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Each day Dialogue Thread: 08/14/2017

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56 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 08/14/2017

  1. Anybody else trying to intermittent fast but can’t continue more than 12 hours due to stomach gargles? lol I have research or class everyday and always need to grab a little something 12 hours into the fast due to my stomach going crazy.

  2. I’m making it friends. Two separate people came up to me in the gym today and told me they were miring my physique and dedication. Brodin hath answered my prayers.

  3. I’ve been cutting since April starting at around 6 foot 190 pounds and ending around 180 pounds 10-12 percent body fat. I’ve decided to start bulking again, but I feel like I’ve been putting on weight extremely fast. After about a month of bulking I’ve put on 10 pounds so I’m back at 190 pounds. Will the weight gain steady off or do I need to adjust my calorie intake?

  4. I eat about 2400 ish sodium a day, and 5000 potassium a day on a 3500 bulk(for now going up to 4000+). Reason sodium is pretty low is because my bulk consists of pretty clean low gi foods. Do you think increasing my salt intake and carb intake before workout (~2 hours) would give me greater pumps/vascularity. I have low BF, low water retention, etc.

  5. Life in military is so fucked up. All the recruits, like a majority are fucking morons.

    Fuck me pls

    And good bye sweet gains, it’s all fucking cardio fuck this shit

  6. Served Dylan Sprouse today in the lower east side. Super nice, respectful, and polite. Seems like a down to earth guy. His hairs super long and luscious and he’s surprisingly skinny.

    Also, he enjoys pilsners. Make of that what you will.

  7. I keep periodically checking /r/bb for rich updates. I just know if there’s a turn for the worst or a meraculous recovery it’ll be a quick and highly upvoted post.

  8. Im excited to start my first real bulk this fall. (I fucking miss carbs so much). Im a little nervous about the weight im planning on putting on; how do you guys keep it all clean?

  9. so ive been on 5/3/1 for close to 6 months now and im starting to hit plateaus and my strength isnt going up as much. what is the recommendation when this starts to happen?

    also what are some other strength programs that can be incorporated into a bodybuilding/hypertrophy based program?

  10. Why do guys on this sub focus on strength so often. I get that Strength is just a measurement of muscular developement. I’m worried you guys will be the strong guys that look like shit. It should be about aesthetics not strength. Volume lifting is more important for that, right? Opinions?

  11. Update on asking my calc teacher out:

    Well guys I’ve been holding off on an update because I was hoping something interesting would happen but here it is anyways. It didn’t go bad or well she just never opened my snap of me asking her out. It was worth a shot though and at least I never had a chance to fuck up right? Maybe she’ll come through one day though because we had a good thing going on during the year;)

  12. So I’m supposed to test my 1rm for bench and squat today and the gym has this fucking event that took all the racks away, and I can’t use the other racks cause the wood floor is too slippery for my beat to death vans. So okay fine, I’ll just bench today and postpone the squat for tomorrow.”

    Then when I was gonna hit my 1rm (still DYEL as fuck btw) I loaded the bar wrong and put 1.25kg less on one side, which fucking messed with me and twisted my back while doing it.

    I tried to hit my 1rm again, but I didn’t rest enough so I got trapped under the bar. It was too heavy to roll off though, so I called for help to bring it back up but when the guy pulled it back up, I missed the fucking rack on the right side but missed the left side. If the floor wasn’t elevated on the right side my head would be fucking smashed in by now. This is what my stupid ass gets for not asking for a spot.

    Holy fuck. I’m a dumbass.

  13. Had an absolute blow out weekend, just destroyed my body with all of the bad things. Came back and hit a deadlift PR of 420 for a double. I feel like I don’t deserve the things I get

  14. That Icarus documentary on Netflix is pretty dope. Literally. Guy wants to see how easy it is for athletes to pass urine tests ends up talking to the head of Russia’s wada and eventual whistleblower that details how they cheated in the olympics and have been since the 70s. Good watch. Also available online for free99 if you don’t have a Netflix prescription if you know where to look

  15. Harder and harder to resist hopping on. Two guys at work are on, half the guys at my gym look like they’re on. Brodin give me strength.

    My wife has been letting me grab our friend’s ass and rub on her legs. She was grabbing my ass too, flashing her tits. I’m going to get these two in the same house and live like a king. This is the same chick we’ve had multiple threesomes with. She’s basically our girlfriend at this point. It’s so fucking awesome.

  16. Can anyone recommend a posing coach in the Boston area? Less than 4 weeks out from my first physique show and I really want to nail my posing with some supplemental posing sessions outside of my contest prep coach.

  17. I love my grill, i really do. Sometimes though…it’s like she finds it hard to understand that I want to spend time with her, like it is an odd concept. With our work schedules we barely get anytime during the week to see each other, then she works Saturdays as well. I swear we only spend maybe 6 hours a week together. This also has a profound affect on our sex life (no hetero guys, cmon), and my drive is significantly higher than hers, which is tough. It probably doesn’t help that I am the worst and communicating my feelings or whats on my mind. She will catch me just staring at her and ask what’s up. All I can ever say is “just looking”. We have been together almost two years and I still don’t know how to tell her I love her. I know the easy answer, “man the fuck up and say it”. Yet I never say it. Opened myself too many times in the past only to be shit on, entire life spent as a punching bag emotionally and physically in my group of “friends”. I legit do not know how to open up. Doing so growing up would have been perceived as being “a pussy” and we all know, image is everything in school.

    I know this is a disastrous wall of random pity party text, but everyone needs a vent once in a while. Im going to go do some curls now.

    TL;DR – I’m a wuss and can’t tell long time girlfriend i love her

  18. So my dude had a guy place a huge order for some oral primobolan. The guy backed out and now my dude has a shit load of oral primo to sell. Guess who just got some for 40 bucks each. This guy. Bout to be looking THICC AF BOYZ

  19. So the bunk house “Bros Icing Bros” game is getting out of hand. Found a smirnoff ice in one of my fire boots and under my pillow a while back. Got an engine boss by asking if he wanted a shower beer, and iced him when he stuck his hand out to grab one. Just got a rookie twice within an hour by putting one in his box of ramen and another time by offering him cheezits, which were of course swapped with an ice. He’s got one sitting in his box of crackers which he eats every morning, so that’ll be funny at 7AM. God damn I love our shenanigans.

  20. I switched from Keurig coffee to normal/ground/pot coffee- & Wow, I forgot how natural and rich this stuff is.
    Never going back to Keurig

  21. Today completes 2 years of lifting. If I subtract vacation time but add double-sessions, I average out to 1 session/day. During the last year I got stronger, heavier, fixed my hernia, and almost finished 6-mos of Accutane. My primary goals for the next 12-mos are to complete my cut and dedicate a lot of time to improving my back. Now to celebrate with some Sonic Mania nostalgia.

  22. It’s amazing what small tweaks can do. I’ve been plateauing in tryhing to hit 240 lbs on bench for 4×5. Today I slightly widened my grip (I have long arms) and got it easily. I’ve done it before but I’ve several pounds lighter, so it’s as good as a PR for me.

    I also have to say that it feels more satisfying to get asked for advice that it is to just get a compliment.

  23. Update on my post a few days ago of my friend joining a big city gym.

    So I go to this pretty small quite spick and span gym that has like mostly regulars who we all recognise and I rarely seem to encounter gym autism and throwing weights around and grunting a lot.

    Well. In the first 10 minutes I saw some dude yamking a truly stupendous amount of weight on the lat pull down using his entire body and shrieking on the last three reps.

    Pretty proud of my friend for joining a gym and letting me help her work out.

    Plus I’m pretty sure people were miring me. Its a nice feeling, especially with my mental health being in the toilet lately.

    Anyway lift strong bois and ladybois


    Also decided to approach this cute rave chick for the hell of it and ended up adding her on Snapchat so no autism for me boys.

  25. friend was over and he was looking through some of my pics on my laptop looking at my old car. He found a folder that just had some random letters and it was all bodybuilders posing like a few hundred photos.

  26. After going to japan and then having all four of my wisdom teeth out ive seen a lot of weight and muscle loss but im seeing it as an opportunity. My old physique had a lot of flaws like a Bird chest and tiny shoulders so as i regain my 10 pounds im going to put a lot of focus onto those areas. This is going to be my before photo from after the gym today. Kill your lifts brahs

  27. Went out to play volleyball and drink at a sandbar in Dallas and ended up being approached by a girl and her getting my number.. I’ve always read about it here but now I think it’s time for my autismo to shine

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  29. Recently found out I quite like tropical house, perfect for cardio. I’ve never been a huge fan of electronic music but there’s something about it that I’m digging. Anyway, any recommendations for my playlist?

  30. How is it possible to sweat like a mofo after 2 sets some days, and the next day there are barely drops after a 2 hour session?

  31. Really want to get into powerlifting but meets are boring and he fake “hardcore”-ness of the community is bent as fuck

  32. Bros hold me, today is my last day in the gym for like a month. Probs gonna lose all my gains as I am dyel as fuck

  33. What is the smallest set of compound movements that could cover the whole body? Obviously bench, squat, and deadlifts are in there. I don’t think OHP would be since bench already covers shoulders. Would barbell row be the last one to get your lats and upper back in?

  34. Had pre workout for the first time instead of a caffeine pills today for the first time. And holy shit. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  35. Welp…I am now ‘that asshole’ in the workplace because I criticized my teammates lack of work to our supervisor and it got back to them.

    Granted, I should’ve talked to them in person about it first but it was the most they both have an attitude and I didn’t want to deal with that.


  36. GF is bedridden after tweaking her back on squats. Brutal sciatic nerve pain. Anybody else here ever deal with this? We’ve been doing heat/piriformis stretches.

  37. Hey my fave autists! Long time no see.

    Well looks like I don’t have to worry about my ex (gym chick) bothering me again. She finally moved on…with another grill.

    Didn’t see that coming. Oh well, good for her.

    Also this means all of my exes are bi. Ha

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