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Each day Dialogue Thread: 05/27/2017

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48 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 05/27/2017

  1. Johnnie Canditos 6 week program is the best program I’ve ran hands down. I PR after each cycle and every week you feel stronger.

  2. It’s totally acceptable to wear smaller and smaller stringers the leaner I get right? Roughly 8% right now and the vascularity from a good pump is fucking real. I’m pretty sure my workouts are 60/40, lifting/self-mirin at this point.

  3. One of my lifting buddies just finished his first month of SARMS, he seemed to make some pretty impressive gains. Are these things legit?

  4. Took my doggie for her grooming, hope she feels better after. Gonna take a few hours but I’m just gonna chill in my car (25 degrees doe), don’t feel like going out again. Still feeling a bit of my minor migraine from yesterday.


    I walked around and found a Polish deli so gonna buy some sausages and their homemade sandwiches.

  5. Are the calories burned through cardio assumptions on mfpal correct? I already thoroughly underestimate my speed & times, so I’m sure I’m staying in a deficit on this cut. I don’t track the cardio at the gym, just the biking I’m doing for sparing fuel & environmental reasons (and biking in spring is fucking awesome). Today I biked for at least 105 minutes and it says I burned 1100 cal through this. Is this reasonable?
    I’m 173cm and ~79kg 13-14bf %for reference (174lbs, 5’8)

  6. Been injured for 2 months on my shoulder but only had the chance to do an MRI last week. Grade 1 subluxation of the AC joint and rotator cuff tendonitis. Doctor said I shouldn’t do any heavy compounds and to take it easy on light compounds. Well I guess everyday really is arm day from now on.

    Oh and these pesky pencils some may call legs.

  7. Hit my macros perfectly yesterday, then proceeded to get shitfaced at a friend’s house. Cut is going great.

  8. I just wanted to say I love you guys. This is probably the most self-regulated sub on all of Reddit and it’s because all you good guys decongest all the shitheads out.

  9. Damn bros I was at my sisters house and my 1.5 yr old niece got some hot tea on her leg near the ankle when she was playing around and my aunt wasn’t paying attention to her cup.

    Seeing her cry from that made my heart hurt.


    Looks like a superficial partial thickness burn, meaning it’s painful af and probably gonna take a couple weeks to get better.

  10. Honestly feel so stupid for not focussing on incline DBs for so long. I kept insisting flat bench was the way to go, had some PL dogma going on, my chest just kept looking like crap.

    Last 14 weeks I did incline DBs first once a week, progressed it from 70×8,8,15 to 100×5 and my chest looks far better now, so much more full, I didn’t understand how important upper chest was until I actually had it.

    Lowered the weight again now and working in higher reps, will progressively overload hopefully back all the way up to 100×10.

  11. Any of you boys going to be in ocean city Maryland this weekend? Driving down right now and can’t wait to see how many weird comments I get from dudes about being jacked compared to girls hitting on me.
    No one ever tells you when you get jacked you’ll actually get more attention from dyel dudes than girls

  12. If there’s a water fountain at normal height and one for little kids, fill your bottle at the little kid one. Don’t stand there while I’m behind you and slowly scoot over so I use the short one, I don’t want to have to do a third world squat to drink.

  13. What’s our thoughts on deadlifting twice a week for strength gains? Wanting to work my way back up to 170kg and hopefully 180kg in a couple weeks.

  14. Girlfriend woke me up at 8:30 to go play tennis

    Problem was that it was 90 degrees by 9 with what felt like 100% humidity now my gains and my imaginary gains are destroyed for what will feel like forever

  15. Someone help me, my white chicken tastes like white chicken, is there anything I can put on it?

    Edit: besides my dick

  16. I ended my cut today since I realized I don’t have any events to look good for because I don’t have friends…. summer bulk 2k17 anyone?

  17. Forgot the gym closes at 6 on weekends and had to cut out my last calf exercise. Not as bad as I feel for the 2 people walking in to workout as I left at 5:50.

  18. The hottest chick makes out with the most DYEL fool here. Is this where I stop working out? I’m so confused?!

  19. I actually just typed this to clear my mind of some of the things going on. It helps writingin stuff down.

    so its 1½ month since me and the SO split apart. First girlgriend which means these feelings are new to me, so I dont know how to get rid of them or what really to do about myself. I’ve read everywhere that i should keep focus on me, since I am the most valuable person and need to prioritice myself so I can be happy. So the thing is, I dont want to set myself in that position where I have to focus on me. I like setting people I like in front since I enjoy seeing them being happy from what I bring to them. I also think that’s why I feel so in love with ex SO, because she had many many problems with her mother, issues with school and “friends” etc etc. so perhaps I “took advantage” of this and really set myself out for her, since I felt better when I knew she smiled for something I did.

    She wanted to find herself (if thats a thing) since she dont know how she is when she stand without a partner, and with school ending, new things to come and was too much to handle atm according to her…I can’t wrap my mind around this issue here. She sais multple times that I am the one she wants to be with for many years to come, I am the guy she truely wants (shes 19 so what do she know, but lets assume its correct for now).

    So for a long time now, most if not all would say that im stupid for having these thoughts and I might just be that. I get that.

    But since im also very antisocial and do trust anyone (trust issues i guess, just dont see a reason to trust people 1000%) but I did with her, so that’s something I want to keep, and a reason why I still want to be with her. She told me if it wasnt because of that feeling she had now we would still be together, and my mind cant comprehend that, when I dont understand why you would break up with someone you still love and want to be with for many more years…I would, in my opinion, have tried to be together but maybe talk about it or figure out a solution..

  20. I lost my V-card! No memes, made her cum 6 times in a single session. She started to question whether I was actually a virgin lol. She said in an hour I made her cum more times than all her previous boyfriends combined over her life.

  21. It kills me to see young kids (14, 15, 16) in the gym with their goofy broscientist dads who teach them all types of wrong shit

  22. I have the personality/confidence of a piece of wood in social situations like pubs and clubs. I drink, but not that much, and it does nothing for me. I cant dance, I cant initiate conversation with girls. I have the body but it just does nothing for me. 20 year old virgin, anyone have any tips or advice to become more sociable? I’m going clubbing tomorrow and I guess I’m just gonna get very drunk and see what happens, though I doubt it’s gonna magically end in sex.

    I have the house to myself tomorrow night which is a very rare occasion and feel a pressure to do something about it.

  23. I’ve eaten so much salt in the past 4-5 days eating Asian food covered in soy sauce, that I don’t know whether I’ve become fat in a week’s time or just holding a metric fuckton of water.
    Also hungry right now, but feeling fat as fuck due to the aforementioned, so I don’t know whether I should skip my next meal or not even though I haven’t gone over my TDEE.

  24. Everything feels so pointless.

    I have my own place, I have a paid off car that runs reliably, I’m able to save more than ever for my future wants and needs, I have nice clothes and gadgets. I have a few close friends I can trust with my money and house and supportive parents. Just​ the other week I played halo with my dad and the other day he beat my ass on Injustice over xbox.

    I am learning a new language, currently have two cute pets

    But I feel empty.

  25. I’m from Canada and the first Popeyes in my city just opened or at least the one nearby. Decided to check it out after I did my groceries and the place was packed. I’ll try it next time, ain’t waiting in a hot, sweaty crowd with a migraine lol.

  26. Same trainer as yesterday, but today he is on the flat bench with a different dude. Today the dude is bobbing his head up each time he brings the bar down. Never seen that before. The trainer seems to be down with the technique though. Good value at $90 p/h.

  27. How do you guys keep your shoulders healthy? One of mine just started acting up and I want to make sure it doesn’t get worse/improve its health.

  28. This girl, I start seeing her and she asks me to not see anyone else. Ok a bit fast but I can respect her feelings. She tells me she wants to wait before we have sex, again I can respect that. However the last time she had sex was three weeks ago with her friend who she still wants to hang out with and go clubbing with. I told her this was not ok and if I was going to keep seeing her I wouldnt be comfortable with her seeing him outside of class. Should I break it off entirely?, am i getting cucked? A lot of things about this situation bother me.

    edit: to clarify it happened before i met her.

  29. Date with this cutie in an hour, drinking wine at sunset on fairly secluded little beach. Feels good to be making gains on this cut, but I realize how weak my arms are and how my lats are ridiculously overpowering everything. Pre-comp bulk going to be hitting arms/chest/delts like crazy

  30. My daughter is eating Chick-Fil-A nuggets right now. Girlfriend just said “this is how we get her protein in”.

    I’m gonna propose

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