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Each day Dialogue Thread: 02/27/2018

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38 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 02/27/2018

  1. Daily Grill 7: [Fatima Casden ](

    Fatima is in the works of training for her first figure show. I have followed her on the gram and watched her get progressively more “into” bodybuilding over the months and I’m excited for her! I don’t know if she has a show picked out yet, but I’m sure she will Drop by and let us know.

  2. If you eat five meals per day, isn’t it ideal to have protein at every meal? I am always way over 1 gram per lb of bodyweight. I’m a girl, so I weigh right around 140 lbs. I maintain at 2,400 calories. Carbs are always over 200 grams per day. I make sure my fats are at least 90 grams. Just curious what y’all think!

  3. Broke up with my girl this past weekend and she didn’t want to accept it. I had to keep explaining why I was leaving and she was begging me for another chance and I had to stand my ground because I know this relationship won’t work out in the long run. She is my first love though and it really hurts. I still care about her and I hate that I had to hurt her so badly. We were supposed to meet and talk on Sunday but she blocked me on Facebook. Now I can’t stop thinking about her even though this is what I wanted.

  4. Decided to try an experiment last week to grow my arms on my deload week. Learnt how you can train bi’s and tri’s on alternating days (sometimes you just miss this shit). Went hard. Added an inch in 9 days (14″6 – 15″6)


  5. I was on instagram for a bit during lunch with my students when I forget kids are around and one catches me looking ay fitness models.

    Lol, I shrugged it off saying it was nothing until she said, “what would your mother say knowing you’re looking at that” 😐

  6. Just bought a tripod for my camera and took it to the gym to troubleshoot my squats. (Empty gym)

    Caught a ton of things. Bar a tiny bit off center. Favoring my left leg. Right foot angled out too far. Torso too upright.

    Squat feels way better now but it’s like being a beginner again thinking about all the form things I am trying to fix.

  7. Deadlifts & abs. Actually a few hip thruster (unf unf unf!) to loosen the thighs up. Did well until form started to slip a bit and coach brought out an empty bar to place behind me to keep me in line. Interesting cue. It worked. Lots of ab stuff. It’s weird cause I really dislike the scissor move; my quads feel extra heavy and want to pull my legs down. They feel like someone put 20 pound sandbags on top of them. 🙁 All the other ab moves, v-ups, low leg lifts, crossovers… those are all fine. Those damn scissors!


  8. Smolov or Smolov Jr for squat?

    Been neglecting my squat a bit, I’m okay with the number but just want to get my quads working again. Doing only BB work for upper now, want to increase strength on lower body so not sure if I should go 4 weeks or 13.

  9. Alright going to sound like a completely shallow douche prick, but fr for u few heteros out there: do you even find non lifting girls attractive? Like the potential of a booty is insane, and it’s not like boobs where it’s genetic. It’s a muscle that can grow, so like how could a girl with no quads and no ass even be physically attractive?

    Again, I sound like a douche, but do any of you find a weak legged lady attractive?

  10. Could easily bench 2 plates for 10 before and I can barely bench 2 for 5 now. This is going to worsen my depression. Had a shoulder injury and it’s disheartening to see the strength going down.

  11. Been outta the BCAA game for too long it seems. Went to order some Scivation Xtend and there’s like 6 diff types now. Dafuq.

  12. Is there a dairy free protein out there that doesn’t taste like utter shit? I try to avoid dairy as it fucks my skin up and my stomach doesn’t like it so I’ve been taking vegan protein blends for a while and I’ve yet to find a decent one.

    The one I’m using now isnt bad but it still tastes pretty nasty and it’s so gritty that it’s just like drinking sand. I also tried a unflavoured pea protein and it literally made me gag after the first sip. It was soooooo fucking bad!

  13. Anyone know where I can pick up an Inzer lever belt (Forever 10mm) from somewhere that isn’t the Inzer site? Their shipping is turning out to be much more than the belt itself. Looking for some way to not get raped on shipping charge if there’s somewhere that can offer a better price.

  14. BOYS, I got the job. It’s at one of the top private schools in the province. Feelsgoodman.

    Time to find a new apartment within the next 4 days, otherwise I might be commuting for a couple hours everyday. Will need to completely re-do my daily routine, but it’s all good. Stoked AF.

  15. lol my ex has now sent me “I miss you” or some variant for the third time. We’ve already agreed our relationship was bad for each other, and I could not give less of a fuck about her message this time. Leaving her on read.

  16. Girl said I have resting asshole face and I am not approachable. Little does she know that’s my defense against having to talk to people. Also, anyone know a good smiling program to jump on? One for natty smilers preferably.

  17. Anyone else hate training with their gf/bf?

    I prob sound rude af but i just want to put my headphones on, blast some music and crush my workout. I have done a few workouts with her but they end with her wanting to go home halfway through because “she cant be bothered” and then gets annoyed at me when i say i want to keep going. killing my vibe.

  18. If my goal is hypertrophy above strength, would an 8-10-12 set progression where you drop weight or a 12-10-8 progression where you add weight be preferable, all else equal?

  19. ahh. back in the 8-12 rep range and it feels good

    Dabbled a bit with some strength-type workouts but never felt that good ‘ol pump.

  20. I feel like the first few weeks of a cut are a race against the clock where I’m still trying to hit PRs until my strength inevitably drops.

  21. Bros, I just matched with this bombshell grill of my dreams on tinder. 5’10 blonde hair blue eyes, gorgeous, and an athlete. She messaged me first saying how her dad makes great thai food(my bio says how I fuck with thai food heavy). Then I replied and said “so we’ll meet your parents for some pad thai first, then I can take you back home to mine *winky emoji*” Now I’ve got her number. I got down on my knees and profusely praised whatever mighty beings allowed for this to happen. I haven’t been in a relationship in nearly 3 years, but there is no way I don’t date this grill. Pray to the iron for me bros

  22. Saw 3 quad separations under a special lighting and flex

    🙂 I’m happy that I’m making some leg progress even tho I can’t squat

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