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Every day Dialogue Thread: 01/28/2019

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50 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 01/28/2019

  1. The past few months haven’t been the easiest to be honest. On top of everything in my personal life, I also injured my knee when I went skiing. I finally got an MRI done, and I’ll know exactly what’s wrong with it on Wednesday, but it’s more than likely a partial ACL tear (based on what the doctor has told me). I didn’t work out for a month before the injury, and today marks the 2 month anniversary since I’ve hit the gym (still gone hiking, and done SOME cardio).

    I feel like shit, and I feel like I’m just scraping by right now. I just want to have a healthy knee/back so I can get back into the groove. This is the longest I’ve gone without working out and I hate how disgusted I am at myself some mornings.

    Have any of you worked out when rehabbing a bad knee? Obviously I can work out my upper body, but what about legs? I have almost a full range of motion, and obviously I’ll stop if it’s really bothering me, but I just want to do SOMETHING again. Leg press, etc.?

  2. Forgot to mention this in my post in yesterday’s DD about the LA Fit Expo: I saw Brad Castleberry there. I also saw fake weights. Surprisingly, the two were not near each other.

    While the guy is undeniably a huge douche, I have to admit, he looked massive and photoshopped IRL.

  3. Anyone else get a weird forearm pain when you finish a set of bench? I’m fine during reps and everything but when I rack it and let go, there’s this temporary pain in the area under my wrist. I feel like as I keep trying for PR’s it’s going to get worse. Any experience here?

  4. Work was closed today because of the snow storm up here, hit a bench PR, and ate a fk ton of food. The perfect day really.

  5. Minor sniffle turned into a full blown upper respiratory tract infection over the weekend.. today’s the first day I haven’t been bedridden.
    Naturally I’m ready to kill my lifts today, despite feeling nowhere near 100%

    What’s everyone’s thoughts on powering through when sick? Are some heavy compound movements gonna give the germs a free pass to piss all over my immune system.. or should I assert my dominance & intimidate the infection with some sick PRs

  6. Come back from my weekend trop to find out mom is back in the hospital :/ My sister said she seemed to be doing okay but I went to see her after work and she looks like hell and they can’t keep her sedated. It’d gonna be a hell of a few days weeks, boys.

  7. Gains Fairy said that if you rerack your weights you’ll be blessed with gains.

    Rerack your weights bros, no excuses.

  8. I didn’t want to believe it but it’s true, every girl on dating apps is fat. Bumble has a new feature where you can filter by a few things, so I just put exercise level as “active” and ran out of girls nearby (10 mile radius in a town of 100k) almost immediately.

  9. Shipping companies are up there with cable providers as being the shittiest customer experiences, holy shit I just want my package

  10. – 1tsp salt
    – 7 scoops of C-malate (standard = 3-4)
    – 2/3 scoop AAKG (standard = 1/3)
    – 400mg caffeine

    Let’s see how today’s workout goes, chest and arms pump time bb.

  11. I hope everyone is having a good start to their week.

    Today, I managed to piss off one of my co-workers, submitted half a dozen jobs at work today, had a killer pull session, and downed some Oreos after dinner.

    Now it’s time to write.

  12. Yesterday, when I was doing squats, I heard an older gentleman 30ft away shouting at me. I took out my earbud and said ”Huh?!”. I turns out he was saying that he had never seen anyone go as low as me (I don’t even go THAT low, just a bit past parallel). He also tells me that he has seen me for a while and he admires my efforts, even though I point out that I’m just doing 5 reps of 85kg. I smile and thank him. Then comes the best part, after a few seconds of silence he yells ”I don’t mean it like *that*!”, which is oldguy-speak for ”no homo”.

    Felt good.

  13. Woke up from an alcohol induced dream and I was squatting low bar. Ass to grass and I was being told to go deeper. Woke up with a purple hue to my neck and chest. Blood pressure sky high.

  14. I’m prepared for the usual comments that follow. But my girl left me a couple weeks ago for a fat fuck vegan cook (personality gains lil, whatever) but that wasn’t the case. I tried to be captain save-a-ho again for a girl with a broken past. I’ll probably post again about this at some point but at the meantime, I’ve lost 15lbs in 3 weeks on my revenge cut. I try to find positives where I can.

  15. Hey guys, my favorite thing to help my bench was a one arm db press, I used to do the 80’s for 3×8. I’ve posted about being away for work for 5 months, my bench was tanked. Today I felt decent benching, went to do the one arm Db press and only got the 55’s for 3×8, it was very shaky and felt heavy. What exactly do you think my problem is? (Weak front delts?) trying to address my problems besides just benching more

  16. Do you guys sometimes concentrate too much on your weaknesses, and feel like you’ve made basically 0 progress in the gym even though your non-weaknesses look great?

    It’s like I won’t be remotely satisfied until my entire physique is both huge and proportionally/aesthetically perfect

  17. 4 weeks into the cut, 10lbs down (estimated 24000 cal deficit, so about half would be fat). So far so good but not quite there yet. The real grind is starting now!

  18. I have a quick question about the Reddit ppl. When do I need to deload for the best performance? Does it mean only deload when you fail a main lift increase 3 times in a row? Or do I deload on a scheduled amount of time? Like every 6-8 weeks. Also do I decrease by 10% on all of my lifts including accessory work or just compound lifts?
    On this note I think it looks like a great program. I’ve been lifting consistently for a year and I’m currently doing a program i made that is very similar but not as well put together as reddits ppl, and I think I’m probably doing more volume than I need to be doing.
    Another question, I know most everyone records their lifts/workouts. Do you keep record of past workouts? I use a notes app now and I just delete the old weight in out in my new weight. How important is reflecting back on your past lifts to see how your progressing and seeing if you plataeuing?

  19. i just had a 10 hour day at work ripping up a pool coping to replace it, jack hammering and shit, one of the tougher days of structual landscaping. first thing i did when i got home was get dressed and head straight to the gym for an hour. now im sitting at home with a plate of chicken watching polar on netflix and ive never felt so content in my life

  20. What do you guys do when the squat racks are taken by 2 people to each already and they say they’ve got like 8 sets left each? 😕 I had to just do 4 sets of hack squat machine instead of my nSuns 9 sets of squats.. really pissed me off

  21. Jesus Christ I hate it when people over use their perfume/cologne/ body spray or have strong body ordor.

    It gets me in a really bad mood, there’s this lady in my bar that over die it and her perfume is turning my stomach and me into an asshole.

  22. Hey guys just a quick question on rowing. When you row are you suppose to keep the scaps retracted the whole movement or do protract during the eccentric?

  23. Anyone ever try the Buffalo “Chicken Mix’ns” from Kroger/Frys? 8 oz comes out to 280 cal / 12 carbs / 6 fat / 46 protein and they taste sooooo fucking good.

  24. I’m thinking of making a POF dating profile again (it’s the most used in my area) but I have some reservations.

    For one, I’m 37, so my age range is going to be 30-45. Problem there is these women have mileage and baggage like no other. I also lose my job next week, and my living situation sucks. So unless she has a place idk where we gonna fuck. I don’t drive so she needs to have a car or it isn’t worth it unless she just wants to hook up.

    I also have some standards. She must be at least slightly attractive, submissive, and if she wants a relationship she must let me bust her ass up. I would prefer she doesn’t have kids because they drive my blood pressure up.

    Now more about me. I recently had to go bald because my hair was thinning and I don’t have any good pics of me bald. Still trying to find my look.

    I’m wondering if I should make one now and potentionally burn bridges, or wait until my cut is done and have a better body and be tanned more (think summer). The only place I have to take pics is the gym, and at this age lots of women have the body of the Michelin man and get turned off by guys who keep in shape.

    On one hand I feel I should retire from dating because I’m not gonna be busting up those mid 20s girls again. Last girl i fooled around with was 26 and dipping into that was like hot quicksand. I don’t know if can go with a 40+ who doesn’t keep in shape.

    I’m broke with fuck all for assets but my body. On the fence if I should wait or try to get some ass.

  25. I’ve been sick as fuck for over a week now with some random bug or something. Barely eating, skipping training, feeling depressed. It sickening but biting the bullet and going to my doc tomorrow.

    Please hit some PRs for me bros, whilst I waste away over here! Can’t wait to get back on the gain train with you all!

  26. Anyone got any good smoothie recipes? Been enjoying one either on the way to work for breakfast or dessert at night. Need some variations on my standard mixed berry, protein(usually vanilla), yoghurt and milk.

  27. Good fucking morning goddamnit to everyone except people who enter food into the MyFitnessPal database with only calories and no macros.

  28. I got the big boy job 🤗

    Starting on 2nd shift, gonna make going to the gym a lot easier! Plus I’ll have a little more time away from the wife.. I know that sounds horrible but being around each other all the time, we get can get annoyed with each other.

  29. Couldn’t find my headphones last week and realised after cleaning that I must have left them at the gym. I keep good track of them so I knew they must have literally fallen out of my bag when I wasn’t looking.
    Asked the front desk girl if the had them in the lost and found. They didn’t have them but she said that she would ask in the employee group chat.

    Got a text message this morning that I could come pick them up whenever I could.
    There are some good people out there!

  30. Changed up my program to something with much higher volume, first leg day on new program was yesterday.

    First poop this morning…

    Not sure how I am going to stand up again…

  31. Budgeted my calories yesterday and ordered 4 boneless chicken tenders from wingstop. I guess I was too nice to the staff coz i ended up with 6 tenders…oh well, it is bulking season after all

  32. Wish I could play the new resident evil but I have midterms, a job, a profitable hobby (professional artist) and gym

    Is this the sacrifice IG fit philosophers are always on about?

  33. Hey guys just asking for some info and advice. Its my first proper cut with dieting and macro counting.

    Im 6ft with about 16% body fat weighing 82 kg

    calories – 1,400 Protein – 153.5 g **Fat** – 30.9g Carbs – 140.g

    What do you think? Im trying to cut really aggressively whilst keeping decent proteins?

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