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Jerome Mayberry’s 10 Commandments Of The Weight Room – Half 1 –

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Extra about Terry Crews and Jerome Mayberry:

You assume you understand a little bit somethin’ about coaching? Idiot! You do not even know what you do not even know! Jerome Mayberry is right here to set you up and practice yo’ particular person.

Hear up, son!

The fitness center ain’t no place for lily flowers and fools, idiot. I am Jerome Mayberry, final unhealthy@ss. Trainer extraordinaire. Supreme coach of individuals!

You assume you understand Jerome Mayberry? Son, Terry Crews do not even know Jerome Mayberry! This ain’t no Previous Spice industrial. These are my commandments, child.

Throw yo’ ears at me, son. Throw them eyes! Maintain onto your fitness center socks or they will get knocked straight off. Prepare for varsity. Class is in session! Jerome’s about to put down the legislation in a model new testomony to fitness center etiquette.

You ever step foot within the fitness center once more with out following my guidelines, you will not step in any respect. I am going to lower off your toes!

Now oil up! Let’s hit the weights.

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35 thoughts on “Jerome Mayberry’s 10 Commandments Of The Weight Room – Half 1 –

  1. just ordered my carton of cigarettes and stole a bunch of towels now I'm gonna lay it on every machine in the gym so no one can workout but me mwuahahahhahahaa

  2. honestly this video sucked 10 fake azz gym commandments, honestly other than the humor, who the hell doesn't stretch before they workout shit you asking for injury asap, or a crap, or pull some muscle , next who occupies 5 machines at a real gym you don't do circuits at a real gym you do straight sets otherwise it turns into you are hogging the bloody machine,only way you do a circuit is if you do it in a way that you don't hog anything, anyways thats all i got to say for you dumb asses that think some of the stupid ass shit said was serious,have a nice day

  3. Anyone else almost shit their pants during the "fake spot" and he dropped what looked like 315 on him? I jumped like it was a horror movie! hahahaha!

  4. I don't think they could've picked a better person than Terry Crews. And the fact they gave him braids makes this video THAT much funnier

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