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Every day Dialogue Thread: 08/26/2017

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57 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 08/26/2017

  1. Been feeling so depressed and angry since coming back from vacation. I was so close to being somewhat happy with my body for the first time in my life and i went and pissed it all away. Up roughly 15 lbs and it just feels so bad knowing what I did in 2 weeks om vacation is going to take 5x as long to undo.

  2. Today I realised again that steroids are pretty safe if you know what you are injecting

    However it’s the diuretics and recreational drugs which are the bad ones. Stay away from them.

  3. #Squat Plug Time

    I’m in need of a new Squat Plug,
    I went for a pre leg day shit and forgot that I’d already inserted, any brand, size and shape recommendations?

  4. So, still finding ankle bracelets hot. I’ve always found myself cumming harder when I see them in porn or still shots.

    Also, I learned what LDAR means. JFC, i thought it was a new radar scanning protocol. Never thought to google.

    I drank too much coffee tonight. I’m posting stupid shit now.

    RIP Rich.

  5. Finally hit the gym after 2 weeks. Full upper day!

    Almost forget how to incline and flat bench. Does anyone else lose their muscle memory in compound lifts like this as well after long breaks? Benching with so much less control and lesser weights. I feel smof and weak af. Guess I’d go watch Titanic tonight and cry myself to bed. Since my friend also cancelled out on our plans tonight. This weekend is awful. I shall just hit the gym again fuck it

  6. My first rep of deadlifts always seems harder than the next few, and I do full reset so it’s not just the bounce from playing touch n go or anything. Is this just some psychological barrier shit or might it say something about having bad setup for that first pull?

  7. Jortsfest today with the homie. Gon celebrate the jean short. Gonna try and slip in a shoulder workout before. Not looking forward to watching Mayweather run around for a billion rounds then jab a tired ass McGregor into a points-win. Gf has phat titties. Almost done reading the Malcolm X autobiography. Gon start bulking again first day of September. B hole is nervous.

  8. 2 plate squat achieved today! Been training for about a year and a bit seriously now, but only started squatting in June after I realised I had chicken legs lol. Goal is 3 plates by end of year to achieve the 1/2/3/4 split!

  9. I’m way too dependent on C4 now. Can’t even get a good workout in without it. I’m 90% sure it’s something to do with the flavoring because as soon as I down it I instantly go into hype mode (within 10 seconds).

    Thinking of somehow getting some of that food coloring + taste maker thing and just drinking that with water. Maybe some beta alanine to get that lovely angry hornet feeling. Would be nice to psychologically detox myself of all the crap that’s in the preworkout.

  10. Literally this is why i fucking hate when woman drives a car on the road. On my way home from the gym then i was going to make a u turn and this woman wanted to go left. She thought i was going to go right then when i make a u-turn she goes left too. Fucking almost had accident.

  11. Set a massive PR of 4 shits in one gym session today. Id like to thank McDonald’s chicken nuggets and mesomorph for getting me there

  12. Achieved my noob goals for summer of 80 bench/100 squat/140 deadlift a month earlier than I had hoped. Can’t wait to get back to uni for a gym with a proper squat rack instead of one made from stacked plyometric boxes…

  13. I’m supposed to be deadlifting right now but instead I’m shitting my brains out. Preworkout shits goddamnit

  14. So the 3 guys that competed against me in my class in May at my show, are now all IFBB pros.

    Like I’m honored I got crushed by these dudes but I’m also bummed that at a small local show, they showed up. Ya know? Like what are the odds?

    Oh well, still bulking til I look like I could eat one of them for breakfast.

  15. Taking the kids to the Renaissance Festival with u/zhululu today. I’m debating between buying him a kilt and a corset. Kilts are definitely +10 strength but corsets give you that core support.

  16. I supersetted curls into my full body workout in honor of rich yesterday, plus 6 miles of cardio spread throughout. Total exercise time was a little over 5 hours. Also bought a few more plates because i maxed a couple of things not meaning too.

    So many parts of my body are approaching numbness. Worth it to honor the man.

    I need slogans to write on my new plates to further honor the piano. Any ideas?

  17. I think the truest measure of strength is how much you struggle maneuvering a 45 lb. plate off of the rack and onto the bar

  18. Currently day 2 at college, gym is smaller than my hometown, but its got everything I will need. Really just missing my girlfriend who’s currently 6 hours away whom I wont be visiting until the end of september, hoping that when my classes start I’ll be too distracted to think about that though.

  19. Chest & abs. Early. AM. Saturday. Empty gym. Went hard. Right tricep medial head is feeling something different. Woo.


  20. made my own supplement company as a side gig while at university. (preworkout only for now)

    Unfortunately its getting banned as of October 1st…

  21. Does anyone have any tips of taking good phone pics of yourself?

    Not sure if its body dysmorphia in reverse but the photos i take never fucking look as good as what I see in the mirror?

    Would be a useful addition to tracking progress thats all. Any tips welcomed.

  22. Guys I swear I saw ronnie yesterday arriving in Mexico City Airport

    He was in a wheelchair and doesn’t look Nearly as big as he once was.

    Wanted to así for a picture but was too shy

  23. Watched steves latest video about chest…. how did he go so long not knowing to retract the scapula ? Wtf?

  24. Just moved to university of Houston a week ago… Category 4 hurricane is coming and fucking my shit up. Already bad enough my entire campus has been closed for 2 days. I literally know nobody in Houston so if school makes us evacuate I’m dead lmao

  25. Showed a lady friend to my mom and dad for the first time in my life last night.

    So weird, never been in a real relationship like this before, always just messing around.

    Girl’s been making me do things I never saw myself doing before. Cheesy dates, meeting parents, spending multiple nights with each other.

    I love it.

    In other news, fuck cruising. Gym feels like shit compared to blasting. Was planning on a long term cruise, currently scheduling my next blast mid November

  26. I really need to work on my spinal erectors. Just tried Zercher squats for the first time and it feels like I deadlifted 600 for a clean set of 10 like Big Beezy. Hyperextensions, here I come.

  27. Weighed at 72kg a couple days ago on this 12 week cut and weighed myself today and apparently I’ve gone up 4kg in a few nights?

  28. Welp I missed my PR attempt for OHP really badly haha. But I followed it up with a good arm workout yesterday. Gonna go get Chipotle and a Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookie before I hit the gym tonight. Then get some Ben and Jerry’s before bed.

  29. Currently doing smolov jr for bench and it’s great being able to embrace being a chest only bro four days a week.

  30. Fuck girls, fuck relationships, fuck all that bullshit. I’m leaving humanity behind bros mark my fucking words!


  31. I usually come here to shit post or talk about my pump, or how I’m marrying the rowing machine… Really, this is all shit posting.

    Today is different though. I think I’m going to go vegan. I’m going to finish up my supps, change my normal eating habits, and then go 100%.

    Any bb’ers here have any tips? Especially for a guy on a bulk?

  32. All right boyos. Who ya got tonight and what sort of bets did you make ? I think I have Mayweather around 7-9 round prop. 20 on lil Wayne coming out without a shirt on for +140. 100 on mayweather winning + the mountain winning cleganebowl for +400

  33. My ass is so sore from lunges and squats yesterday. I work at a prison so if people ask why I’m walking funny I can’t say “my ass hurts”….I think I magically sprained my ankle.

  34. I miss you rich :'(

    It angers me what Sara posted on her ig when she could have not said anything at all.

  35. so, this morning, post shit, pre breakfast, i weighed in naked at 140 pounds. fuck this so much. this summers goal was to maintain and get bigger, ive focused so much more on protein and calories and sleep. what’s going on. the problem is that my legs are visibly bigger, as is my chest and i would even say my arms are bigger. i don’t get it. unless i lost even more fat and got more muscle which seems pretty tough considering the margins of 144 to 140 with abs, chest fingers, and leg separations showing at most times.

  36. So, I wanted to do my 200 cable reps of tris, and 200 of forearms (5×20, 4 different workouts), and all the cables were filled.
    So I asked a guy how many sets he had left, and he responded with “Oh, I don’t do *sets*, but I have about 10/15min left.”
    Dude, just give me a bullshit number like 10 sets left.

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