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Every day Dialogue Thread: 01/04/2019

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61 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 01/04/2019

  1. Human ejaculate is packed with minerals and plenty of fluids. Remember to stay hydrated out there!


    *This message was brought to you by the Well Hydrated Gang*

  2. Hit a big rep PR for me today. I know it’s not much, but I’ve been chasing 4 plate DL for a bit now, and today I Hit 315×8 with a few left in the tank. I am gonna test max soon and I’m feelin like I’ll finally hit the 4 plate pull.

  3. Man 2019 has been good so far. Got the breakup gains going strong, landed a full-time job for after my internship, and my mind is in the best place its been in years. Moving out and being away from my family has really helped me realize how awesome they are, and through all the stuff I dealt with at the end of the year I’ve really started to appreciate them and my friends so much more. Make it a good year, yall!

  4. Anyone got some recommendations on some good bodybuilding literature? I own Arnies Bible, but the thing is a bit outdated.

  5. A reminder to be very mindful of resolutioners this time of year. You are more likely to get injured from a resolutioner not paying attention now a days. Keep your eye out!

  6. Any bros with nose piercings on here? Which side are you supposed to get pierced again (left vs right)? And what’s the general reception been like from the ladies?

    Also, studs or rings?

  7. ive decided to make a hardbass playlist to channel my inner slav for maximum squatting power

    edit: “squat party” by gopnik mcblyat is what i was looking for

  8. When do the stupid r/bodybuilding awards that I was nominated for come out.

    Not that I care, because I don’t.


  9. I always like hitting the gym as late as possible on Fridays/Weekends, because no one is ever there past 5 PM on those days; and you don’t need to wait for anything.

    I’ve been purposefully hitting the gym at wrecking crew hours to avoid the resolutioner’s…but I figured, even with this January bullshit, that trend of it being empty weekend nights would probably continue.

    But today, I’m driving into the lot…and as I turn in, I see that it was so full, I couldn’t even find a spot.

    I literally started screaming “NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!!”…knowing what I was about to walk into.

    And it really was that bad.

    There’s about 5 racks in my gym (big chain), but only one true power cage…and this woman was laying in it, with the cups set at the bottom notch, using the bar as a grip as she did laying leg raises off the floor In the center of it.

    The other racks were taken up by 130lb guys squatting 2 plates for 2 inch reps, old men using the racks for swinging curls, and groups of girls standing there and talking for 25 minute rest sets after a single rep of the bar.

    I know this shit only lasts around 2 weeks…but fuckin’ yikes.

  10. At Olive Garden with the wife & I hate Italian food.

    Anyways she orders chicken parmigiana. I order a pepperoni pizza and fries off the kids menu.

    Some lady (not our waiter) brings our food and says: “Wow your a BIG kid”

    Hands us the food & she leaves.. I look at my wife with a smile and 1 small tear & say “She called me big” :,)

    Riding this high all 2019 boys

  11. B: 225 S:275 D:315 =815

    Lifted in high school, took four years off. Fucked around in the gym for six months. Currently on my 3rd month of nSuns.

    Is 1000 pounds a realistic goal for 2019? I know these noob linear gains will end eventually. 6’2”, 180 and lean bulking.

    Sorry for the resolutioner ass question

  12. So I just got back from a party and I just want to vent here because I just need an outside opinion about what happened because I dont have anyone to talk to and sad as shit. I’m a bb noob btw but have been pretty serious about it and I read the DD every day so I hope it’s okay I rant here.

    TLDR; I dont have any friends anymore

    So I went to a party with around 20 people (all 16 yo), 2 of those being my best friends. One friend (lets call him friend A) was hooking up with the same girl at parties for around 3 months, they hung out once, she gave him head a couple times etc. He didn’t really like her because he fancied another girl but the girl is really hot so he kept messing around with her.

    He decided that he should end things with her tonight. From the beginning of the night, he told me that it would be okay if I hooked up with her afterwards, he told me like 4/5 times. I said no every time but he kept saying it. I had heard 2 weeks earlier that she wanted to end things with him too and that she liked me more than him. Apparently friend A had made out with the girl he actually fancied two weeks ago, and he really likes her and has a major crush on her while the girl that he was hooking up with isn’t really smart or funny or whatever, just really hot.

    So the night goes on, he ends it with her but it was a mutual decision as she didn’t want it anymore either. Meanwhile friend B was sitting outside with another girl, one of the best friends of the girl I just mentioned.

    We sit outside and she kind of flirts with me but I kind of shook it off. Everyone at the party kept saying that I should go away with the girl but I thought it would be weird. At that point friend B called me and said that we had to discuss something on the street, both girls came with us.

    When we were on the street he told me that I should go to one direction with the girl and that he’ll go the other direction with the other girl. I said no, that it’s weird and that I couldn’t do that to friend A (who said that I should do it)

    But they kept implying that I should do it, so finally I caved and went away with the girl. We made out, I felt around a bit etc and eventually she asked me if I wanted her to give me head, I said no, because it would be mean towards friend A.

    So after 20 mins of making out I went back, and friend A acted as if he was mad at me, I got pretty confused and upset because he told me to do so. When I came back outside for the ride home after taking my jacket from inside friend A and friend B told me it that they faked being mad, so that friend A could go and hang out with the girl he actually fancied without being an asshole to the girl.

    So we rode our bikes home but then friend A said that he didn’t expect it from me and that it’s not loyal as a friend. At this point he started getting mad and saying that I broke the trust, but in kind of a passive-aggresive tone, saying that he isn’t mad, but that a réal friend wouldn’t have done it. Friend B says that he doesn’t pick a side but I felt like he was leaning towards the opinion of friend A and so it was 2 v 1. They said that I wasn’t a real friend etc.

    So now both friends are pretty mad at me because I kind of broke trust EVEN THOUGH friend A pointed out multiple times that it would be fine. They went out to a club but I had to go home, but when they met another friend of us, friend A told him “Yeah im pissed of because Alwaysbored22 made out with the girl”

    So now he will be saying that to pretty much everyone and everyone will think that I’m an asshole because I screwed him over…..

    Sorry for the rant and idk if I got the complete story but now I’m a complete dick to them even though I did nothing wrong and I’m just sad as shit…. Am I an asshole?

  13. Hey guys, just a quick one.

    What would be the best course of action for me to take? Basically over the last 7-8 months I’ve had a lot come up, got a gf, fractured wrist (now fine), parents splitting up, holidays etc.

    My physique has definitely changed as I’ve eaten out more, worked out a fuck ton less, barely tracked calories etc, before I stopped focusing on the gym my stats were around B: 225, S: 265 D: 375.

    I’m thinking to just get my strength back for the first few months whilst eating around maintenance though I would like to lose some of the fat i’ve gained as I have a few holidays etc planned.


  14. Who knew, actually focusing on scapular strength as well as training abs and lower back make you feel more stable and improve your posture. This is wild!

  15. My gym is in a little plaza and there’s a pizza shop next door. The “wall” that faces the parking lot is just a gigantic glass window, so you can see all the people going to pick up their pizza.

    Gotta say it’s pretty motivating to work harder when you see some of them waddling by with their pizzas.

  16. Went back to my hometown in Nigeria for the holidays and felt horrible about not being able to gym for 2 weeks. However all my relatives and here haven’t seen me for at least a year so naturally I’ve gotten alot of comments on my increase in size and definition and honestly I can’t take this many compliments, it’s bad for my motivation, gonna go look at videos of peak arnold to feel tiny again. Good luck guys!

  17. I wonder if normies are thinking:

    “What’s with all these autistic bodybuilders and their New Years resolutions to socialize more? Every January they start pouring into my favorite bars and restaurants. I saw this one idiot who looked like he didn’t even know how to order from a tapas menu.”

  18. Wtf is with people deadlifting in the squat rack? I’ve seen it three times and I’ve only been here an hour! Is there some Instagram bro doing that shit or something?

  19. Finally got around to picking up some zinc on my supplement refill. I’m looking forward to shooting ropes Spiderman would be jealous of.

  20. So my coworker is starting to eat “healthier.” She’s eating a lot more protein bars now. Expect today is a Friday so she can cheat.

    Oh and she casually mentioned to me once about how often she goes to the gym and what she does while she’s there.


  21. Finally decided to spend money on food i enjoy so i dont have to be miserable bulking and its so worth it steak and salmon

  22. Decided it’s time for a deload. Hit bench and deadlift PR’s. Then didn’t get much sleep or food and going back I could definitely feel it. So I’m taking today till Monday off and doing abs and cardio. Rip

  23. I walk into the locker room 5 mins ago, getting my bag to leave, and see a dude in the corner just yanking on it. Completely nude, not even a towel in sight. I just stared forward and walked to my locker. Why. The. Fuck. Worst part? He didn’t stop.

  24. Gymshark is claiming it takes 66 days to create a new habit.. I thought it was 21 days for 1 and 2 is this the beginning of the order66 takeover?

  25. I just finished wankin it in the locker room in hopes of meeting some like-minded people. After about 10 minutes of tuggin rope in the mirror, some DYEL finally walks in so I gave him a head nod and said, “hey man.” This dude had the audacity to pretend like I wasn’t even there. What. A. Jerk.

  26. I’ve found that weighted pull ups are godlike and really widen the back. Fellow bb’s, what are the equivalent godlike exercises for the other parts of the body?

  27. Bulked too much, got fat, stopped lifting about a month ago

    “Have you been working out? You look big”

    Normies are strange

  28. Thoughts on morning cardio 3-5x week 30-45min low-med intensity in combination with lifting 6x week? Too much or is it fine?


    Sry for newb question, I haven’t cut before (been permabulking for 1.5 yrs)

  29. Why does my dick not get hard at all for this smoking hot Indian girl I’ve been seeing, but gets rock hard for this other girl who is less attractive?

    I had an awesome date tonight and she really wanted my dick in bed but he was as small as I’ve seen him. So frustrating.

  30. When I smoke weed I get way too caught up in my own head. I start thinking about death and the thought of it can be terrifying. But then I think – much smarter men than I have thought about mortality for thousands of years, and they have generally come to terms with it. So why can’t I?

  31. What are your favorite or most effective “prehab” exercises?

    I started doing face pulls on press *and* deadlift day to help with nagging shoulder discomfort and it’s made a world of difference. Are there any other exercises you do to preempt injuries or imbalances from heavy barbell work?

  32. Sometimes I’m feeling bad looking big and pumped in the mirror but look like a potato in a picture taken myself (front or back camera ). Should I upgrade my 6s or am I just fat 😞

  33. Just got back from the gym and twice in one month now I’ve walked in to an unlocked bathroom, the only one in the gym without a shower, to find a guy shitting completely naked and *starring at the door*. Why? Why do it to begin with? Why not lock the door? I know you didn’t just shower and I can see you weren’t changing out of work clothes. Is this actually a common thing and I’m the weirdass for shitting with my shoes on? Is there some secret gay underground exhibitionist shit club at my gym? Did T-Nation recently publish an article saying shitting naked is anabolic? I’m angry that I’m thinking about this. I’m angry that I made eye contact with somebody who shits naked in an unlocked public bathroom. I’m angry that the ‘plop’ sound I heard as I shut the door will haunt my dreams like the screams of a napalmed Viet village. I was told the new year at the gym can be shitty but I didn’t take it to mean this.

    I know two bros who won’t be getting the nod returned, that’s for sure. If it happens again I’m switching to Planet Fitness. I’ll bring my own damn barbell.

  34. Fitness subreddit has a post with 1.6k upvotes called “How to work out when I’m tired after work?”


    just go dude don’t be a soy boy

  35. How did you guys get over cheaters? Out of my 3 long-term relationships two have now cheated on me… The gym has been off at least.

    I feel physically sick and I haven’t been in a good place in a while.. this really hurts and never gets easy.

  36. So one of my “friends” tonight busted in my room with my girlfriend and screamed at her for “hiding his phone from her” and now I’m here ready to cut one of my friends out of my life. So when we first all arrived together she moved his phone and charger into the living room cause he said he wasn’t sleeping in the room with us. He knew this when he was sober. We all have this big house to drink at so we all drink tonight and everyone’s real drunk. The nights over so I close the door when the night ends and he busts in and yells at her for hiding his phone from her so I try telling him she moved it when we got here, he just comes on in and screams saying she’s a lying bitch.. so I come out and try telling him it’s out here and he goes “come get your fuckin bitch”.. I’ve been friends with this person for a long time but that shit is absolutely unacceptable with me so am I an asshole for cutting him off?

  37. I just saved a mouse that had it’s leg caught in a trap, and now I’m all emotional about it.

    I should run tren.

  38. Bois,

    Amylu chicken burgers from Costco, already cooked – just heat it up.

    This is the tastiest chicken I’ve ever had that was cooked already, 21 P / 4 C / 8 F – I suggest anyone to get some I might not ever cook chicken again haha

    has anyone tried these?

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