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Horrible Article Guarantees A 440 lbs Bench Press!!!

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How To Deadlift With Excessive Frequency & WHY You Ought to Do It

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43 thoughts on “Horrible Article Guarantees A 440 lbs Bench Press!!!

  1. Not saying it's impossible. I live in LA. been to muscle beach saw a guy bench 455 for one and he was about 340-360 lbs. I am 240 and got to 325. I was so proud I almost cried. Took me 13 months starting at 175 for x5. By the time I got over 300 the gains stalled HARD. My shoulders ached and elbows hurt, I couldn't do skull crushers or dumbbell pull overs. This was just getting to 325. Then I understood what all those old gym rats were talking about when they said they didn't max out anymore. These days I do working sets 225-250 instead of 275+. Maybe I need to gear lol.

  2. This is a very useful video. I think people need to be informed that articles from these websites can be very bad advise. Thank ou Jason

  3. all this articles that promise u this results knowsits BS.they also advise u to take their supp's. people will think they are not getting the results because the dont take supp's(the only thing the dont follow) and they actually buy them.

  4. I must say that I originally came to this channel because of all the mockery and stories about Blaha.. but I'm enjoying these videos so much I'm looking forward to them. He has lots of good points. Great work, Jason.

  5. I'm friends with one natty genetic freak who benches 180kg and uses 160kg for work sets, I hate him and his huge T-rex arms ? he military presses 130kg on good days and curls 40kg DB strict.

    Most annoying thing is he trains bro-splits! WTF, i hate him and his randomly lucky genetics!

  6. I actually did something similar to this for a while, it doesn't help at all you'll stay exactly the same. For me completing a heavy single or double then doing straight working sets (1 day light, 1 day medium, 1 day heavy, then a rest day) is the way to go. Like smolov Jnr but without that bull shit kill myself 10 sets of 3

  7. To paraphrase Mark Rippetoe, if you think you can go into the gym on Monday and do this program and have a good Tuesday, you don't know shit.

  8. Jason, can you do a video on why everyone hates on you so much? I don't understand because you give great advice, and when you change your stance, you let the viewers know. I've tried to watch some of the hate videos, but all they said was you lied about something that has NOTHING to do with fitness advice. Wtf, man?

  9. This could definitely work if someone was on substantial doses of Anadrol and test or tren and test, maybe even with some EPO.

  10. Jason, I dont know about this man I am 6'0 204 lbs been lifting for 3 yrs. I did 25 reps bar for war warm up, went to 135 for 18 reps, then 225 for 3 sets of 8, back down 135 for 2 sets of 14. Did flat bench Isolation with 80 lbs dumbbells bench 3 sets of 12. Then some more work on chest machine.. Don't know what my max is never had a spotter available. Is that legit or should I do more or less?

  11. What do you think about microloading on madcow? I stall around 225×5 on bench and 315×5 on squats, what if I add 2.5 lbs per session instead of 5? Could I get a lot further?

  12. JASON ANSWER THIS do you think KINOBODY is 6 percent body fat I think he is more likely 8 percent when he is 168 pound of height of 178

  13. JASON ANSWER THIS do you think KINOBODY is 6 percent body fat I think he is more likely 8 percent when he is 168 pound of height of 178

  14. Jason you said as body fat percentage goes down your sex drives goes down too. How come Kinobody(full natty)is 6 percent bodyfat and have healthy level of sex drive? 1.Is he lying about his body fat to me he looks like 9percent most. 2. Is he fake natty?

  15. im on my way my bench is currently in the 370s at 18 as a natural, hopefully in a couple months ill hit 405, ill post a video when i do it

  16. It's interesting how much 85% can vary in terms of the amount of reps one can output. For me I know for certain 85% is my all out six rep max, but some of my friends can barely get 5 or even 4 with it, and some can do 8. Nether the less this is still a pretty shitty program.

  17. To be honest i think they did mean kgs x 18 for calories would make more sense.

    I weigh 106kg atm and 106 x 18 = 1908kcal

    I think they mean kgs and would make more sense like 99,9% of countries use kgs as weight and not lbs only country i can come up using lbs is usa and england i think uses a system called stones?

    But other way the article is ridicolous. 😛

  18. So is somebody writing these articles and actually getting paid for it??…Or are they supposed to gain kudos in the fitness industry by getting their article printed on this glossy-good-looking-nothing website?

  19. I love these videos, please call out more fitness industry B.S., also you need to do "AT LEAST" one "Mike O'hearn" video per week!

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