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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 08/12/2017

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58 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 08/12/2017

  1. So fucking hyped for S07E05 tomorrow you guys. I’m expecting/hoping for an epic battle against the White Walkers to go down at Eastwatch towards the end of the episode. Y’all know what we got the last time an episode was named after a place (hint: Hardhome). What is hype may never die!

  2. Managed another week without fucking up my meal plan and earned a nice cheat meal of steak and Halo Top. Eight more weeks to go until I get pizza, donuts, and other sugary carbs. I’m kind of annoyed that I’m recomping instead of just dropping weight, but what can ya do?

  3. Grill I went on a date with blocked me on every platform we had together. All I did was ask why she wasn’t interested. Fucking dating and app dating. Gonna focus on gym and school.

  4. Feeling pumped. Went to the gym to do some deadlifts for the first time in a while (had a back tweak), and was forced to use the platform next to my gym nemesis: a cocky employee who hogs multiple pieces of equipment at once (think upwards of 4) and kicks up a fucking stink if you want to work in. He’ll also lift weights off racks attached to your equipment WHILE you are lifting.

    Anyhow, he was training a DYEL mate and started loudly bragging about his lifts when he saw me deadlifting. He mentioned his 1-rep dead max was 160kg (352lbs) and was acting all smug about it. I was feeling good so thought…fuck it. Let’s lift heavy. I worked up to 170kg (375lbs) for 3 sets of 7–all of them solid as hell. I know other people pull heavier here, but I was pretty happy after not deadlifting for months. His mate was watching me the whole time with an impressed look on his face. I then went into working weight squats to top it off.

    Long story short, gym nemesis approached me later and commented on how strong I was. Felt good.

  5. veins on the inside of my elbows look like lightning after like 3 weeks of cutting im hyped

    edit: i sure have a lot to say today

  6. You guys have any go-to casual clothing that fits decently? I’m tired of either super baggy shirts or shirts that feel like they’re tearing in the shoulders

  7. I have two pints of Halo Top in the freezer, three Oh Yeah protein bars, a protein cookie, and two jars of edible protein cookie dough right now. I’ve fully realized I’m a total white girl when it comes to yummy fucking snacks

  8. Just accidently made my wife feel bad. I was go for a PR on bench and told her not to touch unless it was going back down. Well I was struggling going up but it was def going up and she helped… So freaking mad

  9. Have been away from the gym for ~ 2 months now due to my work and school life taking over. Had some time today so I got a day pass at the local Gold’s.


    I knew I would lose some strength but I almost got up and left after seeing how weak I have gotten. Can’t wait until October when things calm down and I can finally get back to my regular schedule.

    Hope someone else here found my lost gains.

  10. New sub here. Just got dropped by my coach in the middle of my program for some ridiculous reason. Just wondering is this subReddit only for male bodybuilders or are the female divisions specifically bikini also welcome here? Halp plz

  11. So yeah, beginning another bulk once again.. ? feeling unmotivated, been training as a natty for many years. Now 27yo and I’m seeing less improvements if barely any every time I cut down. Shit, time to hop on I think.. People already accused me for being on so..

  12. Tried Tom Platz leg extensions to failure and I’m never going back was wonderful. Also bonus that it’s a little homo-erotic.

  13. My very attractive and very fun friend became single for the first time in 8 years. But of course at this point we’re about 10,000 miles apart. Oh well. Back to the world of whales and single moms.

  14. Lol at all the “why would you do a backflip it’s stupid” posts in that thread about the dude who died. Like bodybuilding is some noble pursuit and floor gymnastics is a death sentence

  15. Deleted my social media(except Reddit) almost a month ago and it’s been awesome. I thought I’d miss it but I really haven’t and I’m extremely happy with my decision. I’m really starting to believe social media is responsible for a lot of the mental health issues we have today with people constantly comparing themselves to others and worrying about how they portray themselves online

  16. weighed myself before sleeping at 195 lb. Woke up and weighed myself in the morning (no bathroom) at 189 lb. Where did 6 pounds go in 7 hours of laying in a bed? my body confuses me. (I am also starting to think my scale is inaccurate.)

  17. – neighbor commented to my wife that he’s concerned I’ve gained weight.
    – go to my in laws and have surf and turf.
    – I get served/offered half a pint of halotop peanut butter cup after dinner.

    This bulk is going well.

  18. I saw myself in a car window reflection today and almost started flexing then I realised “Oh shit I’m in public”

  19. Be me post Physique show: I’m gonna bulk for classic physique

    Be me 3 months late: Craig Golias has inspired me

  20. Saw [this]( in my local newspaper this morning. Legitimately made me angry as its spreading a load of misinformation blaming a protein diet for the death of a mother when it was primarily a health condition coupled with a high protein diet that caused her passing.

    The fact that its on the front page of the newspaper makes me so infuriated. What an actual load of horseshit.

  21. Does training legs increase testosterone? Or bro science af.

    Hoping it does. Give me a reason to not skip leg day guys

  22. Was talking with a gym dude and we were walking and while we were walking I wasn’t looking in front of me and my hands accidentally touched a dude’s ass and he looked at my like I was gay

  23. Saw a coaching service in the province next door tagged in an instapost. Went to check out their website. Looks not bad (not a fan of photo updates myself). They want $249 CDN per month with a 4 month commitment. DAMN. That seems expensive?
    I read through their “application” form which is pretty much your basic signup interview but it made me think about what I would answer. It was somewhat introspective. For example:

    Are you able to commit? Duh.

    Do you have family & friend support in this journey of competition? No. Just me against the world. 🙁

    Name & Date of show you wish to compete? UH… at least 5 years from now.

    Ta-da. I just saved myself $1000.

  24. What life advice would you give to a high schooler in regards to dating, college, studying and bodybuilding.

  25. Guys I’m not sure what to do. A good friend of mine passed away last night from an unexpected massive heart attack at the age of 57. And while it hurts and I am grieving it also makes me worry about my fathers possibility of a heart attack(he’s 62). He is, in my opinion, in far worse shape than my friend was. Sometimes, when you’re lucky enough to not often go through something like this, you just think your family and your friends are invincible. But I think this is a wake up call, and I want to help my dad live a healthier life before it’s too late. I don’t even know where I’m going with this, but I live far away from all my friends and my family and haven’t really gotten an opportunity to talk.

    Thanks for reading.

  26. Girl expressed interest in going to the gym. Any suggestions for what I should get her started on doing? I’m doing a fairly intense powerlifting split so I don’t think she’d want to follow along, maybe just cardio + basic bar exercises every other day?

  27. Back to school tomorrow, going for a sick pump this afternoon. Suggestions on what to do? Thinking just 5×12 bench, 5×12 ohp, ohp dropset, then loads of curls and tri stuff. Gotta look joocey for the ladies.

  28. Well might be over with the girl of my dreams boys. She had some emotional issues this past month and trying to be supportive but she only pushed me away. I gave her space and she acted like I wasn’t even apart of her life anymore, yet still want me with her but only on her time, with barely any texts or calls in between. I asked tonight if she still even loved me, she blew up said “I can’t even talk to you” and left without any type of reasoning or discussion. Dodged a bullet…or did I go full autism? Help me out my dudes.

  29. First weird gym dude experience ever: so there’s this short, fat & hairy Arabian guy who approaches young guys in the gym’s locker room and asks them in broken English to smell their underwear after they’ve finished training, for money. Heard him talking to a guy yesterday, it was hard to figure out what he was saying and I almost burst out laughing when I understood what he wanted.

    That kind of behavior would usually get someone kicked out, but apparently the dude is loaded, or so a PT from the gym told me. Upper management supposedly told all the gym staff to leave him alone.

  30. Can’t catch a break, keep trying to save money but shit just keeps fucking me into the ground,
    Today’s adventure = blown head gasket and a lack of funds to fix it any time soon ? fuck you too life, on the upside It happened on the way home from gym and NOT the way TO gym

  31. I fucking love squatting. Hit a 375lb single, 405 coming soon.

    Oh and I took an uber to work and the driver told me I looked like his old neighbour. “He was big and strong just like you!”

    Maybe I’m making it?

  32. My gym is attached to a spa, yesterday I said fuck it and had a swedish massage there. Now I’m thinking of joining it but it costs like the same again for access.

    Not sure if I’ll ever use it.

    Probably shouldn’t bother.

  33. Got a sweet bonus at work and dropped most of it on the dopest pedal board for my guitar. Like half the stuff is still in the mail from Russia but my tone gainz are about to be real as fuck

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