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Every day Dialogue Thread: 02/06/2019

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45 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 02/06/2019

  1. So after a shit load of talking and realising that there was too much love and respect there, the girl and I decided to stay together. We moved in together way too quick and I moved 200 miles away from family and friends and started a new career at the same time that put a lot of pressure on me and made me lose sense of who I was in a way.

    We are going to work at it from a far and use the independence to work on ourselves and have quality time together instead of just being under each other’s feet.

    I don’t know why I’m posting this, just felt like reflecting a bit.

  2. Anyone else gets diarrhea/bloat/gassiness from oats? I just started eating 150g of normal quaker oats a day and they seem to give me the runs. I use it to replace bread and other carb sources because it’s cheap, easy to weigh and supposedly healthy. Is this is a temporary thing due to the increase in fiber? Does anyone else have had lasting problems with it? What to do about it?

  3. Day 3 of cut. Down 4 pounds!!! (I know I know)

    Cardio sucks but there’s a bit of joy in it Ive found. The cardio machines face the front windows (which are kinda hard to see through) so people can pass by on the side walk and kinda scope a glance at the bunnies on the tread mill. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the disappointment on some dude’s face as they try to scope a look at a chick on the treadmill only to see sweaty old me grinding away.

  4. Took a month off training chest back in december due to some pain in my left pec and shoulder. Finally got my strength back and even improved my bench since.

    But today as I lay on the bench I feel some tightness in the same place. I tried to work through it, but i felt more pain and could barely lift the bar. So looks like more time off training chest for me.

  5. good fucking morning!
    How are you people?
    What program do you follow when cutting? I always have an okay diet but tend to do bro splits and I do not get the results I need.
    Please advise me something and kill your lifts!

  6. Boys i just finished up Denzel Curry in Sydney and fuck was that a nuts time. First performance live ever and what a way to start

  7. Well, it’s finally my turn to cash in the break-up gains chip. Two and a half years ended last night. It was a long time coming, and I honestly delayed too long and let the failing relationship corrode my mental health. She’s a good person at heart. She’s just not good for me.

    I let relationship stress weaken my diet discipline (ate my feels) and gained a ton of fluff this past year. Can my gains be in the form of fat loss, please?

    Time to redirect all the energy I’ve been wasting trying to fix her life and save her from herself, and focus on improving my own.

  8. Going with some Friends to Bad Gastein in Austria in 2 days. It’s going to be a full week of skiing and partying. Wish me luck bbs!

  9. Anybody else have minor sleep issues when cutting? I had this the last time I cut and it just went away. Now it’s back. It’s just like not sleeping as deeply and waking up a few times more than usual. It’s definitely the deficit because I was at maintenance for a few weeks and it wasn’t there. I wonder what’s up.

  10. Kinda skinny fat from falling off the gainz train, think it’s better to accept the love handles and eat good to get my muscle back faster or should I try to cut back down first?

  11. Pro tip: don’t get glandular fever, it sucks


    Lost almost 8 kilos in 6 days, can’t train, can’t eat much protein as my liver is having issues and is swollen/not processing protein properly


    and to top it all off, my girl I started seeing that I really hit it off with, is in Germany from the 2nd and not back until the 17th


    When it rains, it pours.

  12. Any of y’all sometimes get those massive adrenaline rushes when heading to the gym where you feel like you could rip a dude in half or kick a tree down. I tried explaining it to my non-lifting friends and they didn’t seem to really get it. Personally, I think it’s one of the greatest feelings ever imo. It’s what I imagine a wolf feels like seconds before it digs its teeth into a deers jugular.

  13. I am sitting here at my desk, making progress on putting together this presentation for a one-day seminar I have to hold in 3 weeks at a customer and hating every fucking minute of it. I think I’m going to go home early in a half hour and try again tomorrow.

  14. Shout out to everyone who reports the shitposts and people lost on their way to /r/Fitness

    You make the moderators jobs easier 👍

  15. Found out last night I got accepted for a promotion and a relocation to our HQ office in London.

    Hefty increase in salary and should be a much more interesting job!

    Life gains feel good mayn, lift your kills for me today DD <3

  16. Hey guys I drank 66 ounces of water yesterday instead of my usual 64 ounces. Do I deload today by drinking only 62 tomorrow?

  17. Time to look for a new job. Current job isn’t going anywhere and doesn’t pay enough for me to stay. Any tips for job hunting besides apply everywhere?

  18. Bloods done this morning.

    Flawless blood pressure.

    229Lbs fasted at 6’2.

    That qualified me as OBESE boys. So sad I never wanted to be obese:(

    The TBOL train left the station shortly after.


  19. Do any of you take joint support supplements that actually work? My whole body aches like a bitch at the end of every day

  20. >Be me

    >Go out with 8/10 hottie on tinder

    >She’s 6’0 and I’m 5’8

    >Hell yeah time to be littlespoon for once

    >Go to date – she’s obese and looks nothing like her photos

    >Haircolor blue now, says she’s wearing a wig

    >Says she has 100 personalities and changes wigs frequently to match her personality.

    >Try to remain charming and polite

    >Frequently babytalks during conversation. “Let’s go cwoss the bwidge (cross the bridge)”


    >Keeps doing it despite getting called out on it. Nope. Time to bail.

    >Go in for hug and say goodbye. Feel something hard on back.

    >”Oh it’s just my corset, bwwwyeeee can’t wait to go out with you again.”

    Whatever. Had a great deadlift day. How have you guys succeeded this week?

  21. The other day, my girlfriend told me my forearm looked like a drumstick. At first I thought she was saying my forearm looked muscular (been doing a ton of hammer curls lately), but clearly it was a comment on my thin, girlish wrists.

    Anybody have recommendations for bulking my wrists?

  22. Ate some yummy donuts amounting to 1000 cals and it’s only 9:00. Gonna be one of those days where I’m drinking 3 protein shakes to get my protein in. 😆

  23. I just found out after years of being on reddit that you can see your high comment score subs. Guess who’s #1? <3 you bb

  24. So I put the vintage air dyne I bought in my bedroom while my wife was at the gym a couple nights ago. That way I can crush cardio while she’s at the gym and can still hear my kids monitors.

    She’s not a fan – but DGAF cuz I need to cut and no one is getting in the way of that.

    On the plus side – I can watch jeopardy while burning kcals my bros

  25. Does anyone else struggle with accurately buying the right size of clothes?? I will look at something sized medium and think it’s the perfect size, go to try it on, and I can barely fucking get it on. So I finally try to train myself to by larges, buy a large online, it gets in and I go “oh fuck this is massive, I should have gotten a medium!” but then you put it on and it fits perfect. Trying to retrain your eyeball for your bigger body is tough.

  26. Match with a cutie on tinder, my type of girl. Get to chatting, convos flowing, ask if she wants to meet for a drink. She says yes, go to set up deets and now no reply.

    Well thats my weekly gym fuel filled up. Go out there and kill it boys.

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