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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 08/24/2017

Be happy to submit issues within the Day by day Dialogue Thread that do not warrant a subreddit-level dialogue. Though most of our posting guidelines will probably be relaxed right here, it is best to nonetheless contemplate your viewers when posting. Most significantly, present respect to your fellow redditors. Normal redditiquette at all times applies.


25 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 08/24/2017

  1. I just realized that DD refers to the daily discussion thread. I thought it was weird way to say BB, from like dobbyduilding, which is what I thought was same kind of inside joke I wasn’t part of.

  2. This week was supposed to be a deload week for me, but after hearing about Dallas passing away I decided to do some heavy deadlifts on Tuesday. I managed to pull 505, which is a 5 lb pr, at 167.5.

    Also, I have a date with a fitchick on Sunday so that’s cool

  3. So, I’ve noticed with all the recent tragedies that we have some filthy fucking casuals who only post here once every 10-14 days, or even less than that. These fucking toolbags come here and go on anti-steroid rants and slam bodybuilding for the most part or say some off the cuff shit in Mirin Monday or Shit on Me Sunday.

    Just thought that was an interesting observation. I don’t have a personal problem with it, but coming in here with an agenda or anti BB narrative is a bad idea 😉

  4. Hooking up with a girl I’ve been into ever since hs. Guess my breakup is going ok. She also constantly tells me I’m hot and huge so I think this should make for a fun time. Go get large lads

  5. I’ve finally got my obsession back. The last couple of years lifting I’ve been motivated to a point but it hasn’t been excessive, it’s what people would call a healthy level of motivation. Last time I was obsessed was when I was a boxer. Gym every morning, box every evening…

    Now I’ve signed up to cycle London-Paris-London in a month and started training for that daily. This has basically doubled my gym attendance, an even with the added cardio I’m noticing progress again. Turns out I’m best when I go all in, rest days seem to screw with my motivation and a secondary fitness goal means I can basically fill all my time with it and not bother with them. Might not be ‘healthy’ but I’m loving it at the moment.

    All hail Brodin, may gains be with you all.

  6. I kind of want to try a modest test cycle just to see what it does. I’m nowhere near my natty limit, but I still kinda want to hop on the train. Otherwise I’ll just see how this winter bulk goes and reevaluate next summer.

  7. chest day, putting up some good numbers but I have a tank top on and forgot to wear deodorant. no one wants to work in. whatever it takes.

  8. The office I work in did a trial yoga class and while we were bending down to stretch our hamstrings, the instructor said we should always touch the ground with our hands because each arm weighs up to *2lbs* and we don’t want that kind of load on our spine.

    I’ve never been so offended.

  9. Someone at work challenged me to eat 100 chicken nuggets in an hour. Today it’s going down. Starting to get bloody hungry….

  10. This bulk has been amazing and I’ve been getting strong as fuck, but holy shit I can’t wait to cut. I’m gonna miss eating like a madman, but I’m not gonna miss being a pudgy dough boy.

  11. Was doing leg extensions this morning and got up to stretch and take a piss. Left my keys, towel, and water bottle at the machine.

    Come back maybe 30 seconds later and some DYEL kid is on there *when there is a free one directly in front of it*. This kid and his brother just started coming and hog equipment all the time and it irritates the shit out of me.

    Like, I don’t mind sharing equipment, but there was a free machine right the fuck next to this one that didn’t have my damn stuff on it.

    Anyway, training legs makes me cranky, and I got so irritated I walked up and interrupted his set to grab my shit. Went to the one directly across from him, put on twice the weight he was using, and glared at him for two more sets.

    Coulda handled it better but whatever, fuck you and your purple shorts kid.

  12. boys today the ~~grillfriend~~ boyfriend comes home from vacay and i’ve been building up that cheese (no fap for 3 days)….i shall unleash the seven seas on ~~her~~ his glutes for all of you bbs tn

  13. The outside of my quad on my right leg is starting to bother me and I think it’s causing knee problems when I’m squatting, I really hope my knees arnt fucked.

  14. Occupational therapist wants to set me up with one her daughter’s friends. She tried a couple months ago but she started dating someone, I wasn’t to bummed since I just got out of a relationship.
    But was told today she kicked his ass to the curb, and she has a new dog.
    Think it’s time to make a move, for the pups sake of course.

  15. Interviews #3 and 4 today. Dinner with some VIPs tonight. Gotta crush legs somewhere in between. Pretty damn excited about the direction life is headed lately. Have a great one rbb!

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