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Each day Dialogue Thread: 01/30/2018

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53 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 01/30/2018

  1. I didnt do db bench for a few weeks and when I hit them today I went from 65s for 4 last time to 75s for 5 today, yet my barbell bench has not really increased. Still a good pr, but honestly it kinda frustrates me because everything but barbell bench, the one I care the most about atm, is going up.

  2. Alright… confession time:

    I was ego lifting bros.. i wasnt getting full ROM on bench, and i thought i was strong.. ended up putting alot of strain on my elbow..

    Recently i decided that i wasnt having this shit.. Fuck my ego, Im doing this to get strong and stop being fat.. so i reduced my weight and started over, focusing on technique, getting full ROM and MMC.. and its working.. benching hasnt felt this good in a while. Im getting back up there in numbers (compared to earlier, still poverty tho), but most importantly: i feel in control of my elbows.. its stopped hurting and i just feel like i control the lift way more..

    Down 91 lbs so far! Less fat!

    Edit: thanks for being here bros. watching you sickkunts motivates me! Kill your lifts!

  3. getting my first deep-tissue massage this week after around a year of training. My back has such much tightness and is so tense, I’m genuinely afraid. Any tips for this type of thing? Never gotten a massage before, pray for me fam

  4. Bros I wanna make my shoulders leave humanity behind.

    I do an upper/lower (4x a week so its 2/2)

    For shoulders I do

    OHP 4×10
    laterals 4×10
    rears 4×20

    but realised its waaay to low since theyre not growing, i plan to do this

    Ohp- 4×10 ss/ laterals 4x

    then laterals 4x again


  5. I want to work on my side and rear delts a lot more. Is there a movement that hits both of these pretty well? In addition to that I would wanna do lat raises and the reverse pec deck.

    Edit: obviously i already ohp and row

  6. If suffering through illness, on a cut.

    Do you guys still eat a defecit.. or try to get more calories in?

    Feeling hella sick and my body is craving food.

  7. Every time I talk myself into cutting my hair I get the most random compliments on it, like today. Walking into the dollar store and some woman yelled, “Your hair is glorious.” It’s so fucking weird but I do enjoy it if I’m being honest. Idk though, it’s longer than most women’s. Maybe this summer I’ll be able to let go and cut it off.

  8. Felt a pretty strong burning sensation in the middle of my foot when I was walking up my stairs, like when my foot had most of my weight off the step (as if you were going to do calf raises). Have felt this a couple of times before. Anyone have any idea what this is? Just curious, I don’t always feel it even during calf raises. I have very flat feet if that makes any difference.

  9. Been lurking the past month

    Got my head down just focusing on finishing school and making this cut go according plan

    Everyone have a good week

  10. Healthy life bread is great for cutting. 35 calories per slice!!!! It’s not super soft but making toasted sandwiches with it is GOAT

  11. Was on my way to buy some juul pods when I came across two homeless dudes. One of them approached me and was like “damn nigga you lift huh?” And i was like “yeah”. We then proceeded to have a conversation about lifting, and he told me about how he used to bench 425(!) and about a superset of bench and dumbbell bench (nothing I havent heard before but dude was tryna help out) and then he told me he was homeless so I gave him $20.

    Will incorporate the superset into my chest workouts now lol.

  12. Going back after the same weight I got stuck on my chest last week, with one extra set for good measure. 235 for 4×8 servin em up hot.

    Edit: failed on the same set same rep dangit. Ok, 3×8, 1×6, 1×2 235 servin em up luke warm.

  13. There’s a guy in my gym who straight up stares at me the entire time I’m there. Outside of actually saying “Don’t fucking look at me,” I think I’ve made it pretty clear I’m not interested. Avoiding eye contact (which is difficult because any time I look up he’s there and staring), turning my back to him, or rolling my eyes when we do make eye contact. Dude just does not get it. My boyfriend even stared back at him the whole time we were there once, and while he was visibly uncomfortable as it was happening, this just seemed to excite him more and make it worse in the long-run because it introduced some kind of “cucking” element or something. Now he walks past me constantly while trying to force eye contact and it’s actually really distracting.

    It doesn’t necessarily seem like autistic spectrum, more like some fucking loser who started a reddit self-improvement journey, read some redpill shit and is now convinced you can harass women into noticing you. I hate how people like this force other people into confrontation rather than just having some fucking humility and backing off. He’s got about two days before I tell to keep his beady ass eyes to himself.

  14. guys remember when everyone went crazy over ryan gosling in crazy stupid love? dont look look it up, the standard is too low

  15. I always see people on this subreddit say their university gym is full of small people and they’re like the biggest there.

    That didn’t line up with my university gym which has plenty of big strong guys, but then I thought what if those are the r/bb people? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤭

  16. Yesterday I had the dongle connector for my iPhone connected to my phone, now it’s been all day long and I still can’t find it. This is gonna be the 3rd one I buy within a year of having this stupid phone…

  17. First cheat meal of my cut. Decided to go with indian food. Oh my lord this is so good, but so spicy, but so good. I’d like to apologize to my future self for the firey shits that are to come.

    On the bright side, can’t gain too much weight from this cheat meal if I’m too busy shitting my insides out. Gotta confuse the digestive system, right babe?

  18. I want to look big with clothes on, but I want to look shredded. Will this split work?

    Sunday: Tren

    Monday: Clen

    Tuesday: HGH

    Wednesday: Insulin

    Thursday: Test

    Friday: Dianabol

    Sunday: Rest

  19. I was just sitting in the steamer at the gym and some dude was sitting in there with a rubber mallet eyeing his buddy the whole time. I don’t wanna be all skeptical and shit but that made me uncomfortable as fuck.

    Tempted to go tell management or something. Wtf does a dude need a rubber mallet for at the gym

  20. My girlfriend who’s totally a reasonable weight/size/body fat/whatever else but doesn’t actually lift or know what living the lifestyle entails wants me to “help her lose weight”.

    I’ve got my calories/macros dialed in and have been tracking for years now but have no clue what differences females require. Can any females/guys with females who are into B.B. chime in with some anecdotes? Specifically…

    -how to get a good starting calorie point

    -any general macro percentage split suggestions

    -any random tips related to female physiology and how it differs from males in relation to dieting/exercise

    She’s a runner and does lots of cardio. I may or may not be able to get her on some sort of 2-3x per week upper/lower split with some actual lifting, but that’s TBD.

  21. Trying to hit this lean bulk. I thought I’d hit a pound a week

    First week 1 lb

    Second week 1 lb

    Third week 5 lbs

    What the fuck happened bros?!?
    I feel fat af…hold me

  22. Doing my first contest in a couple months.

    They have “mens fitness model”, “men’s physique”, “men’s classic physique”, and “men’s bodybuilding. Any reason I shouldn’t sign up for all 4 of them (it is a one time cost, doesn’t matter how many events you do)? It is a natural show so I’d imagine classic physique and bodybuilding would pretty much be the same..

  23. I get that some people begin to smell bad when they begin to sweat, but for the love of god, wash your clothes and don’t show up to the gym smelling like complete ass.

  24. I’m DYEL but I’m starting to think I should be working on posing in the gym for that MMC and practice

    Not like I have pussy game to worry about ruining

  25. Just made an actual post for the first time… not sure if I’m allowed to do that but I thought the video had valid and helpful info. Im pretty new to the reddit game.

  26. Alright tell me which gym you’d pick:
    1. Saves $250 a year, 24/7 access, not as nice but has everything I need. Literally 2 mins from my house.
    2. Nicer gym but 20 mins away (40 mins of driving each time I lift) more machines (but more crowded) , basketball courts, pool hot tub and sauna, and all my friends lift there

  27. I had to stop talking to a grill because she had a boyfriend, and he didn’t like us talking(admittedly I had feels). Got used by her a lot, and had to say goodbye. She texts me after 4 months to tell me she is sorry and wants to be friends again. I responded back that I miss talking to her and she went No contact immediately. I’m so damn stupid I was probably just a way for her to get back at her boyfriend because he was being a jerk or something over the weekend. I got used by the same girl 2x. Going to ignore the humiliation and use it as a lesson. Anyway, I’m gonna fucking smash my lifts tomorrow morning. I hope you bros and gals do, too and hope to read about it in the DD tomorrow.

  28. 2 things I found to regret today

    1) stopped deadlifting awhile back, picking it back up has proven to suck ass
    2) not locking the door while using the bathroom at gril’s house. Sorry grandpa :^)

  29. People’s stupidity baffles me. I was at work and opening up for group fitness. I have a desk outside the room with a laptop and a card reader for their entrance. I use the card reader to count how many people we have taking the class and I send the data to my boss. People kept walking right past me into the room. I am literally sitting outside the room with a desk and a thing that says the group fitness class name. Still, people just walk on by.

    Yesterday this girl got pissed because I walked in front of the mirror at the gym. I was just walking through and she got pissed. She was looking at herself doing kettlebell squats. Do you HAVE to look at yourself to do those? Do you HAVE to huff and puff when someone just walks in front of the mirror? Rant over. I have a quiz tomorrow and it’s arm day. Yeehaw

  30. 1 am and I can’t sleep because of hunger.
    My fear is to shit away from home and have one of those where a part of the turd is out but it’s stuck and wont leave

  31. I did several sets of 25 reps on leg press today. Light weight versus usual, but 25 reps instead of 10. Third set felt the fire burning. Fifth set I had a coming to Jesus moment.

    I’m gonna sleep real good tonight. Mmmmm….

  32. I met Rich Piano at a restaurant once – we’d accidentally been given his table. Apparently he was fond of the restaurant and had a specific table he liked, and the management had messed up and gotten their days wrong, (it was Tuesday and they thought he was coming on Thursday or something like that). Anyway, the manager, completely embarrassed (this is a pretty nice restaurant) comes by and says “I’m so sorry, but we’d like to move you to another table if you could be troubled, and we’ll gladly compensate you for the cost of the meal and any other meal you’d like while you’re in town.” My sister and cousin were both like “Yeah that’s cool.” and I kind of played the pissed off guy a bit. “I’m sorry, I just don’t understand. We’ve been here for 15 minutes – we’ve just ordered. Can’t we finish our meal here?” Then out of nowhere Piano Man shows up next to the manager and says “Paul, these guys can finish. We’ll be at the bar. I got some time.” And I (being a big 5% fan) said “Oh wow, uh… I had no idea. Please feel free to give them the table.” Rich was grateful, shook my hand and said thanks, then gave me a card with his number on it and told me to give him a call later. After working up the nerve, I gave him a call that night, and to make a long story short, we had a glorious 11 month love affair, man on man, that I shall never forget. Our bodies intertwined as one, and from the beauty of Morocco, to the French Riviera, to the snorkeling in the Galopagos, Rich Piano and I made glorious gay love to each other on six of the seven continents.

  33. Go into Walmart and ask the lady for 1/2 inch insulin needles, specifically 1/2 inch. Check when I get home, what are they? 5/16th. Really doubt I’m gonna be able to use these for IM on my shoulder.

  34. Me and two friends are having a lift off on saturday for bench deadlift and row. I think theres a pretty good chance ill beat both of them in all three lifts. I’ve never lifted with one of them so maybe he will surprise me and be strong as fuck. Either way I’m excited for this and they are both cool guys that are motivating to lift with so hopefully we will all set new pr’s.

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