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Each day Dialogue Thread: 01/06/2018

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53 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 01/06/2018

  1. pretty fucking good start to this year fellas! Had a 2 months break from the gym and now im finally back in, even with 2 PR’s already!

  2. Thought I had lost my wrist wraps after not seeing them for 3 days. They were fairly new and still in good condition. After lamenting to my roommate about it, I was gifted a pair she got from her work when she started (works at a fitness apparel company) so all was good in the world.

    Got to the gym today, lo and behold, my wrist wraps are sitting in the change room on top of the lockers (either that or I just stole an identical pair from someone)! I also found a Lindor chocolate I thought I had also lost. It’s been a good day!

  3. Hit a rep PR on benchpress today, 245×10 @ 165 lbs. Also have been working hard on my music so my first mixtape is dropping this year. My phone finally bit the dust and I called apple and they told me to get a new one but the phone store opens Monday so that kinda sucks. All in all it’s been a good day though, linked is my bench PR. Also shameless self promotion-plz check out my Soundcloud I’ll link it too-promise it’s not as bad as you’d expect. Everyone have a great weekend and remember to be kind to all the new people in the gym, everyone starts somewhere.

  4. Walking up the train stations steps I took big strides missing a few steps in between and all I could think was push through our heels, strict form walking boys

  5. One of my friends who temples up but is small keeps talking shit about new years resolutioners like shut the fuck up dude you started coming 2 months ago.

  6. Need advice. My wife is VERY good at school and she has to take calculus next semester. Math is her Achilles heel. She gets frustrated when I try to teach her because it comes so easy to me, it just clicks. Any good YouTube videos or free resources that could help her?

  7. Don’t skip leg day has become an anti-meme. The fear of ridicule for not training legs has become so great that the general idea is to do it so much that you end up looking like a pear.

  8. You know that leg DOMS that makes you walk funny and not be able to sit without grunting a little?

    I got that shit. Since my leg day on wednesday(my dudes).

    Fuck. Don’t stay away from leg city because of holidays and if you do don’t go pumping the same weight you were before when you are back my friends.

  9. Reaching that point in the cut where with a pump I look pretty good, but without it I look like a depleted stick figure.

  10. Damn leg day keeps falling on the weekend when everyone and their mom wants to use every possible leg machine and squat rack. Definitely going to have to switch it up or start making crazy noises to scare people off machines. Maybe crop dust idk

  11. Decided to switch it up and move to more strength based training for a while. Hit a new or of 425 on squat and I’m gonna try for 500lb Deadlift soon.

  12. Day 6 of terrible cold. Already itching to hit the gym, but my cough is disgusting. Would not want to spread it to anyone healthy.

  13. Back to the Day 1 of new split (I hadn’t stopped). Back, Chest, Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders and calves. Pretty much buffet workout. Pick any three exercises per group. It was doing good til I got midway through triceps and I felt like I just couldn’t connect with my right triceps as good as the left for some reason. I had finished doing a LOT of cable kickbacks so they were already going it just.. Didn’t feel activated while doing skullcrushers? It was weird. Everything else went good. Threw on an extra 50 pounds for standing calf press. That felt *really* nice.

    I’m going to say it was an 8.5/10 day. Good enough!

    Kill your lifts today everybody.

  14. What set x rep schemes do you guys deadlift with? My backs finally healed so I’ll be starting up again but not sure what to do. Fuck high reps though

  15. So it turns out, I do have a hiatal hernia but the doctor said I don’t have to have surgery and I don’t really have to change anything (aside from eating large meals before bed).

    Still I’m nervous about squats and deadlifts, have any of you guys dealt with this?

  16. Guys maybe 100lbs soaking wet, squatting 140 and MOANING AND GROANING EVERY REP.

    Bruh, shut the fuck up and brace, won’t be failing 140lbs then.

  17. Benched 295 for a new 1RM, celebrated today with all you can eat sushi. Kinda wanna push it to 315 but I’m pretty fat so I’m planning to cut. Goodbye strength gainz.

  18. Met Tinder cutie at the gym this morning. Crushed back day together. Conversation is flowing, making jokes, having a great time. We get Chipotle after, sit there chatting for like two hours. Time to part, saying goodbye, go in for kiss and she dodges.

    RIP me

  19. There’s a Wendy’s right next to my gym. What do I get, boyos?

    Edit: I got a spicy chicken sandwich, 4 for 4 meal JBC, and a large Coke.

  20. Going on vacation for two weeks in Italy. Is it weird that one of the things I’m most looking forward to is the fancy hotel gym?

  21. This Cory Gregory plan is whooping my ass phase 4 leg day. 12 sets of squats 12 reps then 10 sets leg ext 12 reps then 10 sets leg curl 10 reps

  22. Theres this really gorgeous blonde in my gym who ALWAYS smiles at me, and maintains eye contact while walking by me.. but the autist in me is a thousand percent sure its just cause shes nice.. she cant ACTUALLY be attracted to a DYEL fatboy right?… right?…

  23. Guy asked me how many more sets I have on the bench and I said one, but I just needed a spot and I’d be done and asked if he would do it. He said no, stood there and watched as I got someone else off another bench to supervise my last set, and then took my decline immediately after.

    Either a super alpha move or that guy is autistic as shit and belongs here. Either way, hit 3 sets of 40 at 225 today again but really struggling in my quest to hit 50 reps at 225. Too bad I still look like a lumpy sack of shit.


    Just moved to a new gym. There’s a hot dude I’ve noticed a couple times. Bigger guy, looks legit. He’s been on my radar and I’ve been kinda always looking around in case he’s there at the same time as me.

    I was mid-set doing squats, expecting only a rep or two because I was fucking tired and probably not recovered. Hot dude walks over and starts loading the bar. My adrenaline spiked and I got three reps like nothing.

    I was standing in the rack totally red-faced between sets trying to figure out what to do with my hands, haha. Then he went over and stood affectionately close to some other chick. Sad day.

    On another, sadder note, my cut is going fucking slowly. Like 0.5lbs a week, and I’m eating the same number of calories as I always do on a cut. So fucking hungry and so little progress. But I’m terrified to drop my calories more. Guess it’s time to add more cardio?

  25. Best way to remove triceps from dumbell ohp? My left tricep gives out way before my delts and i can’t exhaust my delts :/ am i doing them wrong?

  26. I love Levrone but he might have picked a bad show to come back on. Winklaar, Bonac, McMillan, and Beyeke are going to annihilate him & Wolf.

  27. the line to see steve is several hours long 🙁

    update: stood outside and saw steve. hes wearing a loose hoodie, what a tease. his face is still pretty tho and theres fitchicks everywhere in gymshark pants

  28. Was sick like 2 weeks ago with a small cold, now I’m actually sick with the flu and couldn’t do anything today. Go from being hot to cold to hot in like 3 seconds. How many Greek yogurts, kiwis, animal paks and bags of spinach will it take for me to feel okay. Find out next time on iJustWannaEndItAll

  29. I miss my dog.

    Break up gains in full swing at least.

    My tag kills me inside a little bit every time I notice it.

  30. Really need to start going to the gym in the morning. My work and school schedule are really conflicting with my goals and I feel fat, this isn’t good.

    Little late but new years resolution, get my ass up at 5 am everyday.

  31. Just watched the 2014 Olympia press conference. Actually, skipped it as it was mostly trash talking I could do without. So I watched the 2014 O finals. Spoiler alert sure but I wanted to see. I think Branch Warren should have placed a bit higher. Kai looked ok but not enough to beat Heath.

  32. Imma big believer that no one is better than anyone else in the gym. But if you don’t go ass to grass on your squats I will silently judge the fuck out of you.

  33. Man you guys are touchy today. I forgot it was that time of the year were everyone’s feelings get hurt real easy in the gym.

  34. I drink a massive amount of caffeine everyday and have for weeks. Still works great. What am I missing? I love caffeine

  35. Is it ok to get a cheat meal on the first week of my cut? Because I really wanna kill a large pizza and a 12 of beer

  36. When you upload a picture of your progress to imgur to post it here and ask few questions about bulking, but you get 10 downvotes (on imgur) in the first minute of the upload, feels bad man

  37. Wellp I did it lads, finally had a date from Tinder. Matched with her a few days ago, snapchatted and stuff, then asked her out. I picked her up and she was even hotter then what I could make out from snapchat… out of my league honestly lmao. She said it was her first Tinder date as well so that kinda eased up my nervousness. We went to a bar and just talked for a few hours. Came time to drop her off, and we made out in my car outside her house (she lives with her parents still so I didn’t try to pursue it further). She said she had a good time though and we’re supposed to see a movie tomorrow. Honestly not what I expected from my first Tinder meet-up but damn if I’m not smitten by this girl!

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