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Each day Dialogue Thread: 01/18/2018

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26 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 01/18/2018

  1. youve all heard of curling in the squat rack, but today i witnessed someone curling on the oly platform. 10lbs on each side of the bar for 5 cheat reps

  2. I know y’all don’t like Bradley Martyn but he has a podcast with Hany Rambod. Currently listening to right now. Great stuff to listen to.

  3. Anyone know good upper back/trapezius stretches? I’ve had a knot for like 2 weeks now and no matter how much I stretch

  4. Traveled down to south Texas and good god I think there’s tren in the water. Go to the town gym and every one is yuge. I’m so insignificant down here. Take me back to where 90% of the gym population is skinny white boys so I can feel big again

  5. whoever suggested to me that strong curves would be good for my gf I need to say fucking thank you. She’s been doing it a week and already is throwin that ass back more than she ever did, I guess she’s really activating those glutes

  6. legs really coming in on this cut. The upper quad head was shrouded in fat all bulk. RIP my bicep inserts though, and I can’t even train them hard without tennia elbow flareups sigh.

    Another sick leg pic. No filter just the best lighting in my apartment haha

    Oh and hammies

    In non-lifting related news, this new job is crazy hours. My first fulltime teaching assignment, I’m just rushing to get ahead/not fall behind before report cards, but with commute and the gym I only get 1-2 hrs of relaxation time a day.

  7. Yo taco salads are the shit. Just saying. I toss some homemade taco seasoning with a can of rotel and some water into some browned hamburger. Simmer. Mix with lettuce and top with sriracha. 5/7 anabolic supper

  8. How do y’all handle mates who get a Certificate in Personal Training, then suddenly think they know everything it takes to build a body.
    I’ve known this guy for years, but he’s about 5’7 and 130lbs with arms like wet noodles. Now he takes every opportunity to tell me (and other gym bro’s) that supinating your grip on DB curls will cause you to immediately tear your rotator cuff, or squatting below parallel will blow your knees from here to kingdom come.
    Very frustrating. I don’t want to argue or disprove every theory of his – I just want to pick up heavy things and put them back down again.

  9. Hi dd!

    I am starting an Instagram account for content that I think is harder to find. I am focusing on meal prep, cool athletic achievements, gym content, general fitness, yoga, etc..
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    If youre doing jump rope, ladders, pullup, squats, curls, bench, anything-send it in.

    Yoga, any cool poses, splits, showing off flexibility, send it in.

    If youre on a sports team and get a cool catch, TD, hit, kick, send it in!

    If you follow the account and don’t look like spam, I will follow back and if your interested, I could repost some stuff I think is cool.

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  10. Hard to face reality sometimes, but sometimes shit doesn’t work out the way you want or plan it to. Just gotta keep moving forward I guess, thankful the dd exists – not sure there’s enough autismo out there to fill the void of you guys <3

  11. Why is life so fucking cruel. Been such a fucking shitty start to the new year, I finally have 1 decent day and boom, I fucking destroy my ankle playing volleyball with some friends. Currently in the hospital getting it checked out. Hopefully it’s just a bad sprain at the worst, pray for me folks. I’m really feeling down right now.

  12. Update on my cold ass gym.

    Today I took my preworkout while heading to the gym after drinking 2 cups of black coffee. I had to shit so bad. So bad I parked my car and ran to my gym, scanned in, ran to the bathroom and… nothing. The pipes froze and the bathrooms didn’t work because this is the south and fuck understanding cold weather because that isn’t supposed to make its way down here.
    I was straight turtling at this point. The only guy who worked for the gym that was there said there were no bathrooms “but you can go to the McDonald’s across the street”.

    I waddled to my car, cramping. Put it in drive, high-tailed it across the street to a shell where the men’s bathroom was occupied. I’m sweating bullets as I take the women’s. Luckily it was just a closet sized stall. I then proceed to punish that potty with a huge rank shit. My preworkout was kicking in so I’m pretty sure I got a good asshole pump.

    Went back to the gym and did some solid lifts despite wearing pants, long socks, a beanie, an under amour under shirt, and a tee shirt and still being able to see my breath while working out

  13. I spend a worrying amount of time in the gym just admiring the curvature of other men’s muscles. I was benching and this guy was deadlifting just in front of me and all I could do was watch how his shirt highlighted his erectors.

    Grill with a phat ass not 5 metres away doing kickbacks but i was just watching this guy’s back.

  14. I should really be sponsored with how many people I got to buy MyProtein’s $50 11lb bag today.

    And if you didn’t see it, the code is 11IWP which includes free shipping. @myprotein plz sponsor me.

  15. motherfucking fuck bulking i can never eat enough fucking food i cant gain any fucking weight fuck shit fuckfuck im fucking small as FUCK

  16. I’m not even to the 14 day mark and I’ve already gained 8 lbs. I’m half nervous about the 4-6 week mark like they say. Damn wut have I done?

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