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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 01/14/2018

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55 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 01/14/2018

  1. what are the best ways to train your back to stay straight for deadlifts and barbell rows besides looking in the mirror?

    any tips / queues / gadgets i can use?

  2. Anyone have professional massages for back pain/discomfort?

    Been having some back pain lately but there hasn’t been any injury or fuck up that has caused it so I think its probably because my muscles just get so fucking tight. Been like this as long as I can remember and I have to foam roll on a regular basis to stop myself seizing up but I don’t like foam rolling my lower back and I don’t feel it ever REALLY works its way in and gets those knots out.

    There is a Thai place near me that’s supposed to be really good. I might go down tomorrow as I’m off work.

  3. Gym got a new barbell, this one is black unlike all the other silver ones. I’m using it for deadlifts and it just seems harder on this barbell. Am I crazy?

  4. Autism at its finest. Some idiot left 315 on the bar after they did rack pulls, so I go to unrack it so I can do squats. Of course dumbass me unracks all 3 plates from one side first and the barbell tips over off the safeties making a loud ass noise

  5. Anyone else got dat hip pinch/FAI? If so, does any stretching or any kind of program help? Any work around not squatting? 🙁

  6. So, this guy at my gym has a bunch of first time competitors he’s training and they heard that I’ve done a few shows. He proceeds to tell them I can coach them in posing. Looks like I’m a posing coach for 4 dudes now. At least I get paid for it.

  7. Today the gym was full of bloody DYELs-wannabe-instagram-fitness-influencers. Had to dodge a girl recording her boyfriend climbing the stairs to the weightroom up and down with a 10kg sack on his back (such strength! Much wow!), then a girl bossing her boyfriend around for 45min to record her doing 5kg RDLs under the best lighting/angles… and occupying about 15% of the available weightroom space while doing so.

    Makes me think how fucking annoying sharing a gym with fitness celebrities recording “content” must be.

  8. Decided to change my routine up, any fellas here have their own take on PPL? Right now i’m thinking the day after push i’m going to be sore possibly with DOMS making pulling the next day not exactly optimal for example when doing pullups the chest and shoulders being sore af even though the back is being targeted. Would running Pull Legs Push for example be equally as effective, or am i just overthinking this!?

  9. So I decided to go to Shaky Knees in Atlanta this may. Problem is I wasn’t gonna cut until the start of May, which is when the festival is. I’m going with a bro I used to lift with in college and haven’t seen in a while. We used to one up each other and push each other every fucking workout till we graduated and moved to separate cities. Now I have to out flex the fucker but I’m gonna lose the last bit of my bulk. Do you guys think a month with cla and L-carnatine will be enough to lose about 15-20 lbs? I did a slow clean bulk so I’m really only at 12ish% bf and really just need to cut 4%. Or should I cut for longer?

  10. Biked to the store since I had cookie cravings since 2 days ago

    Ate whole packed and a half

    Bought some chocolate milk too to dip my cookies in

  11. Recently started doing Barbell good mornings atleast once a week.. This has become my favorite exercise and Im not entirely sure why

  12. Always check the dates of shit you buy in the grocery store. Upon putting everything I bought in the fridge I realized two of the yogurts I bought expired exactly a week ago.

  13. Errybody (Including myself), says I gotta start working abs, so I’m gonna try to hit abs every single day for the next month. I’m gonna see how much of a difference I can make with just this. If I can, I’ll also start doing some stomach vacuums at the start of every day before I eat. Hold me to account on this please. Today the first day. Gonna be hanging leg raises, cable crunches, and ab wheels to failure, if I can. If I’m still feeling it, I’ll hit some dacline sit ups at the end.

  14. Struggling to refrain from doing upper body lifts, I’ve got so much ground to regain, but I’ve pulled something in my right shoulder, and though I’ve pushed through the pain a few times, I know I need to back off and let it heal.

  15. Hey Boyz, question for you all that bodybuild and work physically demanding jobs. I just started working a job that has me on average take 12 to 14 thousand steps (according to Samsung health) and I’m burning 400 – 600 calories a day. I’m also doing steadily heavy lifts of metal boxes 4 or 5 times and then quickly shuffling to move them into a position (I work in entertainment).

    It’s a lot of physical exertion and I work 7 days a week. I eat and sleep a lot but I don’t get actual days off to recover completely for 3 to 4 weeks at a time. Anyone have any advice here from experience? Once I get back to weights it’ll be whole body once a week, I just don’t know if not having a day off would let me recover well enough. I’m Natty so I suspect hitting a cycle would let me recover easy from the workouts. For now I feel like my body would struggle to recover well

  16. Can anyone think of any else I should add to my chili today? I’ve got

    >ground beef
    >black beans
    >beef stock

    Anything missing?

  17. Anyone else ever see form so bad you have to restrain yourself from going over and explaining to them how to do a lift properly?

  18. I know this probably doesn’t mean much to you guys but I put 315 on my back for the first time and I hit it for 5. I’d personally like to thank all you dobby duilders out there for giving me the strength today

  19. How do I force myself to eat/have a larger appetite? I’ve always struggled with this, and I’ve managed to add some good weight the past couple of years lifting, but now I’ve only added maybe 5-7 pounds in a matter of 8+ months. I bulked hard 2 separate times in the past to get to where I’m at and it ended up good. Some days I eat a good amount and look thiccer than normal, get a decent pump. Some days I miss a lot of macros and feel weak and look soft. Like today. Pls help what do, I hate feelin weak.

    Currently 6’3 190lbs and trying to get to 210. Wanna be thicc boye

  20. My gym playlist has a lot of of rock like My chemical romance, Bangkok 5, and rancid. I know I look like an idiot rocking my head to the music, but it’s just impossible not to

  21. i fucking love creatine holy shit i missed it so much. i didnt take any over break and looked like a sad flat chubster but today im up 6lbs since last week when i started taking it again, my lifts are all up, and i look both bigger and leaner

    in other news, i looked in the mirror just now after upper body and i think i might cry when this pump goes away. i pray for its safe return to brodin, in all his swolyness

  22. alright homies, I matched this chick on tinder, she goes to my school. she doesn’t say much but I told her she was cute she was like “aw really?” and then I asked her if she wants to get coffee and then maybe make pillow forts and make out (stole that shit from /r/tinder thanks bud) she said “sounds fun” I asked if she’s free tuesday she said “I think so.” I want to set a time a place for the coffee how I do I close this boys? I’m new to this should I wait until the morning of?

    edit: what do I make of her lukewarm answers?

    edit edit thanks for holding my hand through this homies

  23. Hopefully this is the right place for this. Just looking for a routine critique if possible.
    Been lifting for roughly a year and want to make sure I am on the right track.

    Monday — Back, Shoulders, Biceps
    T-Bar Row: 4×10
    Lat Pulldown: 4×8-12
    Straight Arm Pulldown: 4×10
    Hammer Curls: 15, 10, 8, 12
    Preacher Curls: 4×8-12
    Standing Barbell Curls: 2×15-20
    Rope Curls: 4×10

    Tuesday — Chest Triceps
    Bench Press: 4×8
    Dumbbell Press: 4×8-12
    Dumbbell Flys: 4×8-12
    Triceps Pushdowns w/ Split: 4×10
    Single Arm Tricep Pushdown: 4×10, each arm
    Tricep Extensions: 4×10, each arm

    Wednesday — Legs, Core
    Squat: 4×8
    Sumo Deadlift: 4×10

    Thursday — Back, Shoulders, Biceps
    Bent Over Barbell Row: 4×8
    Bent Over Dumbbell Row: 4×10, each side
    Straight Arm Pulldown: 4×10
    Lat Pulldown: 2×15
    Preacher Curls: 4×10
    Hammer Curls: 4×8-12

    Friday — Chest, Triceps
    Incline Bench Press: 4×8
    Incline Dumbbell Press: 4×8
    Cable Flys: 4×8-12
    Close Grip Bench Press: 4×8-12
    Skull Crushers: 4×8-12
    Tricep Dips: 2xFailure

    I originally did have shoulder work in this routine but cut it out in order to save me time at the gym (12 hour shifts, 5-6 days a week at work.) Sucks ass but had to make a sacrifice somewhere /:

  24. Day 1 of hitting abs everyday for a month. Started with 3 x F of Hanging Leg Raises, (Can’t stand them, I always end up hitting my hip flexors eventually) 4 x 15 Cable Crunches, I also did 3 x 15 of this ab exercise I saw some thot doing on Insta, where you face away from the cable, have the bar for the cable machine in your ass crack, and crunch down very low while keeping legs straight, which worked for the record, tried some ab wheel rollouts, but my abs were too fried by then for me to activate them properly, then finished with 4 x 20 of decline sit ups, and my abs were cramping. Pics of how little you can see my abs even when I smash them. Result of never working abs ever.

    I’m not gonna post any pics of myself showing my abs in any pics, cause I want to see only the before and after, and not being able to not see progress will help me not be demotivated.

    I’m gonna try and do full ab workouts as often as I can, but if I can’t, I’m just gonna do some crunches/situps at home, maybe break out the doorway pullup bar for hanging leg raises.

    *Also, I was gonna do stomach vacuums every morning before eating. Any decent videos to watch for this or routines?

  25. I’m pretty conflicted by the accusations against Aziz Ansari. I actually quite liked his stand up and his performance in Parks and Rec. I just.. don’t know if that’s really assault. Like… it was not smooth, it was not ideal, but is that assault..?

  26. Well boys, things are starting to turn up shiny. I know most of you are bulking right now and trying to add mass in general but I’m still on the slow-burn transition from being just fat, trying to slim down and build at the same time. My company’s fitness initiative had a weight loss challenge from the week before Thanksgiving to the week after New Years and I won with losing about 15 lbs. Got a $75 amazon gift card and two 2.2lb bags of myprotein. Awesome.

    In way more exciting news, some of you may recall the half-Korean super cutie from Tinder I mentioned on the DD from like a week ago. Declared I was gonna lock her down by Valentine’s. We haven’t put a label on it, but I found out the feeling’s mutual and we’ve both agreed to stop seeing other people. I got to wake up next to her this morning after fucking into the wee hours of the morning and getting Village Inn at 3 am. I’m smitten and I love it.

    Just slammed 2.5 scoops of Mr. Hyde and ate a fat stack of pancakes for breakfast, about to go crush legs like it’s my fuckin birthright. Kill your lifts you beautiful bastards, we really are all gonna make it ❤️

  27. homies it’s time for me to come clean. in r/bb’s dd I am a jacked black man but irl i am a skinny indian kid tryna make it

  28. anyone here doesn’t own a smartphone? I’m considering selling my iPhone and buying an old dumbphone. Experiences?

  29. Last day of 12 weeks cycle of test/tren and then PCT starts .. Going to be a tough month. Contemplating that I should just cruise

  30. Rest days are the worst.

    Got bored and watched Willy Wonka, read Paper Towns, and ignoring the NFL playoffs for no good reason.

    What is this coming to?


  31. Well shit I just made a comment that has 13k+. At least my most upvoted isn’t an autistic grill story anymore

    Up to 20k in 40 minutes lollll

  32. Was at the gym today waiting to do some weighted crunches on the ab machine at the end of my workout. Some dude was using it already and I asked if I could work in. Sure, no problem.

    Dude finishes his set and gets up, only to reveal the slimiest, nastiest, wettest sweat stain on the backpad of the machine. I take one look at it, think about how much of my back is exposed in my tank, and decide that I was gonna do hanging knee raises today after all.

  33. Well boys. I had a family Christmas yesterday (yeah, I know it was a little late, but we always do it this way with the extended family) and I didn’t go crazy on the food. Killed an awesome workout today. Finally decided on my new belt and got it ordered. Tomorrow I’m going to go for a bench PR. Hopefully I start my week the right way. Wish me luck and kill your lifts dudes!

  34. Missed 365 on bench today.

    Should have let the weight kill me for missing a rep.

    To be totally honest, depression is awesome for suppressing appetite. Combined with my EC stack, I have too force myself to eat at this point.

  35. Started convo with a cute trainer at my gym, she initiated more conversation a bit later, got her snap and insta, how do I not goof this up? A female coworker who saw the whole thing said to go for it lol

  36. I want to be great at something god dammit. I’m so tired of being a nobody. Does anyone have shins of peace? I’m going to be the guy. I’m going to be the next AlphaDestiny but for shins. FUCK this nobody shit.

    I’m not sure how to best attack this muscle so i”m just going to throw everything at it. For the next year this is how I’m starting my workout 3x/week:

    Shin raises on the leg press heavy af 4×3-5

    Heel elevated toe raises in smith machine 4×8-12

    The shin isolation machine 6×15

    Before pics in the next DD

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