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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 06/30/2017

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77 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 06/30/2017

  1. How do you guys keep a solid lifting schedule while working full time? Back in college I was fine spending two hours a day at the gym, but not so much any more. Anybody got a solid intermediate routine that doesn’t take too long? N-suns just ain’t working right now

  2. Fuck I’m so glad I don’t mulch anymore. Got a truckload of dirt and some grass seed for the yard and I am fuggin beat boys. Good pump good tan though.

  3. I swear I get girls when I’m at the end of a bulk because I look good with a shirt on. I get girls when I’m at the end of a cut because I look good with a shirt off. BUT god forbid I get any girls when I’m in the awkward stage in between. I need to buy more schmediums I guess…

  4. So after a phenomenal arm workout I start walking to the bus stop and so I’m about to cross the alley and there’s a pickup truck with random scrap metal and wood on it. I walk around it as a text on my phone, I only use my phone in the gym for music, and suddenly I hit a FUCKING PLANK THATS STICKING OUT WITH MY FUCKING FOREHEAD. Whatever, it hurt but I brush it off and go on with my day.

    I get home and instantly my mom asked why I had a big bruise on my forehead. I’m like “huh?” Go look at myself in the mirror and I LOOK LIKE IM WANNA BE A FUCKING UNICORN

    If anyone asks it happened while doing skull crushers ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

    Look at where you’re going guys cuz you don’t wanna lose some brain cells like I might have…

  5. I literally just came milliseconds away from passing out by accidentally holding my breath doing OHP. It gave me the biggest endorphin rush afterwards.

    …is this why people like being choked in bed? Shit felt good.

  6. I had drinks with my coworkers again last night which was fun.

    Bad news is that none of the girls stealth groped me trying to get to the bar.

    Good news is that one of the new guys commented on how big I look and asked for some lifting and dieting advice which was cool.

  7. Pushing carts as a part time job is a great way to get my cardio in and my calves pumped. Never had veins in my calves till I got this job. It’s lame as fuck but who money is money right.

  8. On vacation with the gf, and she complimented my calves saying “Oh /u/Apollotort, your calves look good.” So I respond with, “Really, I think they’re small.” She hits me with the “Oh no they’re small, just tan.” I’m not gonna make it bros 🙁

  9. Really want to improve my squats so I’ve been doing high sets and high reps. Last week was 8×10 with 45lbs. Today was 8×8 65lbs. Legs are rip. Any squat tips ?
    Edit: I meant 135lbs and 175lbs

  10. Backstory: my Ex’s family was awesome and I love them because they are genuinely good people. Ex broke up with me to go on a sex binge (basically) last October. She wasn’t always the most perfect person but I loved her and it hurt, nbd now I got over it. I did a lot of family events with her family, and us being together really brought her closer with her family. After the breakup they basically shunned her and told her she is making the biggest mistake of her life.

    Cue to the past few weeks, her dad is constantly texting me and making small talk about his upcoming plans. I absolutely love the guy because he’s awesome, but I feel awkward talking to him. He seems so sad because this 4th his immediate family isn’t even going to the yearly party, almost like a band broke up and I was some kind of glue keeping the family together. I would help in any way I can to help except see your crazy ass daughter again. Wish things could be cool after the breakup, but that’s not 100% up to me.

    I feel like they love me more than her and although she’s not perfect I feel it’s unfair for them to do that

  11. Didn’t sleep well last night but I’m trying to get a good lift in anyways. Wish me luck boys.

    kill your lifts!

  12. Nothing interesting to say today. Crush your lifts kills and.

    Sidenote, fuck the annoying ass bots on this sub. One day I will shut them up.

  13. When your about to do a 1RM and need a spotter and you go to eagle eye and measure up everyone in proximity. I spotted my potential spotter and asked him if he could spot me. Nice guy, usually lifts heavy weights. Start telling him how I like my spot and he stops me. Tells me that he’s not going to rip the bar off me and basically will only assist so I won’t kill myself. Stalled going back up and he made me push through.

    I wish more gym bros were like this.

  14. Was outside a few days ago with my shirt off for maybe 15 minutes and got a sunburn (thanks Irish heritage), cool thing though is I had sunburn/tanlines underneath my pecs… I’ve made it.

  15. Watched the first part of Dom’s series on The Rock’s channel. Much better than that garbage trailer looked. I’m still confused as to why he didn’t just make this thing himself.

    Essentially what he’s doing is making a pilot (via The Rock’s channel), releasing it online and then trying to shop it to netflix, etc. Why not just shoot it yourself? What kind of deal did he have to cut with The Rock to get it on the channel? I doubt he outright owns Dom/the series completely now, and I don’t see the added value of premiering it on The Rock’s channel? I didn’t even know The Rock HAD a YT and I seriously doubt it’ll get that much more attention than Dom’s own channel. Plus now it already exists in some form, so whoever they pitch it to is going to already have a value attributed to it from the views of the 5 part pilot thing (“why would I make this series, it only got xxxx views on YT” unless it blows up, but again Dom has his own vids with millions of views already).

    Take the several hundred thousand dollars you spent on cars and shit and instead film it yourself, then go around and shop it to netflix or hulu or whoever. If he can get in a room with The Rock, he can get in a room at Netflix.

    The series is a good idea (it’s basically The Office but in a gym), and the Dom parts are decently funny. It feels like he got into contact with The Rock and fanboy’d his way into a bad deal.

  16. Got in here early today. Going to Vegas for the weekend so hopefully I make it back in one piece with at least some money left. Bros your lifts, kills.

  17. I hit 185 for 5 ohp last week and 195×3 this week. Also squat is finally starting to feel good again. Stil poverty but hit 350 yesterday. Should hit 4 plates in july.

  18. I went to Marshall’s and found a chaps shirt that was nice for $12. I go up to the register and start making conversation with the cashier who’s a young q-tee. She compliments the shirt to which I autisticly reply “thanks it will make me look less Jewish”. Only silence followed. I don’t think I’mma make it boys.

  19. A large size traditional wings from BWW has 1550 calories, 165 grams of protein, 45 grams of carbs, and 75 grams of fat. So I think that’s what I’m going to do tomorrow.

  20. Had a great leg day and started to get light headed walking back to the locker room. Uh oh.

    I got the handicap stall, and literally just sat on the ground. I didn’t want someone walking into the locker room benches to someone just seizing the fuck out.

    Well, the stall floors are really high for some reason, and I guess you could see my legs crossed when you walked into the bathroom section. My doc told me to sit down when I felt light headed/ a seizure coming on so I wouldn’t fall and hurt myself.

    I kind of hear someone walk in, and just kept my eyes closed to concentrate on not passing out.

    Suddenly, “Hey, y-you ok?”

    I didn’t realize it was for me.

    “Hey, I hope you’re ok, do you need help?”

    “Oh, no I’m fine, I just thought I was gonna pass out.”

    “That sucks, you go to hard in there?”

    In my autism I thought they meant like on the toilet.

    “Oh I wasn’t using the bathroom.”

    “No, I meant like in the gym.”

    At this point I was kind of chuckling. As the nausea passes my body kind of gets numb, and I was trying to concentrate on the words so I could stay conscious.

    “Oh no, I’ve just been having seizures, so I was worried I’d fall.”

    “Oh shit! Are you going to be ok? Should I call someone?”

    “No, no I’m ok. They have been lasting about 30 seconds, then I come to.”

    “Well, would you come out so I can watch you? I don’t think you should be alone.”

    “Nah man I’m ok, thank you though.”

    “No, I’m opening the door.”

    So this random stranger opens the stall door by reaching under, and undoing the slide lock.

    “Whoa, do you always get so pale?”

    “I guess??”

    “Ok well come here,” and I was picked up and led to the benches.

    This random gym citizen just sat with me until my feeling wore off. Didn’t have a seizure, and once it passed I thanked them, and got home safe. Didn’t get a name, just a wonderful experience.

    So thank you random gym stranger! Ever since I’ve been diagnosed everyone has been so supportive and amazing. I almost cried again, haha.

    Edit: and I DID have someone at the gym with me, but we went our separate ways after the workout. I didn’t think I’d almost pass out in the locker room.

  21. Was getting a massive pump in my biceps. All the blood was rushing towards my puppies, it was awesome. Not much blood was getting towards my brain tho, so autism levels were at maximum load. During my rest set walked toward hot grill and tapped her on shoulder. Flipped my water bottle and tried to make it land standing up on the ground. Didn’t work, calculations were off. She laughed, I grabbed water bottle and walked away in defeat. Gonna do 1×1 set of crying tonight. Pray for me boys.

  22. You ever wish you could lift away feels? I don’t mean going to the gym to distract yourself from feels or to get a head rush to forget the feels for a bit. What I mean is, I wish getting rid of feels was as easy as grinding out a few more reps. Like I could just put enough effort into making my feels go away that they do. But you gotta actually face them at some point, and the hurt they bring is worse than the soreness you get after pushing your body to the limits. Life’s rough man.

  23. Amazing, how much a 1.5 hour workout with cardio after paired with talking to a good friend after can lift up your spirits, after your girl just decided to tell you she’s not sure if she loves you … 🙂

  24. Got some new noise cancelling headphones, they are the real deal. Kinda feel a little more conscious in them though as I’m not being able to hear around me. The fire alarm could be going off and I wouldn’t have a clue.

    Had a decent back work out today and did rack pulls for the first time in a while, they felt good! Time to eat a load of food and get a good sleep in.

  25. Going to the beach tomorrow with the boys, hopefully I don’t get burnt and get to show off whatever gains I have made this past year!

  26. anyone ever watch attack on titan? that one scene where the [titan]( says ymir and doesn’t wanna eat that one scout. In the end he eats her and is crying.

    I was crying today as a poor carb loaded bagel entered my mouth.

    must be a titan that was sent to demolish carb-kind on earth.

  27. omg this guy added me on facebook some time ago and he still posts photos of himself with absolute broscience and offers his personal training and what not.


    I think he looks terrible

  28. I’ve been putting off going to the gym this week because I’ve been hella sad (both my girlfriend who I’m seriously in love with moved away and my parents are splitting up in one week) so I’ve just been wallowing and I finally rallied and went to the gym and hit chest and I haven’t felt this good in a while, I’m still sad but holy shit do I feel a million times better than I did just laying in bed

  29. Hit legs then ran two miles for a PR pace. Afterwards, my legs started cramping so hard I had to wait until it stopped so I could drive home.

  30. After 1 year with no gf or any relationship i finally smashed with a 32 year old milf from work, she wants to do it a lot more often. Was miring my biceps veins during the cardio

  31. Jut got in the gym, and a guy I usually make small talk with approached me in the locker room and started our exchange with “hey man, you know I’m not gay right”… and I just kinda laughed thinking– cmon bro, you know we’re all gay right?

  32. Not to sound like a fanboy, but what kind is Stack was Zyzz running? I mean he wasn’t massive and stayed lean all the time unlike a lot of pros.

    Edit: looking online it sounds like he went with Test P, Tren Ace (a shit ton if I might add lol) and then cycled Clen/T3 every couple of weeks.

  33. Big news for me boys. Last week I went for squat 1RM 375, couldn’t move it. Got it up 80% of the way today. Here’s hoping for 100% next week boys

    Cross your toes for me!

    Also tried a large scoop of Hyde pre workout and it made my arsehole tingle, so there’s that….

  34. So I used the black iron beast 531 calculator and it says to blast Black Sabbath but I’m curious if i can substitute that with wolfmother or rush.

  35. Any recommendations on cheap knee sleeves? My knees pop when I squat :/ and I guess elbow sleeves too….go some tendinitis in my left elbow and it’s starting to be a real bitch.

  36. i work at a summer camp for 6-10 year olds. there’s 2 other counselors with my name and the kids exclusively refer to me as “buff X” to differentiate me from them. goes to show how fragile my self esteem is that 8 year olds calling me buff is the best thing to be said to me in months.

  37. Im helping my dad load up a truck with wood for about 5-7 hours on sunday. Right now im cutting a 2300 calories and I’ve been losing around 1 – 1.5lb weekly. How many calories should I eat extra to stay on track?

  38. Hack squats are one of my favorite exercises for legs. I’m doing 3pl8 on my working sets for depth and it gives the most biblical quad pump. Can’t wait to up the weight. When I first tried the machine out it was so humbling because it made me look weak af, but it’s become one of the exercises I actually look forward to on leg day because it’s so challenging. If you haven’t tried it out, please do. Your quads will thank you.

  39. all the campers see me with my gallon of water and call it “steroid juice”. fucking idiots. if it was steroid juice i wouldn’t be fat as shit

  40. Has anyone ever gotten a barbell splinter before? I got a tiny ass metal shard in my finger right now and it’s kinda hurts whenever I try to grip anything.

  41. Working insane hours right now. Left site around 8:30 last night and hit a nearby gym with my chief before heading home. Had to rescue him on a heavy squat, got it on video, and now it’s a running joke. Gotta hit back and shoulders whenever we get done today. Wish me luck!

  42. i just got to the temple and pounded out 5×15 face pulls and i feel fucking amazing bros. everyone kill your lifts and grunt like a freak today

    update: the other day i learned that im supposed to only lower the dumbells to ~15° at the bottom of my lateral raises and i failed my third set

  43. My bosses just got me a going away gift of a box of minute rice because all I eat is chicken and rice.

    They understand me

  44. Based on my experience reading the DD I’ve come up with a theory. The longer your relationship, the greater the breakup gains. I’m planning to date 5 girls and have the relationships last 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and 3 years. I’m also going to see if the strength of the relationship affects gains. So for the last one I’ll propose and break up on the altar. Expecting to see some monster gains. Will update progress in the future.

  45. Went to a strongman gym today and had an absolute blast. Got to things like yolk walks, atlas stones, and log press.

    If you ever have the opportunity to try this stuff or get bored with isolation stuff, you have to give this a chance.

  46. Anyone ever feel like you give off that “fuck off I’m on tren” vibe? Feeling it hard today, until I got off work that is. On a side note what songs do you fellas fuck to? Need somethings nice and smooth for my playlist I’m using to play when girls are over.

  47. Gym employee comes up to me: “sorry sir but we don’t allow chalk in the facility

    Me: “oh, this is liquid chalk. It doesn’t rub off on things.” Then I rubbed my hands on my black shirt to prove it

    He got wide eyed and looked like I just pulled some black magic fuckery and said “oh that’s cool.” Then awkwardly walked away

    Not today you gains goblin ?

  48. Bros I found myself reading r/incels “black pill” sticky and I can’t say I disagree with what it says about the importance of looks. But just because you don’t have looks doesn’t automatically mean you fail at life, wtf. You only fail at life when you don’t even bother trying to live. You can always improve.

    I mean, I used to be an acne faced short DYEL kid with no friends. I was on path to becoming an incel.

    But since I discovered bodybuilding, I have a clearer face (through effort), am less DYEL (through effort), and have a few friendships (through effort). It’s a marginal improvement, but an improvement nonetheless that resulted from effort.

    Giving up is never an option bros. Kill your gym lifts, kill your life lifts. Same old, same old.

  49. I shit you not, what kept me going to the gym day in and day out was my fighting game waifus. As I was shitting myself squatting up 405lbs I imagined my sweet pettanko Noel Vermillion behind me cheering me on: Ganbare!

    2010-2014: Noel/Asuka. I went through a bit of a Kula phase as well when KOF13 dropped but never really got that great.

    2015-2016, went through a huge Jack-O phase. As I was resting between sets I would youtube her win pose where she sucks that lollipop and pretend that was my dick instead. I always managed to add 5-10lbs more weight in each lift every two weeks doing that.

    2017 now it’s back to Asuka with T7 dropping, with a side of Jack-O. Can’t wait for the major gains in 2018 when Dragonball drops and I get to masturbate to Android 18.

  50. Went to muscleworks on my trip to London today. LOVED. highly recommend! Everyone’s so welcoming and happy to give advice

  51. My wife and I went for our 12 week appointment today and found out we lost our little one about 3 weeks ago. Fortunately we have a toddler already, but this was our second MC.

    Hit your lifts for my family. Love you guys.

  52. Have been feeling kinda dyel but caught a glimpse of my reflection beside a normal human woman and I looked like a different species of ape, which felt good

  53. Had a quiet moment of appreciation today. All my close friends lift, it’s not uncommon for us all to be in the gym at the same time. We all know that sometimes one of us just wants to get in and lift, so if the headphones are on, there won’t be chat. If not though, we’ll all be talking shit between sets.

    Crush your lifts today bros, enjoy the process

  54. Anybody else feel like working abs is more of a grind than other muscle groups? I swear its a mental excercise getting through it some days.

  55. My girlfriend is dieting down to get lean and she’s starting to take up lifting. Right now she’s only doing pull ups and core work, but she wants to work up to a full routine. She’s lost like ~7lbs and she’s now hotter than ever. We’ve been fucking more now than any time since we went through the non stop sex of the begging of our relationship. Some how just thinking about her lifting and getting fitter makes me hard as a rock.

    Don’t let your dreams be dreams.

    (No hetero…)

  56. Is training oly three times a week in the mornings possible as a natty when I still do normal bb work 5 times a week?

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