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Every day Dialogue Thread: 01/22/2018

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56 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 01/22/2018

  1. hey, do you have any positive experience with /r/gainit community? I tried to get some answers there but no one reached lol, ignored few chapters, weird but nvm

    I will ask here to – guys on 4.000 calories, any tips and tricks to doing this thing as efficient as possible? Today was my first succesful day and man it’s no joke tbh

  2. Bros ive been on a rollercoaster ride with a 10/10. Doesnt want a relarionship but we are sleeping together. Just said she wants an MFF threesome and for me to start looking for a girl. I responded saying if its something you really want to do we can talk about it more when I see you next. Howd I do? I was thinking it could be a trap. Also I will have no idea wtf to do with 2 women at once so fml.

  3. Fellow university goers, I suggest you give yoga a try. Most universities offer free classes and you will be the only muscular person there. You’ll suck ass at it but you get to do it with a bunch of pretty girls and it really will make you feel better. It fixed my hip issues that I was having.

  4. Anybody else barely sweat most workouts but sweat like a pig during leg workouts? They just leave me soaked. I guess just cause it’s bigger muscle groups it’s more draining?

  5. This has been bothering me a few years now. I’ve been feeling more and more like I have an eating disorder. Except it’s weird. Any time I try to explain it to people, especially non-fitness people, they don’t get it. Basically, I get like… *really* nervous about not having **enough** to eat. I’ve been this way since I was a kid. So any time I leave the house, I worry about being hungry. So much so that I stash pre-calorie-counted meals and pre-eat before social events. I hate tiny portions too, my brain freaks out and goes “THAT’S NOT ENOUGH FOOD, YOU’RE GOING TO STARVE”.

    I also generally feel like I’m always hungry and the only way for me to stay at maintenance / not gain weight is to just deal with hunger regularly throughout the day. Except being hungry frequently makes my anxiety about hunger worse and it’s this death spiral of just wanting to eat all the time.

    I do much better with a few big meals a day and no snacking. Except my body doesn’t handle fasting very well (as a woman). Going low-carb / keto has helped a LOT in this regard but it’s not perfect either. Seems like I can go 5-6 hours without eating but then my mental / physical function drops significantly.

    Anyway, tonight I let my anxiety get out of hand and I just binge-ate 1200 calories of salad, greek yogurt and chicken breast. My diet is 100% clean all the time but I’m just so damn tired of being hungry.

  6. Well, looks like I’m not doing upper body for a bit. I went to start up my car in the morning and take my dog to go to the bathroom, but a stray dog came and attacked my pup and then turned on me and bit my arm up once I got my dog inside. Luckily the pupperoni is ok and my arm is only a little chewed up, I ended up having to hold the dog hunched over for 2 hours for animal control to come. I’m just glad it wasn’t my wife or one of the neighborhood kids.

  7. Tfw you’re putting on hella mass on your bulk this year, looking thicc, strong, still have visible abs…

    But all the bad juju of your bulk has gone to your love handles and you look like a fucking pear. I love bulking, but fuck I hate my waist.

  8. Alright for fucks sake. Nobody will remember this but a while back I posted about how every old white guy with grey hair (*specifically* white with grey hair) would look at me shitty all the time.

    Well, it hasn’t ended. For some reason, I can’t fucking figure it out but it’s always a 50+ Caucasian guy with grey flipping hair looking at me like I just slapped his wife. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and I’m starting to get really uncomfortable. I keep to myself, I shower regularly, I put my plates and Dumbbells back, I don’t make a single noise while I’m doing my lifts but for some reason these old cocksuckers will walk by me and stare daggers at me. I’m not big, (5’10 160, 20y.o.) I’m not loud, I’m not rude, I just don’t get it.

    I really hate confrontation but the next time one of these guys tries to eye rape me I’m going to lock it in and stare right back at him. I’m gonna crane my neck to make sure he knows. I have had it. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

    [TLDR: This is how I feel](

  9. Quick question when performing speed sets should I go slow on the negative and then as fast as I can up? Or keep the intensity fast throughout the whole lift.

  10. Old lady fell on my lap on the bus cause she was still walking when the bus took off. Everybody on the bus laughed. Most actions I’ve gotten this year so far and probably for the whole year

  11. Tried a preworkout sample for the first time in ages today

    The label said to start at half a serving and work your way up to a full serving, but I ignored it.
    “I drink enough coffee to kill a horse. I’ll be fine” I thought.

    My hands are still shaking as I type this. I flew out of the gym on all fours, anxious that the huge guy who had asked how many sets I had left on a squat rack TWO WEEKS AGO was mean mugging me.

    send help

  12. Anyone here use versa grips? I want to start using straps for all pull movements since they aggravate the fuck out if my tendinitis. Regular straps are annoying to use on every exercise but seems like versa would be fast and easy

  13. Left for Colorado from Chicago this morning. Weather was fine until I got through Iowa, then the snow started coming down hard. Roads weren’t terrible but we were all going 15mph below the speed limit. Barely got past Omaha, NE when a semi started changing lanes and coming into mine.

    I was in the left lane and halfway between his front and back. He hit me and spun me out. We were on a bridge, and I pinballed back and forth between him and the guardrail before finally coming to a stop against the guardrail with the front of my car facing oncoming traffic. When he first hit me I just relaxed and put my head back so I didn’t get any whiplash, and braced for impact. I knew there wasn’t anything I could do, and fighting it would have almost certainly made it worse. I’m fine aside from a [bruised/cut lat] ( Car is definitely totalled and the truck didn’t stop so I’m SOL on that. No one managed to get plates either, at least that I know of.

    I’m in a hotel now. Car will stay where it’s at until tomorrow since they aren’t allowing any towing to happen tonight due to road conditions. Liv is heading here from Denver against my better wishes. She might be more stubborn than I am; there is no use arguing with her.

    So, now it’ll be an uphill climb. Certainly not the best way to start a new life 1000 miles away, but it could be worse. Hopefully we are able to grab what we need from my car and make it back home to Denver tomorrow.

    I had just gotten the title of the car on Saturday, and with almost 160,000 miles on it I had opted to just have min coverage. The hit and run is what really sucks. I don’t want to make a claim and have that affect future insurance rates, so I’ll probably end up just cutting my losses. Maybe suck dick for the time being to pay bills. Who knows.

    Anyway, I hope y’all wonderful people are having a better day than I am lol

  14. Grill here. Two years ago I started my first cut, and I happened to be really lean before I even started. The result at the end of the cut was me with a defined six pack (as a woman) and incredibly vascular arms. I also started dating a dude. He loved my abs. I felt like he was out of my league, but I felt so fucking ripped, so maybe I was actually hot enough for him. I was so so so happy looking in the mirror every morning but also I had a lot of anxiety about eating and calorie counting.

    Due to a bunch of circumstances over the last two years, I gained 10-15lbs. Didn’t stop working out, but I couldn’t stay that lean. The dude broke up with me, maybe because I didn’t have a six pack anymore. And despite trying to cut three times now, I’ve only been able to drop 5-6lbs, only to gain it back when I went to my supposed “maintenance”.

    I spent the last 6 weeks cutting. I was perfect the whole time, maybe only had a -200 deficit on Christmas but otherwise I stayed on track. I only dropped about 5lbs, 2 of which were water weight. Was pretty sad and frustrated.

    I just took last week off (ate at maintenance) because I was starting a new job and didn’t want my food anxiety to get in the way of me being a good employee.

    Now that I’ve settled into the new work routine, I’m considering doing 10 more weeks of cutting to try to get down more. But feeling really depressed about it. Feeling like I’ll never be good enough or that cut again. What do I do bbs

  15. Feel like my parents lied to me. After nearly thirty years, I had the bright idea to coat my chicken in waffle mix before I fried it. Don’t let your dreams be dreams boys.

  16. I’ve been about chicken breast for so long that I forgot about thighs. Marinated some of those bitches in some spicy asian sauce and cooked them on the stove, put em over rice. Jeeeeesus I’m not sure if I’ll go back to dry ass breasts in a while

  17. Hit a new 435 deadlifting pr today. Not too shabby for my first 6 months. Also, my conventional is way stronger then my sumo. Anyone know what could be a reason for that?

    Finally, does anyone have good articles on deloading and CNS that are actually credible; would like to learn

  18. B2b weeks I only hit 1 on my +1 for OHP on nsuns. Feels bad although it felt easier this week. Am i supposed to be improving each week or is it fine if i only hit 1. Feel so disappointed in myseld cus Im a weak bitch

  19. Alright bois and grills, this has been a burning question for a while now. I don’t pull sumo, and I don’t pull conventional, it’s somewhere between the two.

    The question is, do I eat butt?

  20. Back was good for a while but now feels like trash. I really don’t know what I did as there was no incident but I haven’t been able to deadlift or squat in the past week. Just generally feels really tight and achy, sitting long periods sucks. This is mostly mid-back.

  21. Fuck yes boyos, got an interview with Costco in Seattle on Wednesday! Wish me luck fam. Really need to get out of the job I have right now. Gonna have a nice and thicc shoulder day that morning for good luck. Fuck I hope this works out.

  22. Is there a place that shows the maximum natural measurements that bodybuilders can attain according to height? For example, I’m 5’8, and I’d like to know the max size I can naturally grow my arms/legs/etc.


  23. Anyone else make the ugliest fucking faces all the time when they’re lifting? I can’t help but laugh at myself thinking about the people who see me.

  24. I like to think I’m pretty good at having empathy for strangers but christ almighty can I not stand resolutioners and it makes me feel like a phenomenal asshole.

    or really anyone who looks like they might be even a little bit more casual than I am

  25. So my university gym is still flooded with resolutioners which I’ve obviously not enjoyed but on the bright side I realize that it’s help me stick to my schedule a lot more and go early on weekends too because I know if I postpone it to later there won’t be space to walk.

  26. Has anyone experimented with 5k vs 10k ius of vitamin d per day? I live on the American east coast and it’s been kind of cold here the last few weeks and I’m relying on supps for my vitamin d and I don’t know how much is enough

  27. Quick questions for the DD:

    Anyone got suggestions for powerbuilding programs worth trying? Looking into trying something new for a change.

  28. This is going to sound really stupid but hear me out.

    Im at the gym right now. A lot of cute girls here. And being the horny teenager I am I look. (But not creepily) I cop a peek every once in a while.

    So here is my question: do girls have sensors on their but that alert them when someone is looking at their butt? Because every time I check a girls butt out, they sweep their but with they hands. I mean like instantly when I look. I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else but what do you guys think?

  29. We had our high school winter formal dance last Saturday and all went well with my date. We had a good time, got into some good conversations and stuff and got her # at the end. Only problem now is after our dance at school is that my date said she’d eventually head to the guy’s house who was having an afterparty (we’d planned to go seperate because I needed to pick up a change of clothes at my house), but she didn’t go. At the after party, I managed to get pretty shitfaced and ended up hooking up with a random exchange student who left the country today, didn’t even know her name lol.

    I don’t think my dance date knows about it. I know I’m dumb for hooking up with someone else when I was planning on asking this girl to a real movie/dinner date maybe this weekend. Worst thing that happens is she knows about the exchange student and says no I guess. Wish me luck boys haha.

    I might be overthinking it, just because I wasn’t ever in something committed with the girl I asked to the dance

  30. I know this is gay af but this is the only sub I even care about so y’all are gonna have to deal

    Today I watched my son for 4 hours just me and him while my wife went to school. He’s 3.

    It. Was. Awesome.

    We played LEGO LOTR, then he took a nap while I chilled then he woke up and we’ve been listening to punk rock that I was into when I was little and dancing. He loves the same things I used to love. Playing hot wheels too. Normally we play and stuff but we don’t get a lot of just me and him time and with the new semester we’re gonna get this regularly and it’s dope.

    Kill your lifts but man don’t forget to take a break and just be a 3 year old again bros

  31. In Vegas til Friday! Anything yall absolutely recommend?
    Spent a lot of today walking around, checking out the different hotels and casinos, lost a little money and had some damn good whiskey. Got a little sick at dinner (thank you traveler’s gut) but am looking to kill it tomorrow.

  32. To the fuckin guy benching 135 for triples for about 10 sets and is now bouncing the stripped bar of his chest about 3 inches: please get your dumbass off the bench so other people can use it

  33. Well my squadron was briefed by our flight chief today to not eat tide pods. Levels of autism in the Air Force rivaling the DD. They did not say vaping tide pods is a bad idea though…

  34. Ok guys I got a new one for ya..

    So normally we see the shadow boxer, preparing for Canelo in the mirror..

    But tonight I witnessed an actual baseball player, slowly practicing his swing in front of the dumbbells/mirror.

    Dude literally was doing this for 10 mins lol & the best part is, his daughter was there with him just awkwardly sitting on one of the benches staring around.

  35. Glute pip/DOMS combo is NOT FUN. Legs are scheduled for tomorrow but I’m hobbling around like a peg-legged, drunken gypsy with scoliosis. Hopefully some good sleep straightens things out enough

  36. Sooo I fucking hate leg day… I love going to the gym and killing it but when I have to do legs I’m always unmotivated and superset it so I can leave early. I can’t be the only one who hates leg day right?

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