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Every day Dialogue Thread: 01/02/2018

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61 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 01/02/2018

  1. Currently running 5/3/1 and a few cycles in, but I’m feeling like I’m not hitting enough back work. Would it be alright to hit back on days where I do cardio? I’m not talking a full workout, maybe just 5 sets of lat pulldown or cable rows to get some extra volume in.

  2. Bumped into my ex (broke up in September) a couple days ago. She said has been partying quite a lot, drinking much and I know she ‘invented’ a sex ranking for how many times you have sex for her student house and she has her name on it a few times. She is following a uni course called IMF and didn’t even know what the abbreviation meant. End of this month she is leaving to study abroad and hasn’t even found a room in that country.

    Meanwhile I’m finishing my master thesis, landed a good internship at the ministry of foreign affairs and I dropped 10kg and have my six pack back. In May I’m trying to qualify for the national championship powerlifting and I’m running a half marathon in March (ran 18k last week).

    I’m not going to lie and say that it doesn’t do anything that she has been sleeping with other guys and I’ve been on a bit of a dry spell, but I think I handled it more maturely. I don’t think she is over me because she parties so much but also texts me almost once a month, looks like she isn’t giving into her emotions as I was her first bf and she has not much experience. However, could also be that she is totally over me and that stings quite a bit since I still think about her although I have quite some good stuff going on for me.

    Sorry for the rant just wanted to get it off my chest. Helps a bit with dealing with my emotions. Thanks guys hope you all have a splendid 2018!

  3. First day back at the gym this new year (gym was closed yesterday) and I am so not looking forward to how fucking crowded my gym is gonna be. Especially since it’s a community center gym with nothing required to sign up, just show up and lift.

  4. Down 15 pounds in 24 days. Still not lean, not even close. The cut back from the permabulk will make you suffer. Sitting at 22%, no definition, no taper yet. Been wanting to run Average to Savage on the next bulk, can’t fucking wait for this suffering to end. Giving myself 4 more weeks and 10 more pounds to slash, and then have 3 week minicuts every 12 weeks of A2S bulking.

  5. I’ve been on vacation in Colombia and all I can think about is my semester off and my summer off before uni and how fooookin big ima get. Going full “monk” mode and I’m just so excited to for this. I powered out my classes at the JC to have this time for me. Idc if people in my life feel like its selfish or “reclusive” I JUST WANT TO EAT CLEAN AND LIFT EVERYDAY FOREVER. Don’t get me wrong colombia is amazing and I’m having a blast but fuuuuuuuuuuck me I miss my gym, my gym hoez, gym bros, and even the creepy old men, the smell, the walk to your car after killin a lift, I miss mah grooooooove!

  6. I usually work out in a small university gym, it get crowded during peak times (I haven’t even been back yet so it’s probably even worse now) This happened a couple of weeks before the break, it was shoulder day for me so I grabbed a pair of dumbbells and found a quieter corner to do lateral raise, almost as soon as I started some girl came over next to me, put down a gym mat and started doing some weird exercise (it’s not at all uncommon to work out next to a stranger in this place). After my 2nd set I wanted to take a sip of water, only thing is she was then sort of between me and my water bottle. As I was awkwardly reaching for it while trying not to invade her space, I somewhat lost my balance and stumbled, and kicked one of the dumbbells, then watched in amazement as it rolled right up against her butt while her legs were in the air holding a Swiss ball.

    It took me a few seconds but I managed to mumble an apology like an autist and grabbed the errant dumbbell without becoming a registered sex offender in the process, hopefully.

  7. Today is back and shoulders which means deadlifts! Feeling pretty good today, might go in and see if I can hit a PR. Wish me luck bois

  8. I guess 500mg of caffeine don’t make up for a bad sleep.
    Went to the gym but after 30 mins and I could feel my muscles dying out more and more rep by rep,
    Workout only lasted a hour.
    But still hit a bench PR.

  9. Why do all sneaker/athletic type shoes have like 1.5-2 inch rubber heels now? Is this height inflation to make manlets feel good about themselves? Is this why everyone that says they’re 6’3 is shorter than me at 6’2?

  10. Started off the new year autism in full strength. Talking to my mate during predrinks watching some ballroom dancing shit in the background, we got to chatting about how you never see any actual good dancers in nightclubs. Everyone just does the same thing. So we end up making some drunk bet that we’d try and ballroom dance with a girl in the club.

    Well, I won the bet. Her face was a mixture of confusion and awe and the club was so packed there was barely enough space to twirl her about. She rolled with it though, fair play to her.

    Think I might drop my current PPLPPLx for some nSuns or some other 531, not happy with my (lack of) bench progress. No gym buddy atm though so I guess I’ll need to find a regular spotter for the 1RM benches.

  11. Been out sick for the last 11 days.

    Today is the first day back in the gym, what should I lift today boys and girls?

  12. I hate winter in the Midwest so damn much. Too cold to do anything outside and you end up just sitting inside doing absolutely nothing. Drives me insane.

  13. Even though im in my 7th year of lifting i never fail to get overly excited thinking that THIS is going to be the year i finally get big.

    Realistically im going to put on 2-5lbs of lean mass. Such is natty life, my friends.

  14. Was nice being back to visit family but I made it back to my usual gym and it feels good to be back. Ready to crush some goals this year.

  15. I really hate training in the evenings after work. Absolute worst. I don’t know how you people go to work all day and then hit the gym at night and have the energy. I was absolutely drained this evening.

  16. Bought a shower mirror.

    Had to put it kinda high to keep it dry, now the combination of angle and lighting is fantastic.

    Catch myself mirin.

    Only downside the mirror is so small I can only see about 1 delt at a time.

  17. Between sickness, laziness in my dieting, and injuries, I ended up pretty much spinning my wheels most of last year. THIS IS MY YEAR. THIS IS YOUR YEAR. LETS GET BIG

    Edit: will the 130 lb guy at my gym please stop dropping his 135 lb cleans from shoulder height thx

  18. New Years Eve a jacked old dude told me that “*your eyes always tell you that you look better than you actually do*” (I already think I look like poop so sick neg)

    New Years Day a jacked guy my age (who I always thought looked better than me) asked me if I was “*training with the Spartans*” and threw in a “*you look good, no homo*”

    Conflicting negs and compliments keeping my on my toes

  19. just spent 4 nights destroying my body and not lifting in celebration of the new year. i feel so small and deflated i think i might just do a full body workout to get all my juices flowing today. time to get huge boyes

  20. Was hoping to hit a one plate bench, two plate squat, and three plate deadlift before March (don’t make fun of me, I weigh about 115lbs). Squat’s blown out of the water and deadlift’s on track, but unfortunately I had to take a couple of months off benching because my shoulder was so fucked I couldn’t get a jacket on without excruciating pain. Currently stuck at a grindy, shitty sets of 115×2, vs breezy sets of 115×5 around August. Every time I bench I just feel so massively disappointed and sort of hate myself. I know that’s irrational, but I’m worried that benching with the kind of volume I need to make any progress is just going to wreck my shoulder completely, and it’s so demotivating 🙁

  21. Every time there’s a girl my age at the gym the gym owner winks at me while pointing at the girl. Every. Single. Time. I changed gyms 3 months ago so I guess he has yet to realize I’m socially awkward around them :’)

  22. Been talking to this girl on IG that lives 3000 miles away since I visit her state p often and we are finally gonna hang out tonight. She’s gonna drive an hour to see me and said she got a place we can spend the night in as well. 2k18 gonna be good to me.

  23. Did my spin bike cardio last night before bed. Will be doing this everyday. Goal is to just to get leaner and lose 10lbs.

    Doing 20 minutes of hard spinning a day after work. I’v never been consistent with cardio except when I prep for a show.

  24. So today I saw a plus sized man in a THIGHT Spider-Man T-shirt. Resolutioners are evolving.

    2017 where did you go ^^^:(

  25. New Years resolutioners doing the bench and row superset aka one of them has to row it off the others chest because its way to heavy for them.

  26. Can anyone help me find a website that sells the float like a butterfly sting like a bee yellow muhammed ali hoodie??? Please

  27. Anyone has the feeling that their shoulder is attached only by their ligament? It sounds weird but when ever I’m doing pull ups or lat pull downs and am hanging at the bottom, my left shoulder feel is like it’s just hanging on by my ligaments feels uncomfortable..

  28. Sick for the second time in a month, and I usually go years without getting sick. Throat, chest, and abs hurt from coughing so damn much

  29. Why do people feel the need to lie about how much they bench? It’s seems like every guy I know says they can bench 225.

  30. My gym is closed Monday , so Monday I don’t lift. Apparently it was open yesterday and closed today instead. I’m raging

  31. Biggest dude that goes to my gym told me he noticed me putting on some mass. He now gives me the bro nod every time we see each other in the gym.

  32. Can anyone recommend me some GOOD shin sleeves for DL. I bought some cheap ones and they help when I wear them with a long pair of socks but they aren’t great and I still end up scraping my shins.

  33. Could anyone help me with my deadlift form? I don’t know whether I have a back problem (spine related) or if it’s just technique/form or a mobility problem. I’ve done home tests for kyphosis and scoliosis but I’m pretty sure I don’t have them. I had a very good back when I was younger but I think after years of slouching my posture and mobility has gone down quite a bit I think. However, even after watching many deadlift how to videos I just can’t seem to keep my back straight. The upper part rounds a lot which you can see towards the end of each set of 2. A bit like a hunchback lol. I also seem to have permanent butt wink.

    I’m leaning more towards it being a mobility problem and that stretching tight muscles and strengthening weak ones would fix this.

    I really want to be able to do deadlifts with proper and hence why I’m worried about possibly having some sort of back problem.

    Here’s a link to a video of me doing deadlifts. Sorry about the angle. I didn’t have my friend with me to film. I did 3 sets of 2 of which the first two are 100kg and the last one 60kg

    [Deadlift form video](

  34. Plan A was to get the job but turns out I didn’t get it and I was deferred till December 2018. Not waiting so I guess it’s plan B where I cut down from this bulk and actually hop on and get into competing without look like a skinny bitch. Very discouraging to not get the job but hey everything happens for a reason and good will come out of it

  35. Anyone have experience with minoxidil for beard growth? Just ordered my first batch to get rid of this patchiness once and for all

  36. Just spent way more time than I should have cleaning my gym by myself. Equipment strung everywhere with no care, barbells in the middle of the floor etc. Been a problem way longer than New Years resolutioners. People need to treat their gym with at least a little respect. Kill your lifts Bros.

  37. Went to the cinema and someone was sat in my seat, told the guy he was in the wrong seat and he apologised and moved. What a fuckin rush. 2018 is my year bruhs

  38. What is wrong with my left shoulder, please help?

    It hurts doing lateral raises and incline dumbbell bench press. It doesn’t hurt doing flat barbell bench press or barbell overhead press though.

    Do I have to stop doing incline and lateral raises? I don’t want to though:(

  39. I just discovered the critical flaw in my plan to do dumbbell farmers walks to failure far away from where I need to return the dumbbells.

  40. Third date with a grill I’ve been seeing in a few hours. Hopefully my small calves aren’t a deal breaker for her. Wish me luck bros!

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