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Each day Dialogue Thread: 06/29/2017

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70 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 06/29/2017

  1. “You are looking bigger, are you not cutting for summer?”

    Joke’s on him I’ve been trying to cut since February 😉

    Or wait… joke’s on me?

  2. Anyone else have trouble getting it up when smashing randoms? I feel like I get a lot better erections when its girls I have a bit of a connection with. Does this mean I’m gay?

  3. Tired. Horny. Aching all over. Hungry. And I still have to do cardio today.

    Toying with either swimming or spinning. I’ll probably drown after I stop swimming and probably fall asleep on the spinner bike and kick my face with my knees.

    Haven’t had caffeine in over three weeks. No sweet stuff. I’ll be dead tired at 11, go to bed and manage to stay awake until 5 AM, then fall asleep, then wake up for work in 2 hours. kill me

    Got a wedding to go to on October 13. I want to be as lean as I can be. I’m aiming for 25-40 minutes of spinning on my off days.

  4. 1/3 done with the cut.

    Getting lean and vascular but small as fuck. Shirts that used to be snug around the sleeves are now loose. Strength is the same/maybe a bit more.

    Already planned my first meal of the bulk. 4x4x4 In n out goddamnit!!

  5. Started doing 100 (10×10 variations) negative pull-ups every Monday at the beggining of my session and 5 sets of positives at the beginning of every other session. Noticing massive improvements already and it’s only been 2 weeks. The lat doms are insane tho.

  6. Heading down to Colorado Springs tonight before Denver Comic Con tomorrow, thus begins a four day binge drinking rampage. Rip weight-loss gains

  7. So in yesterday’s DD thread somebody said one of the reasons people in the gym look like shit is because they follow programs that stop at 4×12 and that the first 3-4 sets are just a warmup.

    I don’t mean to sound stupid but what the fuck I’ve been training in the 3-5 set range this entire time I’ve been lifting and I’ve seen modest progress (~20 lbs). Have I been doing this all wrong? How many sets do you guys do for various exercises?

    Has my life been a lie for over a year…

  8. My gym membership at my home gym ran out a few weeks ago because I was supposed to go to fort knox for ROTC but got screwed by paperwork. They increased the monthly rate to $50 to keep out “undesireables” (I live in town with rich old white dudes) but I’ve been going for years so I just walk by the check in. Ive been having fantasies that they would catch me and I would be permabanned. Every time an employee starts walking towards me I think of plans to go navy seal copypasta outta there

  9. WTF I don’t know anymore. Towards the end of a cut, and not sure why my cheeks/face looks sometimes very good/lean and sometimes it looks like I gained a couple pounds of fat..

    Currently they look really good with a bit of cheek hollows and overall decent leannes but this is a rare sight and will probably vanish tomorrow morning since I was a couple days even leaner and my face looked much worse than now(srs what is this magic)

    Is it related to hormones or diet or what? any way I can try to achiev a leanner face like this all the time?

    Today I even had a slight cheat day with some fast food so definitely higher salt intake, may that be it lol?

  10. Probably will get buried but, does Anyone have any stories on lifting on anti depressants? Been avoiding taking them for personal reasons for a few months but it’s just kinda getting to the point where I probably should start for my own sake. Just don’t know how it’ll affect my motivation toward the gym!

  11. I wish this wasn’t my username, every time I comment I get asked and it makes me feel bad for sitting in my bed eating a massive bag of prawn crackers after hitting my macros. 🙁

  12. Girlfriend put me on the old emotional rollercoaster today when we were out looking for jeans for me.

    Me: The fit just feels uncomfortable
    Her: Yeah must be because you’ve got pretty big thighs
    Me: *face lights up deluding myself over my invisible leg gains*
    Her: And plus the lower half of your legs are skinny
    Me: *smile drops like someone’s just took a shite in my kettle*

    Swear she busts builds me up to crash me down

  13. Is cereal not a great preworkout meal on a cut? Good carbs, not that many calories if you get a raisin bran or some sort. I love it.

  14. I feel sorry for people who don’t have the gym, life has been tough for a few years and I genuinely don’t know what I’d do without. Kill your lifts everyone.

  15. Been almost 5 weeks since my knee surgery, can only kill like 5 pound leg extensions and hammy curls and cycle on the cardio bike but I’m finally feeling better than before the surgery. Hope I’ll be back to bigger things by Aug-Sept, wish me luck bois

  16. I just argued with some girl is who going to school for nursing that diet soda will not cause me to gain body fat. Bros Sciences rekt grill nurse

  17. I usually just lurk on reddit, but I just wanted to say thanks for everything you guys post/comment, it’s helped me more than you guys will every know. This subreddit is the most positive one I visit so props to you r/bb. Thanks for everything <3.

  18. So I’m a nursing student (i take my licensing exam on the 17th of July) and a member of big nursing student group on Facebook. Probably the single most common post I see daily is how to lose weight. Last night one particular individual asked for options aside from “regular clean diet and exercise” because no healthy individual ever skipped out on both right? I suggested IIFYM and its benefits of eating whatever over keto and how you can learn what you’re putting into your body and how it takes only seconds daily. The person’s response? “I love the idea of IIFYM but I think it’s more complicated than keto and I get frustrated counting all day. I know diet is key but it’s the hardest I think!”. The best part is when I mention IIFYM on any of the weight loss daily posts no one ever inquires about it and retreats back to keto. It has to be the most frustrating thing ever to try to help people who are supposed to have an education who potentially help their patients out with similar problems but refuse to help themselves out. I even offered to create the numbers for this person

  19. Low carb day today. Just had a banana and a melted twix pre workout, you know I licked all the chocolate out of the wrapper.

  20. I had the best leg day of my life so far today and I need to tell you all about it. Trained with a good friend and we started with squats and I worked up to a new max of 285 which I’m proud of after not really working legs for 10+ days. Then we did close stance squats in the smith machine and one-upped each other on reps. (I did 12, he did 13, I did 14, etc worked up to 20 then I was done) Then we did leg press but did 4 second negatives with us counting for each other and would randomly push the weight down for some tension stuff, idk saw tom platz do it in a video but it was awesome. Then we did leg extensions with slow negatives, same with leg curls. Finished off with calves and wow. Can’t even walk down the stairs at home. KILL IT y’all

  21. Why does my girl need to be the almighty gains goblin?! … NO I don’t want any ice cream (of course I do, who the fuck doesn’t want ice cream) … the instead of just continuing to enjoy her ice cream, she then must put the pint and spoon right in my face … cmonnn just a biteeee…. fuck outttaaa here with that shit, can’t you see I’m trying to accomplish something here!!

  22. Apparently Broscience is going to be featured on the Rock’s YouTube channel. Watched the trailer, but nobody is as funny as our boy Dom.

  23. Injured my knee two weeks ago, haven’t been able to squat or deadlift since. Can feel my quads getting smaller, but if I work lower body will result in longer injury. Chest and back only for a while? What do.

  24. Sometimes , like when I read Goobs updates I so badly want to jump on . Then I realise that I will probably never do it and that I’m a pussy lelel

  25. Well boys, had a nice autistic encounter today. Hottest chick in my gym apparently started working there. I walked in and she said hello or something along those lines, I just kinda stared at her for like 5 seconds and raised my eyebrows.. always next time

  26. Went to gym today after 6 months,was out of the gym bcz of elbow pain. did my warm-up but as soon as i went to do push up .Boom pain in my right shoulder started (have a history of shoulder pain). will probably see doctor tomorrow. 🙁

  27. My gym has multiple racks and only one bar. I came in and the gym was empty. I got 12 minutes into my 15 minutes of cardio before leg day and these two Spanish bros come in and march straight to the rack. Now they’re bench pressing together and carrying on full conversations between sets.

    FUCK this shit is frustrating

    Edit: I did the rest of my leg exercises waiting for the rack. As soon as it came open a gay bro jumped on. So now I’m working in, maybe I’ll get a number? (I won’t)

  28. Is whole grain pasta just inevitably terrible? I could handle it on a cut when I needed something more filling, but now that I’m on maintenance I can’t get over the grainy taste and texture. I think it’s time to go back to mom’s spaghetti, just have to watch my portions.

  29. Girlfriend admitted she wasn’t sexually attracted to me anymore the other day so we decided to split. I don’t know wether to be sad or happy because now I have time to hit the gym 5 times a week again. Let the fuckin breakup gains commence!

  30. My body claims to want all this water, but the minute I put anything more than 8 fl oz, I piss it all out. Like cmon, I don’t want all this cardio going to and fro the bathroom

  31. Anyone here have experience with SARMS more specifically SARMSx capsules? I’m 17 and don’t wanna throw my natty card in for another 5-6 years and I’ve head great things about LGD and RAD.

  32. Discovered the secret to great workouts on a suicide cut. Use 100 out of your 150 carbs 30 minutes before your workout. Y’all are welcome.

  33. bulk is going good, abs are gone but that just means the bulk is working.

    Have a dream that I’m fat, stomach is jiggling and I’m freaking out how this happened.

    Wake up, check to make sure I’m not jiggling. I’m not hungry anymore. Fuck you brain.

  34. Can see my back is getting thiccer (by normie standards)

    Noticing nurses at the hospital now touching me on the back more often. Coincidence?

  35. Damn,700 calories lol, nah i usually go one or two servings and weigh it out. Also use almond milk, great for me because im not that hungry when i wake up and cereal gives me perfect balance between being too full and completely fasted when going to the gym.

  36. I wish I could go back in time a year and slap myself. I used to consider myself extremely redpilled but now that I’ve actually started dating and being around women I realize just how stupid all that shit was. Unrelated by why the fuck is caffeine so addictive? I’ve gotten over weed, alcohol, and pills, but caffeine just feels impossible to give up.

  37. Hey guys so I might get a job as an electrician assistant. Any bros have any experience with balancing a manual labor job and getting jacked? I’m not doing have squats and deads currently anyway so there shouldn’t be too much of a conflict with lower back stress.

    Maybe I can get some forearm gains.

  38. Alright gang we have a new mystery on our hands.

    Dude gets done benching today. Reracks his weights, nice. Bar is on the rack. Guy takes it off brings it behind the bench and puts it on the floor. Leaves.

    So my question: why??

  39. Alright I could use some advice on a work out split. I can only reliability get to the gym 4 times a week right now and that probably won’t change too much with the fall semester swinging around soon. I had the idea of doing two compounds per workout so I’d hit them all twice a week but I would appreciate a more concrete plan pretty pleaaaaseee I don’t wanna be smol again 🙁

  40. Can someone show me what good rear delts look like in a *relaxed* pose? Like, just standing around w/ good posture

  41. How would you guys recommend asking a girl out that goes to your gym? I don’t wanna be that guy that just straight up asks her out.

  42. I messed up and shat where I ate. Hooked up a couple times with the front desk girl, tried making it more, she couldn’t make up her mind so I decided to just end it. Now she’s super awkward to even say hi to….anyone have any new gym recommendations?

  43. On an EC stack you take 25mg of bronkaid and 200mg of caffeine three times a day?

    So a total of 75mg of bronkaid and 600mg of caffeine?

    Do you do it on an empty stomach?

    And if so how many hours after you eat are you empty?

  44. Why do I alway decide to eat an entire can of baked beans a couple hours before bedtime ? I need to start doing it before the gym so I can crop dust the cardio bunnies

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