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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 08/19/2017

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57 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 08/19/2017

  1. What happens if I skip an exercise for biceps but tack it on at the end of leg day? Same sets per week but not same level of hypertrophy inducement surely

  2. Gym friend was going “early” today (aka before noon on a weekend) so it was nice to get my lifts done and out of the way but now I’m at a loss about what to do with myself.

    I’m thinking of ordering a large amount of sushi and sitting down with the PS4 for the rest of the day but I feel like I should do something more productive and social with my weekend off. I’m bad at this.

  3. I just watched What the Health. A big portion of my calories comes from meat and dairy. Wat do

    Edit: Don’t watch it bros. Live in ignorance. It’s for your own good.

  4. Moved back in yesterday fory Senior year. About to make the DD into my daily mirin thread.

    First one came when I’m coming into the dining hall. This 1 guy said “bro you’re huge as fuck I need to know what you’re doing”. His friend comes up and asks if I play football, we shot shit for a little bit.

    Next one comes when I’m leaving the dining hall. Guy and Presa buy his gf are standing at the bus stop when I walk by. The guy turns into damn near a groupie asking me about protein and shit while his gf is silently mirin ?.

    5 mins ago I hit up the subway on campus. At checkout, the cashier asks how I’m doing, I say “good and you” while trying not to spill my spaghetti cause she’s bad af. She says “well I’m doing a whole lot better now” and points to my shoulders. Then my autismo activates and I laugh and mumble something about working on competing next summer but I spoke so fast that the words came out sounding like gibberish.

    Shit like this happens literally every day so I’ll be documenting it here so I can look back at the end of the year for laughs.


    Edit: probably sound like an ass but I assure you I act like the funny fat guy I grew up as, no dbag here.

  5. I’m done sluttin round. Got a gf for the winter & bulking season. She’s super cute and stupidly sweet so I’m happy. Not looking forward to the awkward “we can’t fuck no more” conversations I’m gonna have to have in the following week. I had a good run there for a bit. Going to an anti white supremacy rally in Atlanta later. Look for me gettin my jaw realigned on the news.

  6. My whole fall quarter schedule for college was designed so I can go to gym at the perfect time of the day when the lighting becomes anabolic. Lmao

  7. So idk if it’s placebo but started adding 4 grams citrulline to my post workout shake of whey and creatine, and really helps to avoid the post workout blues that make you feel almost too content to move. Idk could be talking outta my ass

  8. Who here plays sports and is constantly banged up? It’s like I can never train legs. Just tore my hamstring and will probably be out 2 months

  9. Just riding out my glandular fever (mono for you yanks) haven’t been to the gym in over a month for the first time in 4 years. This sucks

  10. Just riding out my glandular fever (mono for you yanks) haven’t been to the gym in over a month for the first time in 4 years. This sucks

  11. Junior year at college begins in a week.

    I always get a bit tentative before going back, I think it’s just natural. Nervous about seeing people I haven’t seen in a while, reacquainting myself with my classes, etc.

    I’m excited to go back to the gym consistently. I’ve been trying this summer, but I’ve had to work a ridiculous amount and my body and mind just couldn’t handle th extra load.

    Now, if a girl could just fall in love with me sooner rather than later, that would be great…

    Kill your lifts, bros.

  12. First time posting… I’m interested in my friend from uni who lives close to me back home. She says she can’t hangout with me this summer whenever I ask because her parents are “strict” but always has time to hang out with her friends. What do I do dd?

  13. Had to ask a guy to wipe down his equipment when he was done because I was going to use it next. Does a shitty job wiping down half of it then continues to not wipe down his next 3 machines.

    I can smell you from across the gym, don’t be nasty.

  14. How do you guys doing programs like ppl progress on compounds such as squats? Is it usually just work up to a weight you can do for 4 sets of 8 or whatever, if you then feel like you can go heavier, add 5 pounds and continue?

  15. Chest gave out mid rep today. Some old guy came over and helped me. Kept my head down for rest of workout. Too much shame.

  16. Went on vacation for 3 days and got back yesterday so of course had to take 20 grams of creatine. But I also had to do the loading phase again because science, so I just decided to take half the container. Woke up with this current phyzeke and I don’t know how to fix it please help.

  17. Got my mum to measure my arms and I’m on 16.5 inches with a pump. 1 inch increase in less than a year which I’m pretty happy with.

    Mum then starts telling me not to be a bodybuilder lol jokes on you I’m dyel and barely fill medium shirts haha

  18. I need more tank tops and I want to support bands I like but for some reason hardly anyone does men’s tank tops for some reason. I guess I could buy t shirts and cut the sleeves off but I tried that before and didn’t do a great job and I don’t want to risk it on a shirt I actually like.

  19. This is my first time bulking (i cut down from being fat at like 180) and im thinking of bulking from now till around the end of december which is like 19 weeks, at a rate of 1lb a week. Im 15 at 155 sorta lean right now, what are some realistic expectations for muscle gain during this period? And is gaining 1lb a week and efficient bulking method?

  20. What do your guys shoulder days look like? On nsuns shoulder day I usually do the prescribed OHP, incline db bench, lat raises then do tri and chest shit with maybe a bit of shoulders like landmine press cause I’m at a lack of stuff to do. Gonna hop on soon and want my delts to blow up

  21. I’ve always fucking hated squatting for powerlifting purposes, but I started doing that Dorian Yates, high-intensity style of training, and squatting is now fun as fuck. Repping out 315 or whatever and going balls out (after pre-exhausting my quads so I have an excuse for not being stronger) is a lot of fun and I actually look forward to my quad-oriented leg day now :’)

  22. Had a minor ankle sprain playing basketball. It fucking sucks because I was building up my squat and deadlift to hopefully hit prs before i go off to college. To anyone whose had a minor sprain before, how long until you were back squatting and deadlifting?

  23. Are there any compound exercises where >90% of the time there is one muscle limiting you?

    Like with the bench press you can have weak triceps or weak pecs, but with deadlifts AFAIK usually grip is the limiting factor unless you do mixed or hook grip.

  24. Had to share the cable machine with fit cutie for like 3-4 exercises. You can bet your sweet ass I didn’t say a word to her the entire 15 minutes.

  25. So my first day back to uni is on tuesday, 22nd.

    I want to start a carb loading process, but how many days in advance should I do so?

  26. Tfw you want to stay home but have to go out so your classmates don’t think you’re an autist.

    Wish me luck boyes.

  27. Any of you guys ever used a personal trainer ? I might do a few sessions just to make sure my form and everything is correct

  28. First, I want to say thanks to all those that gave advice on my situation a few DD’s ago. Wife and I ended up having a fight last night and some things came to the surface. Short of it is, she wants to have more kids and stay home in the next year or so, after I finish nursing school, and I’m not really wanting anymore kids. This has been weighing on my mind for a while and I think it’s been stressing me. Asking her to not have more kids is like asking her to give up a part of herself but we are trying to work through it. I still don’t feel like myself but it’s one less thing that I have to hold inside. Hope everyone is having a good day and pushing towards your goals.

  29. Finally went for a run for the first time in at least a couple months. There really is nothing like a runners high. Feel like I’m going to die the whole time but after i just feel so content. My stomach feels off and there’s not really anything particular to be happy about but life just seems good

  30. I finally have quad veins and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m lean, pale, or have high blood pressure. I’ll take it though regardless.

    Unrelated, my ex’s old roommate just asked if one of my friends (a woman) was into women. That might’ve been the most unexpected and uncomfortable conversations of my life.

  31. anyone know how to get rid of gyno left over from puberty? i figured it would go away when i cut but now i have both defined abs and flabby tiddies, pls help

  32. First time on r/BB. What do you guys think about 5/3/1 BBB variations (5×10, 5×5, 5×3)? That’s what I’m planning on using throughout next year: slow bulking on BBB 5×10 (high volume) and a slight cut on BBB with 5×5/5×3 sets (high intensity). I’ll do two cycles of each, so 6 week bulking and 6 week cutting then repeat. I’m 168lbs now and I want to be 155-160lbs at a sub 12% BF. ( for weight class reasons)

  33. I’m getting way too shredded. It’s called the anxiety-stress-induced-cut. I’m eating 500 cals a day, if that. At least when I figure my shit out I’ll get some sick rebound gains.

  34. Is preworkout really that helpful? If so, anyone have any recommendations for some good starter PWO’s? I’m looking at ESP, C4, Nitraflex or Dr. Jekyll but I’m just kinda concerned since I get super jittery and anxious with high super high caffeine, although I feel like it’s just nervousness from not having experience with large doses from powders.

  35. Taking time off was the best thing i could ever have done. Id hit a plateu and wasnt making gainz. Now ive been training again for 2 weeks and I feel bigger and leaner than ever.
    Ps my traps are still smol.
    On another note who the fuck says mirror selfies are bad for tinder? I finally said fuck it and uploaded one and ive been getting more matches than ever.

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