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Each day Dialogue Thread: 05/28/2017

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61 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 05/28/2017

  1. Massive hangover, this is why I never drink. 4-5 beers and I’m absolutely fucked. On the plus side, there was a cute girl who bought me a shot and felt my chest and arms. Unfortunately, the autism got the best of me, and she had a boyfriend.

  2. Can anyone tell me what’s going on?

    I noticed when I go to the gym the gym my blood sugar fluctuates like crazy the day after. I haven’t measured it but when I eat carbs I feel like falling asleep. This only happens the following day after gym.

    I noticed because I took a break off​ gym for a week and I feel so much better. I also don’t react to eating sugar.

    How are these things related?

  3. next time i see my gym crush I’m gonna tell her that her tattoo on her right arm is awesome, and then propose shortly after

    wish me luck

  4. Hockey fucked up my knees boys 🙁 I was 19 the last surgery I had on them, and I’m 23 now. But I still haven’t been able to squat normally since. All I want is to have big squat numbers again but I’ve had my kneecaps shoot out of place so many times I get scared of it now. Feels bad man.

  5. Kay, so the date [I posted about]( went awesome, went back to my place for watching a movie… But my Netflix did not work for some reason. I was like, let’s just watch YouTube instead and the video that was up there was [this Calum vid]( We had a laugh about his antics and she learned how big into bb I am and said it was cool and Calum was hot (all bonus points). We ended up hooking up while Calum’s vids were autoplaying, it was pretty awesome. Posting this as she’s jetpacking me.

  6. Killed legs Friday night, then I went on a 10 mile hike yesterday morning. The top still had snow on it. My fucking legs and feet were in pain last night. I haven’t worked them so hard in a long time. But them calf gains from hiking up steep ass grades is working pretty well.

    Also if you live in a mountainous area, hikes are a great place to meet chicks. There’s loads of single chicks and everyone wants to chat.

  7. I had to switch up my food variety because of a new lifestyle change, which meant new meals. I was eating around ~2200 to 2300 calories. When I changed my meals up, for some reason I kept forgetting to log one of my meals (it was more a big snack than a meal). I have no clue why, I think I was just being forgetful because of the new stress I was experiencing (aka not ignoring it on purpose, this isn’t some binge eating ordeal).

    Turns out when I was reviewing my last week of meals, I left out a giant chunk of carbs.

    I was originally eating 170g protein, 235g carbs, and 60g fat. When I plugged in the meal I had for some reason been forgetting to put in, I’m at 2600 calories, 210g protein, 275g carb, and 75g fat

    I want to freak out, but at the same time, this is a sunk cost. I’m more worried about what to do next week. My goal was to gain weight, and the previous macros I was hitting before I fucked them up had me doing that. I was wondering why I was so damn full this past week, I have no clue why I was being such an idiot. The issue is I really got used and pleasant with the meals I was eating, but now it appears I’m going to have to cut back because I had no clue I was eating way more than I was used to (at least for my 150lb frame). Fuck me

  8. Natty’s who do ppl how do you guys hit legs twice a week? With other body parts I find they are hardly sore when it’s time to hit them again but when it comes to legs it feels like it’s counter productive to train them again because they are still so days are split Between a power day and hypertrophy day but with legs I feel like even lowering the weight significantly on hypertrophy day will still be too much. Thoughts?
    Edit: I recently bought some adipowers and I can’t help but be disappointed. Walking in them is such a pain in the ass I feel like an idiot and they seem to squeeze my ankles..I can’t help but feel like I just wasted 200 some dollars on some shoes I’ll probably end up replacing soon

  9. When you do nsuns for 9 weeks and finally get your squat training max to 405 and your deadlift training max to 500 but tight hip flexors make it to where you have to stop doing legs and deadlifts :)))

    Hope a week off will fix it

  10. I would just like to give a small shoutout to people who fail lifts and exercises and still post them online. Its a great symbol of maturity and just overall chillness that you can have a laugh about falling over while doing a handstand or failing a squat and dropping the weights all over and just letting the internet at large have a good laugh about it.

  11. Question for tattoo brahs: I just got my upper arm part of my sleeve outlined a week ago and my forearm outlined on thursday. I am going to the gym today 100% but should I wear a tank top so there isn’t anything rubbing against my tattoo and so sweat doesn’t get trapped or should I be wearing a long sleeve to protect against bacteria? I keep my tattoos washed and clean n shit. Also should I avoid doing arm movements? Can that shit stretch out the tattoo or is that not true?

  12. What’s the rules on birthday squats? Body weight x age? So I’m pretty light at 82kg but old as fuck at 37. So do I have to do this straight in one set?
    Edit: bday tomorrow, but might have a little hangover rip.

  13. I think I’m in worse shape at my current weight than I was a year and a half ago when I was noob-bulking. That’s pretty bad. Who would’ve guessed that a huge difference in mindset and effort would make such a difference?!?

    I need to get some of my just-graduated-college fire back somehow…

  14. 14 hour shifts yesterday and today Boyz no time to prep meals or sleep my full 8 hours. Yesterday I ate a wet burrito in the morning and an asada burrito in the afternoon. Hope I don’t lose ma gainzzz

  15. Sup guys, 2 days ago i did 9sets of deadlifts, and the next day my back was fine, today however i have a strong pain im my lumbar area when bending over..its mostlikely going to go away in 1 or 2 days, but i am afraid that i caused this by deadlifting.

    But since i had a full day with only minimal doms inbetween working out and having the pain, i am wondering if i maybe just slept in a wrong position, and if i am still good to go deadlift sometime soon, or if i should stop?

    Tldr: deadlifts on friday, sutterday only light doms, sunday strong pain when bending over, deadlift related? Or just sleeping incorrectly?

  16. Need some recommendations on what to eat that makes me full.

    I eat on mon-fri about 4.000 calories. This is maintenance/slightly above.

    Any advice on a meal high in protein, high in carbs, low/medium in fat, at roughly 3500calories? I like eating this amount in one sitting before bed.

    I’ve been doing lots of “burritos​” with low fat tortillas, minced turkey and beans. 3500calories of this hits the spot of feeling full, but getting tired on eating this so often.

    Plain chicken and rice worth 3500calories does not make me feel full.

  17. some friends came in town and they have a buddy who works at a Shipley’s so naturally after a night of drinking we go get free food and I ate 4 kolaches and a cake donut…

  18. Just found out my gym closes at 5 tomorrow, guess I’m waking up early to go then haha (please kill me)

  19. Considering I have a pretty decent physique with lots of muscle, do any of you have any ideas of a youtube channel that is unique? I really want to try youtube obv dont expect to be the next calum or brad when they just have to post them working out for people to watch, any ideas of something I could do? Pic to prove I lift lol :

  20. I’ve been using myfitnesspal for ages now so was going to upgrade to premium thinking it would be a one off charge of a couple of quid like premium is for most apps but it’s fucking £40 a year

    Why so expensive lmao

  21. Bro Science roommate strikes again : “I know you’re cutting and you’ve already lost 10 pounds, but counting macros isn’t the way to do it you need to eat leaner carbs (won’t tell me what he means by that) and stop eating all that cereal or get some lean cereal and eat your greens. Trust me I know because I cut last year, you’re only losing weight because you’ve never cut before, but you’re going to plateau. ”

    Outside : Mhmm, okay,


  22. I’m listening to the r/bb spotify playlist at the gym and careless whispers just came on during glute bridges. Gonna have some good sets.

  23. Soo, i want to build a home gym. What brands can you guys recommend when it comes to equipment, machines etc.?

  24. Anyone ever buy the Costco Optimum Gold Standard bags? They’re just labeled “chocolate” and “vanilla” so I’m not sure how those compare to regular ON flavors like double rich or French vanilla. They have a coupon for $45 for a 6.35 lb bag.

  25. Did pull day today bros. strapless and raw on deadlifts for all sets including the 1+ . Once I got to the ab portion of the workout I couldn’t even hang on to the rope anymore to do rope crunches, had to grab a straight bar and put straps on. Gonna hit chest tomorrow now! Keep killing it guys


  26. Went out the other night and had 5 different people come up to me and tell me I’m “a big motherfucker”. Cut’s going well, obviously, since they assumed I was a middle linebacker, as opposed to a lineman. So that was nice.

    Also hitting some good numbers on the bench press. Smoked an easy 225 for 20, followed by 275×8 within days of each other no problem. Going for 25 with 225 and 275×10-12 this next month. Dropping weight is also easy as fuck with all the PT I’m doing now that I’m back to fighting wild fires. I’m excited to finish up a few more classes, since once I have those out of the way I will be available nation wide, since the south west is drying out quick.

  27. People who have run Layne Norton’s PHAT program before. How did you like it?

    Think I’d be able to switch the power days and hypertrophy days and add an arm day to it? Split would mimic something like this:

    M – Legs Hypertrophy

    Tu – Push Hypertrophy

    W – Pull Hypertrophy

    Th – Rest

    F – Power Upper

    Sa – Power Lower

    Su – Arms

  28. I’m doing Layne Norton’s PHAT, but I also want to add some ab isolations (namely 3×12 cable crunches and some 3×12 oblique exercise, I normally do woodchoopers but I’m open to recommendations).

    Anyways I’m fucking exhausted after every workout and throwing 6 zombie sets at the end seems a bit too much, I spend 2 hours at the gym each workout already.

    What do? Muh abs

  29. Just saw a whole family working out together, all doing (generous) 1/8 reps and were all so pumped. I wanted to say something (at least show them how to correctly use the machines they were using) but they all looked so happy.

  30. is myfitnesspal’s website down for anyone else???

    I guess not ‘down’ but like it doesnt have the *Add food* button.

  31. Something’s wrong. Not only is this cut working and producing results I’m pretty pleased with, but I’m almost… _enjoying_ it.

  32. What do you guys think about reducing lifting days while cutting (and throwing in some cardio days)? It feels so unproductive lifting while cutting since there are no possible gains to be made.

    I’m thinking 3 days a week and following Mike israetels advice on minimum sets per muscle group for the remainder of my cut. Any thoughts?

  33. Has anyone used Yohimbine for leaning out their lower abs and back and had success with it?

  34. Finally got a date bros! I guess Tinder plus helped a little (although this girl I matched with before I bought it…) Not really expecting much because my Tinder dates went nowhere in college. But excited to be proactive again.

  35. I can finally add 1 woman to the list of people who have noticed my cut.

    Ran into an old college friend and his wife (I knew them when they were dating 8 years ago) apparently on the way home she was taking to him and said “wow, your friend *timthomas299* is ripped”

    He texted me that later and now he is mad that his wife was mirin

  36. Ugh I was talking to someone at the gym and he said that if you stop taking creatine your muscles will become deflated and your skin will hang loosely from your body. Holy shit, most people are so goddamn ignorant when it comes to lifting. I wanted to argue with him so badly but I just let it be since most people can’t be reasoned with.

  37. I know that I am nowhere near the level of strength as some of the gods and monsters here, but I came into the place of lift today and my Deads were feeling so good that i ditched straps, i was actually feeling so good that i got a strapless 2pl8 deadlift, which has been my goal for the last 14 months and 60 lbs, back when i was fatter and weaker and struggling to deadlift bitchweight. Just wanted to share considering i have no one else who would care.


  38. Anyone have any tips for getting the bar to balance during suitcase deads? I keep having one end or the other coming down first

    Edit: never mind I just had to put my hand in the middle of the bar

  39. I was on a 3 days trip at a hotel with school, we had an indoor pool party.

    The sad part comes now, like 14-15 boys complimented my arms, traps, legs, etc, but no fucking girl, feels fucking bad man. Oh, it was a female teacher who did.

  40. Wife’s feeling alot of pain today, we are hoping and thinking its normal but if not I guess we will need to contact her dr. Also the reality of everything going on finally hit her late last night so that was rough. We will get through it tho. Thanks for all the support over the last week!

  41. Chasing a 500lb deadlift before 18, hit 405lb for 2 3 weeks ago but injured my back at school and haven’t been able to deadlift since. fuck

  42. Just shaved my chest and decided my abs were a little too hairy as well and decided to shave it all. It’s probably because I’m pale, but I feel ridiculous now without my nice happy trail.

    On a related subject, does anyone know a good gradual self-tanner? I don’t want to be called out by everyone for going from pale ghost to bronze god in a day.

  43. Most people believe in the concept of Free Will. Cognitive scientists and philosophers haven’t reached a conclusion yet… but I’m convinced that everyone’s behavior, to a large degree, is beyond their conscious control.

    Genetics. Environment. Programming. And *microbes*. I strongly believe that microbes are influencing my dietary choices. It’s not as crazy as it sounds.

    For 3 years now, I’ve been on a modified ketogenic diet. No complex carbs. Zero. But try as I might, I remain addicted to sugar.

    This realization has softened my judgement of fat people. Probably, there are a lot of them with similar issues, and they literally can’t stop themselves from overeating.

    Of course, a lot of ’em are just lazy, gluttonous fucks.

    But now I’m inclined to give people the benefit of the doubt, and feel more compassion for my larger brothers and sisters.

  44. My girlfriend just pointed to snoo on reddit and said “reddit looks like a telletubby” lol fuckin normies amiright?

  45. Other than bodybuilding, what other hobbies do you guys have? Work is going to be slow during the summer and I’ll probably have a lot of free time, and i don’t have the same interest in videos games as I use to which is what i usually played in my free time.

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