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Bikini Redefined With IFBB Professional Amy Updike | The Podcast | Ep 30

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IFBB Bikini Professional and health mannequin Amy Updike talks tats, nursing, implants, and the way CrossFit impressed her to take up bikini competitions.
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| Highlights |
• Amy’s spectacular ink and the back-story of her again
• When and why she bought critical about health
• The pushback she acquired when she bought critical about lifting
• Competing 5 instances in 6 weeks? She’s performed it.
• Why she bought breast implants—and why she is now a proud “explanter”
• How she “owned” her implants from the beginning on “Transformation Tuesday”
• How they restricted her lifting and “made me unhappy”
• What ladies have to find out about “breast implant sickness”
• How her implant expertise has modified her emotions about competing usually
• The secrets and techniques of whine-free mountain climbing with children
• Amy’s plans for the long run

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8 thoughts on “Bikini Redefined With IFBB Professional Amy Updike | The Podcast | Ep 30

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    | Highlights |

    • Amy's impressive ink and the back-story of her back

    • When and why she got serious about fitness

    • The pushback she received when she got serious about lifting

    • Competing 5 times in 6 weeks? She's done it.

    • Why she got breast implants—and why she is now a proud "explanter"

    • How she "owned" her implants from the start on "Transformation Tuesday"

    • How they limited her lifting and "made me sad"

    • What women need to know about "breast implant illness"

    • How her implant experience has changed her feelings about competing in general

    • The secrets of whine-free hiking with kids

    • Amy's plans for the future

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