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Every day Dialogue Thread: 06/27/2017

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60 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 06/27/2017

  1. Your boy just learned a valuable lesson about going to gym and trying to fuck after without eating very much. I mean I’m not even cutting but I’ve heard from some of you guys about being on prep and how much it fucks with your sex drive and damn I get it now.

  2. How the fuck do you guys cook brown rice? I feel like it is incredibly hard to get down sometimes because it is so bland. Also, what is everyone’s favorite bulking “staple” food. Like, something you can easily prep and get ~750cal per serving. And if you say chicken and rice, tell me how you make it taste not like suicide.

  3. What the fuck is with people doing backsquats with the hands exyended to all the way to touching the plates. Seems like a guarantee you won’t have tightness in your back to me.

  4. Not bodybuilding related but just wanted to share. So I’ve struggled with substance abuse issues ever since my late teens (mid-20s now), and recently decided after a drug-fueled weekend at EDC Las Vegas that it was time to cut back.

    Decided to only smoke bud socially with my friends, and not by myself in my apartment. Flushed my weed down the toilet and had my buddy toss out my smoking paraphernalia (except a pipe, my least favorite device). This was on Friday.

    Now I’m sitting in my car at a Walmart parking lot, wrestling against the urge to hit my guy up for a gram, or walk into the store to get a 6 pack of beer, or even just go home and pop a xan. It’s been only 5 days, but the cravings are so intense.

    I know I can’t allow myself to do any of those things. I’ve been using substances to cope with boredom, anxiety and depression for far too long, and it’s a vicious cycle. Also was reading yesterday’s DD where someone said if you have a drug problem, get it under control now. Wish it didn’t have to be this hard though. I’ll stay strong through this, gotta give it my all. First 2 weeks or so are always the hardest anyways. Pray for me guys, sucks being a sadkunt fixing for a high. Writing this out feels like its already helping though.

  5. Been out with a lot of “non-gym guys” as of late. What the actual fuck do I talk about?! I don’t think I can take much more of this guys…this fit chick might just be giving up. Gym is bae?
    Last guy was a RUNNER?!? Fuck me.

  6. I can’t seem to figure out foam rolling or self mysofacial release for the use of recovery. I understand the basic concept, but every time I do it I feel like I’m not accomplishing anything. Does anyone has suggestions for routines or helpful hints?

  7. Just squeezed 3 days of 2 suns into one workout because I will be without a gym for 3 days. Not sure if I’m gonna make it to tomorrow.

  8. Would it be a good idea to use fat burners(DNP?) during winter times? I heard they make you hot as fuck, so I’m thinking you’d save alot of money on heating, and you wouldn’t need too many clothes when going outside in the snow either.

  9. I’ve just discovered one of the biggest guys in my gym has a habit of taking smaller men as broteges and teaching them how to be aesthetic as fuck. Does anyone here do that? If so, what should I do to make myself seem like a good prospect?

  10. So stretching my wrists before front squats made a world of difference. No idea why I didn’t think of that sooner.

  11. I shit you not I just saw an older lady reading a book while using the hip abductor machine. For some reason I didn’t get mad but I wanted to make that high school dyel prick who was curling in the squat rack eat an entire football field of dirt.

    I guess grandmas are fine in my book as long as they’re not using shit I need.

  12. Anyone from Australia done their Cert 4 in fitness with AIPT? This business assessment is killing me.

  13. i just realized how much my shoulders are lagging. i do them on leg day so thats probably why. still sad tho… 🙁

  14. Any of you bros have experience with Quadracarn And CLA? Was thinking of taking it since I can’t get my hands on bronkaid for a few months.

  15. Friend just happened to message me that she and her friends are going to Miami mid July and invited me. That means I have about 17 days to lose as much weight as possible. Granted I was already in a cut of about 1lb/week (down from 178 -> 168 about 10 weeks into summer), I’m gonna go into suicide cut mode for the next 17 days and try to push it to 2 – 2.5lb/week for the next 17 days.

    Thoughts? I know this seems autistic but I want to look as good as I can for the beach bros. Regardless, thanks for reading and kill your lifts

  16. The girlfriend is starting Anxiety medication this week. I’m not really into the idea of psych meds but I’m being supportive. She got to do what she got to do, and I hope it makes her feel better.

    I got her into lifting earlier in the year and that’s helped a bit with it, but sometimes the gym isn’t enough I guess.

    We’re both a bit worried about some of the sides though, apparently she’ll lose the sensation of feeling full from eating…. So I suggested tracking calories, getting a baseline number before she starts the meds and hitting that everyday…. not sure if she’ll do it though.

    TL;DR Girlfriend might get fat.

  17. Thoughts on bulking and cutting as a young novice lifter? I’m only 18 and have been lifting for a few months. Since I’m 6’4″ 186 lbs, I definitely have tons of muscle to put on. I’ve been bulking; however, I wanted to know the opinion of more experienced bodybuilders. Should I bulk like crazy or cut until I’m pretty shredded and lean bulk from there? Or should I try to recomp? I’m just looking to get the most gains in the long term without getting too
    fat in the short term. How would you guys approach it if you were just starting out? Thanks.

  18. Fuck, gained about 10lbs in a month. Feeling ugly and depressed, send halp pls.

    Bulking for me always end up in misery and despair. Sure, eating more food was great. But I end up a fat piece of shit. FML.

    Can only blame myself though, my bulk was unrestricted all I can eat as long as I’m hungry. That means 3-5large meal a day, pretty dirty diet. Fast food here and there. Generally pretty bad idea. Well, fuck me lol.

    I’m 5’6 and 10lbs weight gain with quite some fat has made my face look like a swollen baboon.

    Suicide cut inc I guess.

  19. I kinda feel bad now. My brother (posted about it yesterday) text me while I was towards the end of my workout asking if I was taking a rest day. I don’t know how to explain to him he was a major distraction yesterday. Should I just flat out tell him he has to train like me or go do his own thing? We could still go together but that way he doesn’t interfere. Any advice?

  20. I feel like I need to make amends to people I’ve wronged in the past. Sometimes when it’s late at night my mind gets to wandering and I think of all the people I’ve hurt. I wish I was a better person sometimes.

  21. Well, I just had a pretty good date which was needed after my ex needed me to get her through a rough patch. She really needed me so I helped her out, but it went sour when she wanted to get back together and proceeded to make out with two guys while saying she loved me. I know she’s going through stuff, but that stuff hurts. It feels nice to just find a summer fling and relax with each other. I’d really suggest just putting yourself out there because it makes you feel a thousand times better when someone appreciates you. Thanks for listening bb.

    Edit: Typo

  22. Making zero fucking life gains man. Just had an interview today and I already know I never got the job (my interview was 5 mins others were 15-20). And this job hunt is fucking shitty. Sucks being a college dropout. Technically taking a year off since I was second guessing my business degree and trying to find out what to major in. Fuck really don’t wanna work a warehouse job but it seems likely at this point. Any suggestions (jobs, career path, school etc.) ?

    On the other end my physique is starting to look less like shit so that’s a positive. Still have low test though.

  23. Is it possible to gain weight from being exhausted? I had a pretty great & hard training on Sunday and the other day my weight upped to 72.5kg while last week was 71.6 averge. Weight is still same next two days as I am pretty tired too

  24. Today was leg day but I stopped mid presses to help an old lady on the lat machine- she was sitting the wrong way around and contorting herself around to pull the loaded bar over the back of her shoulders. Old duck was super appreciative when I gave her some tips. I couldn’t help but think to myself that I hope I’ve got an equally saggy husband by her age to follow me around and help me handle my shit tho. Will I make grandma gains one day??

    Also think I’ve got my first gym nemesis.. she’s about 5 foot high, shredded AF and looks at me like she wants to kill me whenever I creep on a piece of equipment near her and her Lorna Jane Capri pants.
    Why are some chicks so freaking mean?

  25. Starting my first ever cut today (thats not because of acid reflux) should I stop doing any supersets and dropsets in my workouts since I wont be gaining muscle anyway?

  26. Last gym session done for a few weeks now, got my ACL reconstruction tomorrow so apart from some restricted dumbell (2x8kg dbs) work at home over that period it’s gonna be a long ass three – four weeks before I can train again! I understand my body may see the time off as a plus and recover any niggles I may have given myself, but it’s gonna be soooooooo boring, usually out of the house 13 hours a day for gym and work and now going to have neither for 3-4 weeks for the gym and 7 weeks for work, any tips from other fellow made of biscuit injury prone guys on how to occupy myself?

  27. Does anyone get irrationally angry when they see someone misusing equipment at the gym? Today I saw a girl using the only flat bench(in before why do you go to such a poverty gym) in the gym to do…bodyweight step-ups? Today was leg day but I was tempted to bench just to kick her off. And what do you say in that situation? “Mind if I use this to actually do what it’s intended for?”^youinconsiderateasshole

  28. So anyone else getting some sweet loot at the Steam Sale this week? ?

    I want a fun and recent release… hmm any genre but something that has high system requirements so I can finally test my laptop out. I’m so outta the loop on viddya games doe pls aware me on what fits my needs, autistic nerds u durr

  29. I think I’m gonna do stair master this weekend. LMAO I’ve been putting off cardio for a fucking long time

  30. I fucking hate the physical symptoms from my crippling anxiety. One is being fucking tense and I especially feel it in my neck area. It’s like there are tiny pebbles and sometimes when I turn my head slowly it feels kinda jerky and I can hear tiny crics

  31. I hit my goal weight a month early. So that’s kinda why I’m gonna do cardio soon. Right now I’m at the heaviest weight I’ve even been. Funny how not too long ago I was basically at my lightest adult weight

  32. I work out 6 times a week PPL, about 90 min each session and I think I got shoulder acne from sweat, do you guys think showering directly after working out would make a noticable difference compared to taking the bus home and then hopping in the shower? I’d get in the shower about 25 min sooner.

  33. Not a big number, but I finally was able to deadlift up to 255 without back pain. (Hope to work my way back to my 505 previous best this year)

    135 pulled easy so I kept adding 10 lbs and worked my way up.

    I did something to my lower back in January and I thought it was never going to get better.

  34. Waking up yelling in the middle of the night to hallucinations of bugs in my bed that dont exist is my favorite thing

  35. M 22 70kgs/154lbs 170cm/5’8” 10% BF

    I cut down to this weight fron 80kg/17%BF 3 months ago.

    By next year I’m aiming for 80kgs 8% body fat. How should I approach it? There seems to be no lean mass to fat ratio when bulking and then cutting.

    How much weight do you guys recommend I gain before cutting down to 80kgs? Is there any literature, ratios or studies on the subject?

  36. So through my friend I got this revently single chick’s snapchat, she goes to my gym and is fine as hell. Apart from that me and 3 other friends (I am the only one who lifts) have rented a summerhouse and just lived off alcohol and meat. Although I do some calithestics so my body doesn’t get full on wrecked.

    Have a sweet pump and do some reps for ya boi.

  37. What kind of chest insertions are ideal in your opinion /r/bb?

    Imo i’m thinking zyzz’s chest are aesthetic af. Serge Nubret’s are nice too and it complements his classic looks. Arnold’s is just massive. Massively awesome

  38. My own mother just negged my calves.
    “You’re upper legs are so much bigger than your lower legs.” Yeah thanks mum. Fuck you.

    Also my psoas is strained so no bent over work for a while. Gonna Deload this week and do fuckloads of hypertrophic back work..
    First time not doing deadlifts and squats for like 8mths. Fucking angry.

  39. if i pinch my skin and release and the skin quickly returns back to its position and a big wave of jiggle happens, does that usually mean that it is water or fat?

  40. Did nSuns 6day squat version Monday (Bench/OHP) for the first time. Volume felt really nice but I didn’t do back accessorys. Can anyone hit me up with theirs?

  41. So I just watched the Louis Theroux documentary [‘Under the Knife’](

    There is this guy who has surgery with implants to look buff. The result looks really bad.
    Had me wondering why this is legal and not just have the doctor prescribe you steroids and keep track of potential side-effects.

    Although the client would have to put more work in, the results would be way better and I guess overall also safer?
    If you do happen do get massive amounts of gyno or stuff like that, you can still opt for the surgery, but without the implants, just to get rid of it.

  42. Posted this on yesterdays DD and no answer, someone fix me:

    right bois, doing ohp today and pulled something, didnt feel it until i put the weight down though. It’s a fairly sharp pain that’s just underneath and inside of my left shoulder blade

    someone fix me

  43. This might not be the best place for this, but does anyone else get random spurts of motivation where they’re almost 100% certain they want to start taking gear and then decide it’s not worth it?

    I’m in kind of an enviable position for some since my dad is a supplier and that eliminates most of the external issues surrounding taking gear (family finding out, finding a source, cost). I keep telling myself that I can always start next year if I _really_ want to, but I always end up talking myself out of it.

  44. after a long mental struggle ive determined that im gonna keep going at a slow cut or at least the lower end of maintenance until the school year starts. i gotta go in looking like a sick kunt or ive failed.

  45. I currently have about 5 coworkers all with a little bit of interest in fitness and/or nutrition. While it’s nice to have variety of who to talk to, I think I’d rather have just one colleague with a solid foundation. One person will tell me about how they train every day but don’t do legs; another will tell me that they’re trying to lose weight and watch calories but don’t have an interest in knowledge of macros; another tells me about aminos and creatine being essential for recovery but that taking protein is “not natural”. These 5 are like the power rangers and I’d rather just have a megazord instead.

  46. Any suggestions for a webshop or brand of tank tops that fit well and aren’t too expensive? Has to deliver in Europe.

  47. Got a plasma injection into the knee yesterday, surgeon said I shouldn’t work out for 2 weeks at which point I’ll be getting the se same shot for the 2nd time.
    Today is chest day so the question is, how do I bench without impeccable form so that I don’t drive my knees into the floor and don’t keep my hips tight? Any experience bros?

  48. Alright guys. Been dating this girl about 4 months now. Everything’s good. Her best friend is a guy and they talk/text about everything. Well turns out they used to hook up. Is this a problem or am I a jealous pussy.

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