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Every day Dialogue Thread: 02/10/2019

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24 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 02/10/2019

  1. Good fucking morning /r/BB

    It’s 9:20 in the local time and it’s finally time to say good bye to the Netherlands. 7 days of drinking (I failed my sober-day yesterday) and no gym makes /u/Baldoora a dull boy.

    If anyone has seen my abs please contact me, because I’ve basically gaines more fat in the week than I would’ve gaines during a 3 months of bulk.

    I guess it’s time to cut and get that skeletor-physique for the summer.

  2. Had a fart so rank today that when my cat sitting in my lap heard it, he sniffed it and promptly fell out of my lap. I feel like something died up there.

  3. You guys ever been betrayed before? There’s this gym regular who used to deadlift a decent amount (around 4 plates). Today I saw him maxing out on leg press. This motherfucker stacks 8+ plates, puts on his knee sleeves, and starts repping out what looks like are knee bends. Slams the weight down and jumps up like he’s some fucking mass monster, and looks around the gym to see if anyone was witnessing him in his glory.

    The worst part is I tried to be friendly with this dude in the past, but whenever I would try to give this guy the head nod he usually wouldn’t reciprocate and just give a blank stare. Also I noticed he usually mad dogs me, usually when I’m wearing a tank with a joocy pump, or when I’m deadlifting cause apparently someone half his size can out deadlift him is offensive. Do I have legal permission to put him down?

  4. Got football training which contains a fuck tonne of running in about 3 hours. Trained legs yesterday and have crippling doms. Ibuprofen or nah?

  5. For overall hypertrophy/physique what’s the difference if I do something like a gzcl program vs Eric Helms intermediate bodybuilding program? For example, the gzcl program has less assistance work. My goal is fat loss. Both look like great programs just lost on what to go with

  6. At a tinder girls house today doing the dirty, finished a little too early which was a shame, but went down on her until I was ready for rd 2 & afterwards she said she was starting to catch feelings. Will probably end messy, but its 10pm & I’m about to go hit some PR’s so I’ll let future me worry about that.

  7. Added volume barbell lunges to leg day. Thought I could start at one plate, thought wrong. Very wrong. Dropped all the way down to 85, sore as hell and loving it.

  8. Hit 3 PRs in one day as part of a work competition after doing 5×5 for a couple months. Feeling motivated as fuck. Never did squats or deads more than once a month before this, absolutely loving them now. Current stats are:

    (27M 5’5 160) 295 bench, 280 squat, 385 deadlift.

  9. Ay mr wez vissers,

    Stop with yo over exaggerated voice now

    Also, i know prep gon make you go full jason jenova brain fog, but this bro-science you speak about training etc. Needs to stop pls x

  10. I need a heavy duty “Are you sure you want to do this?” program, I want to be doing the maximum possible to achieve gains.

  11. Im currently trying to cut and doing the reddit ppl, but i feel like it is too low volume? It usually takes only 40 minuttes before im done. Do you guys have any suggestions for programs?

  12. My gym is only a 2 minute drive (its in my neighborhood) or like a 10 minute walk thru some trails.

    It was nice out – so I was like “fuck it I’ll walk!”

    forgot it was leg day and halfway thru I was like – this is gonna suck going home”

    good news is I hit my 5×5 at 550 on the leg press / 315 5×5 on DL’s

    we’re all gonna make it boyeez

  13. Had an awful Hinge date last night.

    Lady is 46 years old and did a good job hiding her faults in her pictures. Even the selfies I got.

    So last night she invites me over to watch a movie but warns me she didn’t doll herself up and her house was messy. All of that was an understatement. Got there and was catfished.

    She looked a lot older than her pics, had a deep gravelly voice, and reeked if cigarettes and liquor. Her house was an absolute disaster with trash and mud everywhere. I chose us to watch a short terrible horror movie so I could get out quick. The entire time she’s missing my physical and verbal cues I’m not interested and tries cuddling on me and holding my hands. Ugh.

    Finally once the movie was over I said I gotta go. Tried to get out with just a hug, but she kept getting in my way to leave. Gave her a peck on the cheek and bolted out the door. God dammit. I missed the AAF game for this shit

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