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Are you considering of posting? Click on right here first

The r/bodybuilding subreddit will get round 1000 new subscribers day-after-day, so here is a fast intro to this sub:

It is a group particularly for aggressive bodybuilding. It’s NOT for basic well being and health, fats loss recommendation, how you can bulk up, how you can get began on the fitness center, or how you can get into form on the whole. If that is what you are in search of, go to those subreddits and skim their fast begin guides:

r/Health Fast Begin Information: Launch link

r/loseit Fast Begin Information: Launch link

r/gainit Fast Begin Information: Launch link

This subreddit can be NOT for basic progress footage, memes, or questions on whether or not it’s best to bulk or minimize. These belong in r/progresspics, r/Brogress, r/GymMemes, r/swoleacceptance, and r/BulkOrCut.

In case you assume you are in the best subreddit, keep in mind to respect your fellow redditors and learn the principles earlier than you submit: View now

We do not permit self-promotional posts. Do not submit about athletes exterior of the bodybuilding realm. Test the principles to see in case your submit would belong in one among our bot-automated threads quite than as a separate submit. Don’t ask for recommendation on how you can rehab an damage or how you can cope with any medical situation. Do not submit about dietary supplements. If you have not been coaching as a bodybuilder for not less than just a few years, your questions in all probability belong within the weekly Beginner Tuesdays thread.

Any query or remark that is not allowed as its personal submit can go in the newest Each day Dialogue thread. This thread is stickied and the bot posts it each 23 hours.

As all the time, basic reddiquette and [Reddit rules]( policies/content-policy) apply. Do you see somebody breaking r/bodybuilding guidelines or Reddit’s guidelines? Report them by hitting the report button.


25 thoughts on “Are you considering of posting? Click on right here first

  1. So anybody training under 3 years is still a noob and should only ask their NOOB questions in Newbie Tuesdays? Wut

    You can get a shit ton of experience and knowledge in much less time as long as you’re committed

  2. How much protons do I need to eat to look like brad pitt in Star Wars. Ps I bench 2.5 times biweekly

  3. hey guys so my arms aren’t growing (currently 11.25in) and my deadlifts and bench have gone up 30lbs in the past 3 months.

    am I just a non responder what’s going on here?

  4. BUT GUYS I JUST WANNA GET TONED how do I gain muscle and do cardio for fat recomp on crea-gain low-sugar pre-post shredding??????????????1?

  5. > we dont allow self promotion

    > every second pre-stage post is promoting goob either directly by himself or by some of his trainees


  6. As always I am here making history.

    When this thread is locked and you can’t reply I just want to say one thing:

    Your calves are pretty small.

  7. ‘Oh my god that dude is 110% on sterrroooiiiidddss’

    Yah probably… kinda part of the sport fam

  8. /u/eatliftliferepeat /u/gymbull why not just make a rule similar to /r/steroids and have people wait X days before they can post

  9. I’ve been training 3 times a week for 5 months and haven’t seen any progress can anyone recommend a good first cycle

  10. “No memes”

    That’s like the most entertaining part of BB. And meta stuff, like when Piana was doing bigger by the day, best r/bb ever was.

  11. >Are you thinking of posting?

    Well, … not any more 🙁

    *Hey guys, should I cut? Bulk? Or just take up golf?*

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