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Each day Dialogue Thread: 01/12/2019

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44 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 01/12/2019

  1. I’m sick af and all I want to do is cuddle with my girlfriend, but she’s working all day, so here am I with you babes.

  2. Guys, is Tinder even worth it? I’m thinking of creating an account buuuut I don’t have any current pictures of myself that would be acceptable on this kind of service. That means in order to get on Tinder I would have to put some effort in it and I’m not sure if it’s even worth it if you’re not a grill.

    Also – killed shoulders today, but felt that’s not enough so I added quick arms to it lol. Worth.

  3. Just discovered I’m going to have to take 25 credits this semester in order to graduate on time and not owe a shit ton of money for breaking a scholarship contract and taking too long to graduate.

    I need some prayers for the mental gains bbs.

  4. Respect to anybody who actually looks like they lift, srs. Shit is hard, even after 1.5-2 years of consistent lifting and taking it pretty serious, I’m pretty DYEL without a pump.

  5. How do I gain width? I’m 5’10 165lbs and I have like a 35-36 inch chest. I’d say I’m a little below average and am skinny fat. I want to gain more width so i can get a wider frame. Any routine I can go about for maximizimg this?

  6. Almost at 17in arms, which I’m hyped for! Too bad I still feel small… also programmed to go for a 370 (10 lb PR) bench the last week of January, so that would be nice to hit as well. I’m going to probably overdose on preworkout when I go for that lift, but it’ll be worth it if I hit it xD

  7. when it comes to working out your abs and obliques is it more about number of reps or higher weights? for example if i do 50 sit ups with 20kgs it feels like i did more work than doing say 40 sit ups with 25kgs, whats better?

  8. So 15 months post break up, I finally feel that little flame in my chest growing for a nice young woman I’ve had the pleasure of spending some time with.

    How do I put it out?

  9. First day at the gym after taking the whole week off and it went so well. Didn’t think I’d get back into it that smoothly after a mild injury and sickness. Don’t be afraid to take time off to let your body recover, friends.

  10. Anyone ever try peanut butter on a hamburger? Went to lunch with some people from work and the restaurant had it and they all looked at me like I was crazy

  11. I was finishing my work out and packing my stuff up.

    Some bodybuilder lady who was clearly enhanced came up to me and told me I was pretty to look at.

    While I’m used to these type of comments (not trying to brag) it’s the second time I’ve felt like I was the female.

    She must have been on more test than me. I could sense her dominance.

  12. This guy at the gym is quarter repping every single rep he does and I’m just trying my best not to look because it’s making me angry.

  13. My boys over here wearing a mouth guard doing 405lb glute bridges and pacing around the gym after every set. I’m having a hard time not laughing

  14. Tried decline benching yesterday for the first time, I think I’m in love DD. Started at a half plate to get a feel for it, worked my way up to a plate. My chest is so sore I can feel my ribs when I breathe; I missed DOMs so, so much.

  15. Chiefs looking thick, solid, tight right now. Damn, really had the Colts as the dark horse pick to make the super bowl lol

  16. I love my new gym. It’s too far out for the city bus but close enough for driving distance. So there’s no crowds of tweens but room for new resolutioners. I’m probably one of the biggest guy’s there so it fuels the ego a bit.

    Never felt so much powah!

  17. Daily vent: I moved to Orlando about two years ago now and I love it. Plenty of things to do and people to see. I used to live in Jacksonville, born and raised for about 21 years. When I go visit from time to time, I always get a little homesick. I don’t miss the city itself, I miss my close friends and family. I wouldn’t move back but I do plan on visiting them more and having them come to visit just as much.

  18. Managed to put on a shirt for the first time since surgery 3 1/2 weeks ago. My left arm has shrunk by a good 3 inches compared to my right. 17 days until I start rehab, pray for my tiny bicep and good muscle memory.

  19. So tragedy befell me last spring when I moved out of my off campus apartment and forgot my squatty potty there. Unable to reobtain it, my shits haven’t been the same. However, walking through Bed Bath and Beyond today I found a newer model that includes a night light for those late night minging protein shits. I cried tears of joy, the shittiest part of my life got shittier, but in a good way. Bought it obviously, and emptied my bowels in seconds upon reaching my home throne, breaking that bad boy in.

    If you’ve never tried it bros, it’s amazing. God-tier level shits. Thanks for listening to my ted-talk.

  20. So I just recently got a tattoo on my tricep and the tattoo artist said it’s best not to go to the gym for 2 weeks so I don’t infect the tattoo. I was wondering if I should be good if I wear a long sleeve tattoo and that if it’s fine to bench press and overhead press.

  21. Do you get less drunk the more cold it is? I had 6 shots and two beers and still feel sober. Also, my body is terrible at regulating heat. Everybody else was cold but fine, and my ass is over her shivering

  22. Trying to fix my Anterior Pelvic Tilt. (Strong lower back, weak glutes)

    need stretches and exercises for glutes.

    and yes I’ve never done glute isolation up until now dont judge

  23. Just need to rant boys.

    Atm the gym is the only thing I’ve got going for me. Might lose my job because of some snakey fuck. No financial security. A girl i was starting seeing has broke it off because she’s not in a great place. After a shit 2018 i was really hoping 2019 would be my year.oh well.

    Time to stop being a fucking sad cunt. 2019 is the year of sick cunts.

    Drunk rant over.

  24. From this [compilation of myths busted by Dr Mike Israetel](

    “In sculpting, you slap the clay on first and shape it later. In much the same way, muscle growth is about putting on a foundation of size before going in and trying to balance things out a lot. If you try to balance too much instead of focusing on general growth, you’ll get a balanced physique that’s too small to compete or be noticed in clothes. And if you want to get big from there, you still have to do the heavy work and you’ll throw that balance off again and have to focus on it AGAIN later… kind of a waste of the first balance run!” – Dr Mike Israetel.

    I probably could have used this info when I started… Fuck it, I could’ve used this info 7 months ago. And I can still use this now for the future.

  25. Winter break is almost over which means I have to start going to my classes and the gym again

    Not sure if I’m ready for that level of commitment

  26. Anyone ever used crazy bulks products? Pretty much seems like it’s orals that they play off as “safe alternative” to actual steroids but wondering if anyone has taken their products.

  27. Bros I’m drunk right now ( just got back from bob fire), and we’re all gonna make it. I have my doubts and dark thoughts, but we will. You’re a good group of dudes. Much love.

  28. Took a little over a week off from the gym because I caught a pretty nasty cold and I already feel so much more fat and shitty than usual. Did I really lose any gains from being sick for a week and immobile?

  29. Arnie mentions in his speeches how he would go to the gym for 5 hours a day.

    That seems like a really long time. What would he do for 5 hours per day?

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