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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 05/29/2017

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58 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 05/29/2017

  1. Was having some serious knee problems. Read about what I could be doing wrong and lowered my leg extensions from 8-12 reps of 50-60 kilos to 25 kilos and am just going with 15-20 reps instead.

    It’s been 3 weeks now and my knee problems have vanished. Learning not to ego lift the hard way. The workout definitely feels much more of a burn instead of a pump now, but fuck knee pain.

  2. Any of my Canadian bros (i’m from QC if that makes a difference) know where to order supps, aside from myprotein, that doesn’t charge 40$ for shipping? Trying to buy supps for my pwo but everything (bulksupplements, purebulk) seems to charge a fuckton for shipping. Also, canadian protein is kinda on the expensive side.

  3. Why do people always want help and then back down when I offer it but say I need to charge? Like I only have 24 hours in a day. I’m willing to help guide you through the process but I’m not being your goddam personal trainer for free. Is $50 for 12 weeks really that fucking much? If you can afford that then don’t bother asking for a trainer cause I doubt you’ll find anyone offering to help for that little who looks like they’ve ever touched a weight before.

    Okay done PMSing

  4. Man 2 days of having rest days on weekend feels like it’s been a month lol. Bout to kill my workout today before midnight. Yes in ramadhan no excuses

  5. Why’d I think mixing psyllium husk powder with my eggs would be good, waste of 5 eggs smh tried making scrambled and they were over easy wtf.

  6. Had a friend tell me this weekend that hiking is the same thing as doing squats and deadlifts. He was going on some fitness rant about hiking being the same thing as lifting weights and I let him go for a while before I interrupted with just a loud burst of “What the fuck are you even talking about right now”. After calling him out on it and asking how pulling a bar off the the ground is the same as walking up hills he said well if you just wear a backpack then it’s also working your back so it’s the same. smh man

  7. Good fucking morning God damnit ! Killed upper workout now for blueprint exam . Hopefully gonna kill that shit too

  8. Newbie gains; if they were received but then lost, are they forever forgotten? Since you can only be a newbie once?

  9. Double posting

    I got the worst sunburns of my life on half my body and my sore throat of yesterday is transitioning in me being sick. Im headed to the gym in full hoodie and jogger mode, gonna sweat it out with some relatively heavy squats/dl. Will have to take some days off if it keeps getting worse tho. Eat ur vegetables fellas

  10. Weighed in at 172lbs last night. A friend of mine is cutting and just hit 170lbs. Two years ago I was a scrawny 120lbs and he was around 180lbs without any muscle. We’re both the same height so it’s crazy to see eachother grow like this.

  11. What’s everyone doing today? I had my social interaction for the month going to a party yesterday for 8 hours. Today just gonna get into the Xbox game pass.

  12. I had some kind of stomach bug yesterday and only ate a few things (mainly matzoh) and work up looking nice and lean today. If only wants to buy my diet plan, please inquire within.

  13. PSA: Never do lying leg curls after leg extensions. Having that weight on your burning pumped quads is extremely unpleasant.

    I’ve always done them in the opposite order but I had to audible when someone was already on the machine.

  14. Yesterday was my birthday, went out for dinner and had a full rack of ribs, some spaghetti with meat sauce, then my friends bought me a cake. It was a good day. Much better than my birthday last year.

  15. Alright Bros. Girlfriend is getting a German Shepard puppy next week and we are having trouble coming up with a name for him. I need some help. So far we came up with Kobe, Ajax and Luka but we need more suggestions.

  16. Tips for making bodybuilding gains in a powerlifting gym? Basically no machines but 2 power racks, 2 benches and a deadlift platform and every type of barbell you can think of. Dumbbells too obviously. I’m worried about losing the incremental benefit of machines/assisted movements.

  17. Anybody know what time of day would provide the most favorable lighting for an outdoor shirtless picture? I’m going on a lake trip this coming weekend and obviously I need to look good for the gram

  18. Had a niggle in my upper glute/lower back that I thought might be nerve related because it only irked me at heavy weight squats. Foam rolled etc and took it easy for a couple weeks during exams. Still hadn’t quite gone by the time I was back to training legs, but now it’s more or less gone somehow.

    I’ll take it. Was a bit of a scare.

  19. Insane quadpump from hacksquatting. “Damn, these legs are getting fucking huge mayn”, /u/menig199 thinks to himself.

    Queue going to the bathroom to ‘mire these tree trunks of mine. This gonna be real good.

    But wait, you guessed it. It was nothing but anabolic lighting because there they are again, the matchsticks not even a DYEL 10-year old would call thicc.

  20. Room mate is friends with this girl I’ve been seeing for nearly 3 months now. He says she’s been fucking other blokes, I feel absolutely gutted.

    I’ve asked her for peace of mind if it is true. Eeeehhhhhhhh.

    Edit: She did ☹️

  21. BCAAs/ glutamine necessary when bulking?

    I have a bag of each left over from my prep, but I’m already struggling to keep my protein macro down without sacrificing food so can’t fit them in. Wondering if it would be better to drop some protein from food to factor in these?

  22. First day back from the deload. Bench felt very powerful today. Batteries are recharged. Have good day

  23. Ultimate sad life, seeing a dude with a sick upper body, and quads that aren’t even as big as his biceps….

  24. Today I witnessed a young man who quarter squats perfectly, give tips to a couple of grills on their form. This is why quarter_squat_gang exists.

  25. So failed doing birthday squats in one set.
    Managed 24 reps first set and 13 second. That’s at my pathetic body weight of 82kg.
    Not used to doing over 10 reps, maybe I should practice!

  26. I don’t know anyone can be proud of quarter squatting.

    These hs kids are lifting with their coach and he thinks it’s a-ok

  27. Good little speed bench session this morning, have some feelers out on a used set of 100 to 150 dbs for our new gym. Hope he will take our piddly offer.

  28. Lost my wallet debating just becoming homeless instead of having to deal with the god forsaken DMV again.

  29. Ok boys, which city is a better weekend trip, Chicago or Nashville? I realize the details are sparse, but I’m not sure what I’d do anyways.

  30. About to go do some holiday squats, trying out a 7/5/3 instead of 5/3/1 with the percentages dropped 10% each

  31. Is it true that very cold showers after training help with recovery and prevent tendons and joint inflammation? If it’s true that would be a pretty big deal but I’ve never seen them mentioned here

  32. Other than complete amino profiles, do you guys think there is value in getting protein from multiple sources?

    I.e. is someone who gets all his protein from chicken worse off than some one who gets some from dairy some from eggs and some from meat?

    My guess is no, but maybe you guys have some anecdotes.

  33. Last night (well more like last evening), I was sitting on my couch around 7:30 PM and next thing I know it’s 7:30 AM and I’m in my bed. Had about 4 hours of sleep the night prior but I took a 1 hour nap around noon, and a 2-hour nap around 4pm. Had some rice, pork, potatoes, nutella, peanut butter, and a banana to eat. All stuff I usually eat. According to my family, they woke me up and I walked into my room around 9pm and they tried to wake me up a few times after that. No memory of that at all. Was I roofied?

    Real talk though, any clue what happened? Just over fatigued or what?

  34. Update from my earlier post regarding my first workout in ramadhan and after terawih prayer. Ok i guess i made hugeeeee mistake. Fucking the gym were crowded and full of DYEL ppl almost 99.9%

    Barely made through chest and triceps some abs but it’s all good. Guess i have to go earlier.

    That’s why i would prefer having workout in the morning.

  35. So I kind of understand carb refeeds but I have a more specific question. I’ve never done a legit refeed (bb style, I train for powerlifting) but I wanted to do a summer cut for fun this year. I’ll be coming off a small dnp cycle next week and I’d like advice on how to refeed without rebounding and gaining fat. I recently watched Layne’s video on metabolism and reverse dieting and that’s what I plan to do but if anyone could help me figure out how to set up my macros for the best refeed possible that would be awesome.

    Currently 182lbs down from 198lbs and I’m cutting on 90g fat, 50g carbs, 195g protein. For powerlifting, the refeeds are sort of “see carbs, eat carbs” just to move the most weight possible but that’s not very optimal for bb coming off a cut. How should I reintroduce carbs? Keep calories the same but drop to 80g fat and maybe 180g protein with 90g carbs and slowly add an extra 10g a day? Wait a week after dnp then add carbs back in?

  36. Everyone’s posting snapchat stories of them drinking/partying and shit, while I’m over here stressing about eating this box of corn flakes

  37. Grill wants to go to Cuba in the winter, so summer bulk 2k17 full speed ahead and cut in the fall.

  38. Going to start keeping track of all of the people who comment on the muscle I’ve put on after not having seen me in a few years. Okay not really, but it’s a nice ego boost.

  39. Got to gym at 1:57 for international chest day

    Gym closed at 2:00 for Memorial Day

    Today is not a good day

  40. Yesterday I was hitting back and threw a plate on the smith machine to do some high rep shrugs. Like 5 reps in I get a little tingle in my back so I stop and now I have a bad pain either side of my spine right about midway up. It hurts if I’m not in a neutral position, especially if I’m twistinf my back as if to reach across my body for something.

    Also my new job has me working long hours in the heat. Working out has been tough.

  41. I’ve always thought about competing (men’s physique) and now I want to really start working towards it. I really need to bring my back up and was thinking about hitting back and shoulders twice a week. I’m not planning on competing anytime soon but need to start the building blocks now rather than later. Any advice for a first timer and/or a good back/shoulders workout to hit twice a week?

  42. To the guy who’s headphones I connected to & blasted music while he yelled at his headphones. I’m sorry

  43. Alright bros…. I need advice on how to stop being a pussy…

    I’ve been dealing with issues with gf for a couple months now… She has severe bi-polar disorder(rapid cycling) and has changed for the worse over the past month or two. She used to be all about fitness and improving in every way she can when we first met. Now she is content with mediocrity, and has one issue after another. She dropped out of college, and works bullshit jobs… I’m a full time college student, have a full time job, and feel mentally drained when confronted with one issue after another from her. I’m honestly done with it….

    BUT, I’m worried that if I break up with her she will be destroyed. She tells me she loves me and always talks about our “future.” But, I don’t see her in my future. I don’t think I love her, and I don’t know how to tell her that.

    I’ve been putting this off for a while now, and I can’t keep putting it off. I want to be straight up and tell her but I’m afraid of what might happen(or what she might do to herself.) Also the fact that being lonely is also weighing on me. I know I deserve better and she deserves someone who is willing to do everything for her. I just don’t have it in me anymore…

    Anyone have advice or have experienced this situation before? I’m lost.

  44. First DD in a while, missed you guys. I’m doing bench again and if I can’t do what I did last time then I’m going to find a new working weight.

  45. How heavy do you guys go on weighted back extensions? I’m now at 30kgs 3×10 not sure if i should go heavier or is it better to do them with light weights?

  46. Today I am 30 months clean from heroin. A whole 2 and a half years has gone by since I last touched a narcotic. Now I just touch anabolics, and this may be controversial, especially to AA and NA purists, but they have made my life a hell of a lot better in general, in the gym, and in recovery. Today is a good day, gangstas.

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