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Each day Dialogue Thread: 01/26/2018

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58 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 01/26/2018

  1. So last night im sleeping over at this girls house. And I wake up at 1am to someone gently spooning me. Its her brother, high on coke, saying “what are your intentions with my sister, she has a beautiful soul”. Weird experience but his heart was in the right place.

  2. Graveyard duty 1 of 3 complete, came home and slept for about 4 hours. Got up, had a bite and went off to the gym.

    Didn’t do a lot because I’m not sure what has been programmed for Monday (probably squats, I’m hoping for squats). So I just did 35 min LISS. Many sets of lat pulldowns. We did some work on those so I made an effort to apply the new Knowledge I got. Very nice. Then did some bicep work; spider curls, preacher curls, decline bench curls.

    I went to get my waterbottle a refill and saw my coach who was really shocked to see me (we hadn’t scheduled anything- I mean; I said I was coming in just not in the AM). Anyways she was all: well have a great workout. And I’m: I’m actually just about done. I’m doing abs then I’m out. That shocked her even more.

    Then I skipped across the street and got a bottle of some Sezhcuan sauce and a carrot. Came home and stir fried up some chicken, onion, garlic, ginger, Sezchuan sauce and big fat udon noodles (I know it doesn’t quite fit but whatever). I am starting to get more prepped meals in my fridge than I have meals. 😀

    At first I was going to say 8.5 after training. 9 after shocking the coach but now it’s a full 10 cause that stir fry is ON POINT.

    Kill everything you do today everybody (just not living things I mean).

  3. Anyone have any tips, tricks or advice for meal planning? I mean I understand it, and it SHOULD be simple but I always either get overwhelmed or eat 5 days worth of crockpot dinners in 2 days. Any simple (hopefully cheap) recipes or tips would be greatly appreciated

  4. I need your opinion guys. I just arrived in a new city and I hesitate between two gyms.

    The first one is 35$ per month, 15 min drive in public transport. It is small but I’ve already trained there and they have everything that’s needed. The opening hours are 6-22 Mon-Fri and 8-21 on weekends.

    The second one is 65$ per month or 35$ if I take a yearly membership. It is HUGE but it is a 30min drive in public transportation. The opening hours are 24/24 from Mon to Sat and 7-21 on Sunday.

    Basically the issue is the time. Do you think it is worth it to waste time going there if the gym is bigger and more motivating ? It will also mean I am the smallest guy there.

  5. Any of you guys do keto if you’re in for a long cut? I enjoy it but man /r/keto thinks it’s magic or some shit. It’s like a cult over there sometimes.

  6. My buddy I train with got yelled at for deadlifting today… my gym has gone full cuck… no explanation… we have several 600+ deadlifters , it’s a good gym , never an issue before… da fuck

  7. Went to yoga today for like maybe the third time only and came out feeling amazing. I really need to take care of my body more outside of weight lifting.

  8. Every time I deadlift heavy, eg singles triples, I shit myself a bit. After every set I waddle to the toilet to wipe even though I empty the bowels before each session so I’m starting to think people are realising. Wouldn’t care except it’s a uni gym and don’t want grills knowing what’s going on. What am I doing wrong, I’ve considered wearing a nappy but reckon people would see that

  9. I’ve been thinking about alternatives to taking a preworkout to get yourself hype for lifting. Any ideas from you guys? Like what if you electrocuted yourself, or got your adrenal glands to start going HAM?

  10. Anyone follow Dorian Yates on instagram?

    The guy went from the meanest looking meathead, into a hippie yoga advocate.

    No hate, he’s obviously happy and in a good place.

  11. Anyone have experience with splitting their back day into two workouts? I’m basically running a modified PPLPPL atm and since I do a lot of deadlifting and deadlift accessories, I’ve generally had a hard time trying to fit ample lat work into the same workout. What I was planning on doing was having a strength-oriented pull day for deadlift, rowing movements and grip builders and then a hypertrophy-oriented pull day for lat work and biceps. Thoughts?

  12. Trainer at the gym gave me this program, thinking of trying it out for a bit. Let me know your thoughts. I would add squats and deadlifts in.

    I don’t actually pay him to train with me, he’s just a chill dude I talk with and every now and then do some workouts together. I was previously running nsuns.

  13. Did anyone else on here see him wake up on a lawn in Texas? He split from his girl and his instagram story was like the hangover lol.

  14. Took my pre workout and my stomach decided to give out… now I’m sitting in the crapper and I have too much energy

  15. First week trying VERY light upper body lifts since my bicep strain. I feel very small and weak. Legs every third day is making the booty pop hard tho.

  16. At what point should I stop bulking and cut? I am 6’2 and weighing 187 atm, I really wanted to get to 200 but I’m noticing I’m starting to get a lil tubby.

    Swole is the goal

  17. So, i had really bad discussion with one PT from my gym. Btw, there’s only three PT’s there, it’s small local gym. He said that crossfit pullup(or as he reffer to butterfly technique), is right way to do pull-ups because it works whole body and explosivity. Also, another PT claimed that when you do cut you should lower your proteins. So fuck that shit, there’s a catch-they all seems to like getting me mad and do it purposefuly, like they think “ha bitch you’re so dumb look how i can pay with you” facial expression. I’m calm guy, im not getting piss easily but man, why do you need to be such a fucking retard to act like that?

  18. Bros I need some help, gonna give the shortest summary

    Know that grill has some feelings for me but shes not sure bout it

    She knows I catched some

    Asked her out yet again, said she has smthn already

    left her on read, and plan on doing so

    What should I do?

    Edit: this wasnt the first time she rejected

  19. Low key freaking out about the odds of a single instance of being in the room with someone who was smoking weed and if that will show up in a hair sample drug test

  20. I love the amazement my 4th graders have when I do things like pull-ups and handstands at recess it then becomes trying cartwheels and splits and back handsprings. They love playing with me at recess and I enjoy it too, it makes my day 🙂

    Yoda says it best, “Truly wonderful the mind of a child is”.

  21. Somehow managed to keep a lump of protein powder dry in my shaker this morning and it exploded all over my shirt and face when I opened the lid. What’s the absorption of topically applied protein?

  22. Walked past this dude standing in front of barbell doing nothing. Swears at me saying cant I see him and his friend are working out. Is it gym etiquette to not walk through someones platform even if theyre resting ?

  23. Miriam Bryant is Swedens by very far best and most loved artist but Zara Larsson gets world famous with generic music, i dont get it.

  24. So I asked a couple weeks ago about being successful this semester and I’ve managed to spend tons of time studying in the library and still some some lifting progress!

    I really like EDM music to study too, any of y’all have some good playlists or recommendations?

    Kill your lifts

    Edit: Also, if any of you have websites you’ve used to further hone your abilities in introductory finance and accounting classes, throw them at me! I need all the practice I can get

  25. Working at a gym is proving to be a good gig. They’re offering to pay my competition fees for when i decide to compete, gear hookups should I decide to go that road and getting to know a few competitors and picking their brain is awesome.

  26. The most entertaining part of my workout has to be all the guys that walk up and act real tough with the punching bag. I’m no boxer but it’s painfully obvious to tell who knows what they’re doing and who doesn’t.

    I.e. throwing your whole body into a punch

    Also picked up nsuns program this week, all I can say is deadlifts suck ever since I got my too low hips problem sorted out.

  27. Unpopular opinion, I don’t necessarily care if I ever see abs.

    Ok ok, it would be cool. With Olympic lifting being my main focus, I dabble in dodyduilding for fun (because bench and curls). I would, however, like to see a trap vein at some point in my life.

  28. Yesterday as I was working kneeling wrist curls this girl started doing barbell hip thrusts on the bench across from me. It got kinda awkward on the last set cause I’m going AMRAP on my knees sounding like I’m slurping spaghetti off the floor while she’s across from me thrusting that shit at eye level. We were clearly both putting a lot of effort into not making eye contact.

  29. A friend of mine called me yesterday to catch up. He moved a state away about a year ago, and I haven’t seen him since. He flat out asks me “bro are you on steroids? I saw a picture of you on Facebook, you’re fucking huge.” I had to pretend like I barely knew shit about gear in a joking manner.. “Oh yeah bro I’ve been on those dbols and decabombs.” Didn’t have the heart to tell him I’ve got trenbolone coursing through me on the daily.

  30. Can we talk about what’s going on with Callum and his girlfriend (ex gf?). Im not sure why but I’m intrigued with this situation and need clarity.

  31. How long can I continue a diet without slowing down metabolism? My RMR is 2550 and I am doing 1800-2300 calories at 50 grams of fat a day. Thanks

  32. People who bring bars to the gym (like a mag grip), why?

    I understand that you are bringing it because the gym doesn’t have it and you want to use it but is it worth it?

  33. To the fuckwad who took my inzer belt 4 months ago. I hope you’ve made gains with it because I’ve made some without it.

    Just hit a fuckin 355 beltless double, which was what I was doing with my belt before. Zero caffeine too. Granted I’m 8lbs heavier from then.

  34. Is it normal for your lifts to be hot trash on PCT? I feel like a soyboi :(. Only upper body though lower body is doing fine

  35. Dicking around at Starbucks, and I found a super-HQ image of that bitching Olly Moss Lord of the Rings screenprint, and I’m making it into a wallpaper.

    The original was all green, but I couldn’t resist doing a recolor. I’m torn – recolor seems cooler but I’m worried it loses a bit of dynamic range. [What do you guys think?](

  36. Girl who was interested and then ghosted me twice over a month ago just texted “hey would you still be down to hang out sometime?”

    women make no sense

    had a good chest/tri workout today

  37. Alright so not to sound like a pussy but I am one. Am 19 and normie-jacked. Had a first night out in agesssss, and got absolutely hammered, made out with my best friend that’s a girl and gym partner which will be maybe weird, then after that and they left I found this beautiful girl who I got a long with, we ended up dancing and making out, got her snapchat. See, I don’t do this like ever, but having someone find you attractive was fucking euphoria. I don’t know how I’m constantly not gonna want to go out and get drunk and meet girls, and also hate feeling objectified just for looks. I guess a good balance is what I need. Hope she responds on snapchat. Got a new bench Pb today.

    TLDR love meeting women and kissing, no fucking yet, hate being objectified, SCARED TO BE LONELY

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