. Boys so I’ve been, for the past few months, banging this chick who just started working at hooters. She just sent me a snap of an email talking about what it means to be a hooters girl. I sent one back saying “really don’t know why u wanna work there…” and she didn’t respond. Kinda regretting sending that, the chick is an attention seeking joe for sure but she’s not gonna admit it. Idk do y’all think I fucked up?

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