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Every day Dialogue Thread: 03/04/2018

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54 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 03/04/2018

  1. Friend: “Yo how much do you weigh”

    Me: “….like 145, I know I’m light, I’m trying–”

    Friend: “Ah, yeah, I was curious cuz it’s not like you’re big or anything, but you go to the gym a lot”

    Me: “Haha yeah”


    At least I had a sweet workout that night.

  2. Well boys today I got to witness in person the new world record be set for the deadlift….. the energy in that room after that was like being on preworkout x10

  3. 5 week (unpaid) hospital rotation starts tomorrow and I’m working every day at 5am, before starting at the hospital at 8am. Gym by 5:30pm every day hopefully, and then asleep by 8:30pm. No excuses; plenty of time in the day.

  4. Well boys looks like I’ll be at the Arnold today (Sunday). If you see me say hi. I’m wearing a reading rainbow shirt and look like me.

  5. Training for a new position at work is starting soon. Life gains have me moving out of poverty levels yay

  6. Shoutout to the bastard who turned down the gravity on my birthday. Was hitting PRs left and right. Kill your lifts lads!

  7. Working the full time position along with the part time one while moving into my new place is a fucking nightmare. I will be moved in by the end of Wednesday though, so that’s good.

    Slightly disappointed in my legs workout today…wanted to get 315 for 10 but only got 275 for 15. The DOMS will make life challenging for today and tomorrow, but it’s all worth it.

  8. Got a little too fat on my bulk, so I’m fasting to jumpstart this cut.

    I’m on day three and still feel alright. I think I’ll shoot for one more. Will update on whether or not I die

  9. Leg Day: legs look yuuge, arms look like noodles, looks like I skip arm day

    Arm Day: arms look juicy, legs look like hairy noodles, looks like I skip leg day


  10. Roelly got shafted. In Strongman news, Thor is about to start his domination tour. In food news, chicken thighs still 500x tastier than chicken breasts.

  11. Man losing 16 pounds and not deadlifting for a few months made my deadlift shitty, who would’ve guessed?

  12. Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 was fucking bananas today. Mastered UI Goku looking absolutely owari-da’d.

  13. me: lifts regularly, never misses a session, preaches consistency, diet is always on point

    but I voluntarily do cardio once and I swell with self-congratulatory pride like a normie who ate a vegetable

  14. I’ve never looked forward to a rest day as much as I look forward to tomorrow. Just posing for me, maybe I’ll walk the doggo. Otherwise I’m not moving from my ass. 5 weeks boys, I’m anxious

  15. if you’re gonna listen to your own music at the gym wear a fucking headphone. I don’t want to hear your shitty music

  16. Oh yeah, I didn’t make it to Columbus but I did wear my MusclePharm shirt today and caught “Raw Iron” which had a whole bunch of out takes from “Pumping Iron”.

    Fun times!

  17. ate some sour patch kids in the middle of my workout and it was worth the word stares I had the juiciest pump

  18. Saddest thing of the weekend is how tiny the prize money is for women’s bikini and men’s physique. THIRD place in the Arnold strongman was some Russian guy I don’t know (and I follow the sport somewhat) getting $17,500, where the first place bikini girl got like $1,500. Shit, the men’s physique top 2-6 winners didn’t even win enough to cover their food/cycles and they are at the top of their sport.
    I guess Arnold likes the Open Bodybuilders and Strongmen? Everyone else is a weekend warrior?

  19. Is it normal to have lower back soreness after squats or could I be doing something wrong? It started after I added in front squats after back squats. I go ass to grass on both. I have asked a few regulars how they look and they all said I was good.

  20. When you guys are cutting, what’s a good low calorie protein smoothie you like to make? I’m pretty tired of just drinking my protein shake alone after a workout so today a I threw in a banana and about 2 table spoons of unsweetened rolled oats. Made a hell of a difference and was less than 400 calories too.

    What would you guys recommend as a good protein smoothie that’s low in calories? 🙂

  21. Day 3 post breakup. Applying for a job I’ve always wanted, put together a new routine to maximize those break up gains, and thanks for the supportive replies to my last comment. We’re all gonna make it bros

  22. Any good glute medius exercises to do at the gym that are not the obvious bodyweight ones? Looking for one that I can easily progressively overload and integrate into my routine to prevent future knee issues.

  23. It always surprises me how many guys go through their first break up on this sub… always see some dude talking about break up gains lol. Broken hearts make bodybuilders I guess

  24. Finally finished the witcher 3 and one of the endings I got has me depressed af. This feeling is up there with some the worst shit that has happened to me in real life. I don’t even know how it happened. I am seriously thinking about starting a new game but I just don’t have the time to invest another 100+ hours. This play through took me close to 5 months.

  25. Got promoted at work and now I’m responsible for some of the new employees, FML 🙁

    Doing their traininig, having to answer questions constantly while also finishing my work, getting to work earlier and leaving work later than everyone else, and having to decide who gets to stay after the probation period is over is the worst.

  26. Just got asked if i was a bodybuilder and was told ‘you look fucking jacked’ by a drunk guy, lol i only been lifting for 3 months

  27. I started going to an Equinox in Encino, CA and in the first week I’ve found myself lifting next to both Josh Peck and Jason Derulo. How do I further these relationships?

  28. I need some advice.

    I’ve been doing PPL for quite some time now. The sequence of my PPL is PULL, PUSH, LEG, rest, and repeat. I prefer this way since Deadlift on pull days and squats on leg days are spaced out.

    This small adjustment made my deadlifts and squats go up drastically. Now the problem I’ve been having lately is my chest press and shoulder press hasn’t been going up much since I do them both on the same day (push days). Any recommendations on fixing this? I was originally going to do shoulders on leg days, but then that would be right after push days. SO, that might mess with my shoulders gains a bit. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please feel free to mention them. Thanks in advance.

  29. What do you guys usually do when you start to catch feelings for someone? It’s been awhile since I’ve felt anything at all, so I think I might start to freak out.

  30. Today at the gym I was sweating like never before and I had to catch my breath constantly. I told my girlfriend and said I wonder if people thought I was on tren bc of that, she replied saying I should be 3 times bigger than I am now for people to think I’m on something. Ouch.

  31. anyone have any mobility routines that don’t take forever? knee has been bothering me for almost 2 months, haven’t been able to squat or dead properly ever since

  32. Running PPL, sometimes my push and pull days can take up to 3 hours (2 minutes rest between sets sometimes less). Does anyone else do this much volume or am I insane?

  33. Elbow sleeves or wrist wraps? I’m trying to push my bench up more and I can feel that it’s taking a toll on my joints. Is one better than the other for a specific reason? I only need them for bench support.

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