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Every day Dialogue Thread: 08/08/2017

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54 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 08/08/2017

  1. Married people: What kind of ring do you wear and do you wear it when you lift?

    Mine is tungsten carbide with gold plating and I’m worried about it scratching or breaking. Especially with things like deadlifts.

    Edit: Getting tired of saying this so figured I’d add it here. Tungsten carbide doesmy warp or bend so getting it stuck on my finger isn’t an issue. It Would just snap because it’s brittle.

  2. Visited California to see if I want to move to California. Am now planning move to California.

    You win, you beautiful tax riddled state.

  3. Every morning I wake up with questions like “why am I doing this?”, “can I do it?” and “why don’t I just go back to sleep?”. Getting out of bed is hard, but through MOTIVATION and DEDICATION I get my ass out of bed. My first squat of the day is always the hardest, usually I doubt that I can do it without a coffee. But I’ve been avoiding caffeine lately, so it’s a real push to get it going. After a couple of seconds of struggle, it’s easy. I am free. My morning shit is done.

  4. Let’s fucking go y’all. Fuck mediocrity and normalcy. Give everything your all and if you aren’t happy, change what you can till you are. You are all a bunch of shredded cunts and you have greatness waiting. Look around right now.. What makes any of those fuckers BETTER than you, what makes them deserve happiness more than you? Nothing. Kill that shit today y’all. Oh and I just took my shit on me Sunday pics so y’all tune in this weekend for the fluffiest fattest SOMS yet.

  5. what is the longest any of you have run the EC stack? i’ve used it on weekdays for 2 weeks now, wondering when other people stop feeling the hunger suppressing effects + if i could just do this for the next few months bc this is prob gonna be a long cut

  6. This guy brought his acoustic guitar to the gym last night and was jamming between sets.

    Funniest shit I’ve seen in a while.

  7. Have to time my workouts this week so I can do my birthday squats on Saturday. Also, does anyone have experience with building a new computer and swapping the hard drive from your old one? My current computer is about 4 years old now and it is showing its age with its speed so I’m looking at an upgrade. Can you just take the hard drive out of the old computer and connect it to the new one or do you have to transfer files to an external drive first?

  8. Well, that’s the first time I’ve witnessed someone groaning and crying out while doing forearm curls.

  9. Started out lifting with a little bit of a stomach, have bulked for a while and gained a nice amount of muscle but obviously the stomach has expanded some as well. Still don’t feel like I’m big enough to cut, but I gotta get rid of the gut it’s killing my self confidence.

    Planning on cutting for a while, do six weeks then evaluate and do six weeks more or something, and then when I’ve leaned out/slimmed down start a new bulk from a better starting point. Are there any flaws in this plan or should I just go ahead with it

    Also asking for a friend where does one purchase an EC stack…? Is it homemade combining stuff from GNC?

  10. I’m doing Keto + IF, and while I enjoy the meals, I still crave carbs. But I just made myself a 1kg beef burger, and it was dank af. [pic related]( Didn’t cook properly, a lot of the cheese escaped the inside and made a mess. Live and learn.

  11. Buffet cheat meal last night was delicious, although I now hate myself because I have zero self-control. Just gonna get back on the usual diet instead of doing anything crazy to make up for the calories.

    And I know I’m ridiculously late, but I’m watching It’s Always Sunny at the moment and I’m on season 4. I now understand why everyone on Reddit loves this show so much

    EDIT: Weighed in 2 pounds lighter this morning than I did yesterday morning, which was before the buffet dinner. Refeed of the gods am I right

  12. At the doctor’s to see if I re ruptured my tricep. Sigh 3 months post surgery and worst of luck. Looks like my legs will get even bigger.

  13. Back on that s-drol train so as to hit my powerlifting goals hopefully within the next few weeks so I can finally do a legit cut for the first time ever :’)

    Strap in, liver; it’s about to be nothin’ but a peanut

  14. Anyone bought/read Jeff Nippard’s arm training program? I’m curious about what his content would look like since his videos are usually very informative.

  15. Nsuns is fuckin hard on a cut. But I got this. I fucked around a bit on my cut for about 2 weeks. Leveled out around 168 pounds. Original goal was 160, now I’m thinking 155.

    I learned a bit, found instant oatmeal packets at the dfac which aren’t the best but as long as they are the original flavor they are only 100 cal each. So I can easily not overdo the carbs. Life is good.

  16. Bros that cook chicken in a bulk using an oven, do you make marinades or just put some sauce on top of it with herbs as you put it in oven ?

    I got some good BBQ sauce, terriyaki and some korean sauce, but the taste just doesn’t stay on the chicken.

  17. Left fish oil in my shorts while doing laundry and now my clothes reak of fish, anyone know how to get rid of the smell?

  18. Ive got something stuck to my cars paint, I have no idea what it is but it wont come off. Ive tried scrubbing it with just water, windex, and goo gone but nothing works. Is there some sort of scraper that would be safe to use on paint?

  19. Autism in multiple languages guys. Thiccc girl who only speaks Spanish and I have been texting because my Spanish isn’t that bad, I go up to her today and literally can only say nouns and smile.

    Also it is extremely hard to portray sarcasm in another language, I either just look stupid or like an asshole. So I’ve had to stop. Bad part is I’m 99% sarcasm

  20. So… My cheat/rest day got way out of hand. I’m usually very disciplined but a few beers with the boys and hell broke lose. Icecream, chicken parmesan, pasta and red wine. Sigh.

    Now I’m on the stairmaster to pay for my sins.

  21. ive had my main gaming laptop for seven years – it’s my old Alienware machine and I love it dearly.

    However last night it died on me, the battery wasn’t charging and I feared the worst.

    To cut a long story short, turns out the battery isn’t needed and i just took it out and can keep it running on AC power and it runs as expected and runs League as usual.

  22. I feel like a grill at work has been somewhat flirty with me, she has been all of the sudden pretty talkative and trying to get to know me. Telling me what she’s been up to without me really even asking.

    Is it weird to go up to her and ask for her number out right?

  23. What do you guys use for pre workout? My dad said I could use the rest of his Anarchy, but it’s not too good. Any suggestions?

  24. Finally done with my vacations, got to see my parents after an year, but sad at saying them goodbye for a long time now. However, back to school now, two weeks before fall starts, gonna crush those weights, recover my gains from the vacation and make all kinds of study gainz. Want that fucking job in California, and be ripped for all the pretty women out there. Kill your lifts bruh, we gon’ make it, for sure we will.

  25. There are these two dudes who go to my gym who always work out together and they seem like the best of friends. They’d always talk about random stuff like trigonometry and computers. I haven’t seen them in a very long time which is strange because I’d always see them there..

  26. I thought i had 8 weeks to lose some pounds for my insurance exam. Nope only 6.

    Must cut deeper. Eat carbs for me bros.

  27. Sup guys. It’s that tiny ex anorexic kid once again… Not trying to bust anyone’s balls by advertising or anything but I’d though I’d let you guys know that I have now made an instagram to track my progress from here on out, but if anyone wants to follow along the way you can check it out here: … I’d really appreciate it šŸ™‚

  28. MRI is less than 7 days away, been out of the gym for 6 months due to Myocarditis, a heart virus. I’m very nervous as to what it will say, hopefully I’m better and can start lifting again.

  29. Have there been any new Ronnie Coleman yeah buddy commercials lately ? We need some more. Maybe a construction worker at the bottom of the hole looking tired and Ronnie jumps in and goes YA GOT TA DIG DEEP with the pre workout. Or someone searching for their scooper in a new tub of protein powder would work for that. He could even have a baby elephant running away scared or something while he’s just standing there with a bag of peanuts. Ain’t nothin but a peanut while big momma elephant is snacking with Ronnie

  30. i don’t know much about bb judging and history of the olympia but i do wish that it had a manlet category for men 5 foot 7 and under, with men at 5 foot 7 given the choice to compete in the open. because i do feel like shorter but very well defined and built competitors were overlooked, ie shawn ray, lee priest. i know there is a 212 category tho.

  31. Started doing actual neck training at home besides my normal workout routine. Shrugs are not enough. Right now, I’m doing 3 sets of 100 reps of neck curls to build up my neck muscles.

    Personally, I feel like my neck is a lagging part of my phyisque and after seeing those pencil necks of people photoshopped into thicker necks and bigger traps like this picture. So, that’s basically why I’m doing neck training

    What do you guys think of my current neck routine?

  32. Saw a guy flat benching with his feet up in the air and asked him what the point of it was.

    His response was to make it harder.

    So I asked why he didn’t just add more weight.

    Told me that all he could lift.

  33. Youtube fitness videos have the worst comment sections ever 50% are lazy people making shitty jokes like “I can do 3 sets of french fries hahaha” 30% of it are jealous skinny/fat people who cant achieve anything calling the person out for steroids saying their physique sucks and 20% of the comments are actual comment related to the video

  34. Off-topic here: what’s everybody’s go-to method for moving on after a break-up? Besides finding someone new obviously

  35. Any of you guys play and stay active with video games in your free time? In real life, it’s so hard finding people that play games and are into bodybuilding.

  36. Heard a girl I had a massive crush on in college returned home from A year out the country and is recently single. First time I’ve ever messaged a girl out the blue other than tinder and you know what, it feels good man she spoke back and all šŸ™‚

  37. Had my first day back at the gym yesterday. I work in landscap and I decided to do legs (squats to be specific) and it’s hard to move/sit without pain. I’m so happy about this though!

  38. Gf hops on and off the nutrition and training wagon . I would love her to lose like 5-6 kgs she would be so much hotter. How can I help this or say anything indirectly and with diplomacy.

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