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Each day Dialogue Thread: 02/10/2018

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40 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 02/10/2018

  1. Is creatine actually worth taking? Obv it’s one of the few studied supplements that is known to have some effect, but would working out for say a year taking creatine versus a year without have any sort of noticeable difference?

  2. Has anyone tried the renaissance periodisation male physique program? Really want to try bit am reluctant to fork out the money

  3. I’m like 16%bf rn( big fucking bulk) and I was do my first cycle (just 500mg/wk of test-e) but I wanna cut down to like 8%. Should I cut on my cycle or cut first. Also money tight on so it’ll probably be a a month or 2 until I can start the cycle

  4. I just want to be able to get a short beard/stubble look that doesn’t make me look like a child predator. IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK. 20 btw

  5. Strained my left pec a month ago. Back to hitting 225 for 10 plus reps effortlessly. Gonna keep the weight light for a while so I don’t re injure myself.

  6. I am fucking heated rn. Today was my last day of this deload and I was set to just do desdlifts 4 sets of 4 with pauses below the knee at 365. Finished those and couldn’t resist the temptation to test my max. Put 405. Smoked it like th3 bar was empty. Hit 495 quick as fuck, barely took any effort. Loaded 585 (which was my goal by April) and put on some linkin park. Get to the bar, follow all my cues, and start the pull. Shit starts flying up quick, but wait NOT SO FAST. My uni gyms worn out bars have something else in mind for me. Right at mid leg my under hand just can’t hang. I drop the weight and I just stand there and stare at this motherfucker for a good couple minutes. I really wanted to count it but I just can’t lol next time I will for sure have chalk or will steal one of the good bars. Regardless I’m still happy with my progress. Looks like 675 is the next goal

  7. Complete newbie here, planning to gain strength, become leaner and gain muscle mass (sounds impossible and dumb but thats why I’m here). I’ve made an 1800 cal diet ( my TDEE is 2300cal) and am wondering whether such a diet will kill my gains or not (while doing [this]( workout I saw on getting_started) I’ve explored a lot of websites and some say I’m killing any gains I will be getting while others say as long as i have enough protein in my diet, I should gain muscle mass and lose fat without a problem.

    If theres a better place/time to pose such a question I will do so. Also I feel like putting my age, gender, height and weight might be important so here it goes: 16M, 177lbs,6ft

  8. Fucked tinder girl last night and this morning. Sucked me like a shop vacc too. Turns out I’m not autistic or gay at all. Guess i’ll head on out now. Thanks boys.

  9. FYI a1supps is selling 7lb masstech for 54.95 BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. Good protein and carb profile and using 2 scoops (instead of 5) still gives you about 25 grams of protein. It’ll last you about 60 days too!

  10. For those running the arnold split, which order do you run it? Does anyone find training shoulders/arms the day after too difficult to recover from?

    1) Chest/back, Legs, Shoulders/arms

    2) Chest/back, Shoulders/arms, Legs

    3) Shoulders/arms, Legs, Chest/back

  11. I’m going to be getting back into working out after a very lengthy hiatus (starting with injury then getting lazy)

    Ive moved since I was last working out regularly and need a good gym. Are there any gyms you guys would recommend to stay away from?

  12. When cutting, at what point do you stop reducing calories and do more cardio? I’ve been avoiding cardio like the plague but I’m at a point where I’m eating sub 2000 calories and I’m still not losing weight. For reference, I’m 5’10”, 195lbs and probably around 15-20% bf. I feel like caloric reduction can’t be sustainable forever though, realistically how low can I go?

  13. Guys. Try farting at the bottom of your squat. Gives ya a bit extra lift, also the force of you straining under the weight sends that sucker trumpeting forth loud enough to echo in the gym.

    Just be careful. If ya drop a little pebble with it, you’ll have a new hole in the pants.

  14. Feels good when you have no real food left in the house (Going shopping tomorrow) and are eating 2 slices of plain white bread, a serving of peanuts and a shake to finish off the macros.

  15. I’ve been working out for a few years now yet I still feel a bit of gym anxiety. Any one else feel the same way or is it just me?

  16. Going through concussion protocol after being kicked in the head at work, which sucks because I was making great progress lately

    What do you all recommend for maintenance of the muscle I’ve built? Doctor says not to lift or even do bodyweight exercises until two weeks after my symptoms have gone, so we’re mostly talking things like diet

  17. Anyone here have experience with any of the RP (Renaissance Periodization) training programs? Starting their PPL one (Or PLP rather) this week and it seems like it’ll be strange working biceps four times a week while only working triceps directly once or twice.

  18. I can’t help but be infatuated by the Instagram/YouTube fitness personalities. They’re just living the life, making big money, traveling, meeting people, getting free supps and food, training daily… it just seems so easy of a life doing what you love, even though there’s a lot of work involved. Just traveling around the world going to fitness expos, jacked 24/7, hanging out with beautiful people.. mirin’.

    Too bad I’m introverted as fuck and would be cringe inducing on camera. I cringe at the thought of filming that shit in my gym.

  19. Hi,

    I have been surfing the internet, learning things anout bodybuilding and then i came across 1RM. I figured out how important it is for progressive overloading and hypertrophy.

    I would like to know how can i test my 1 rep max. Since i dont have a training partner what sort of precautions do i need to take while testing my 1RM.

    Looking forward to some guidance.

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