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Every day Dialogue Thread: 05/26/2017

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51 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 05/26/2017

  1. First post and I’m still the humblest of the most humble while still being down to earth as fuck

    edit: and my dad is funny and shanked and just a complete yolk

    and fuck all these memes

  2. Its sad I don’t see guys from 2015 posting anymore. /r/BB used to be so much more tight knit.

    Now you just have the few huge guys that are pretty much memes at this point.

  3. Guy asks me and my mate if he can use the pull up bar on the squat rack.
    My friend replies Sorry I don’t wanna stare at your balls while I squat.

  4. Still awake, which is the only reason I’m able to post, to all the early risers out there how do you guys get to sleep so early?

  5. Taking a bathroom break at work and spy a fresh DD, what timing!

    Unfortunately I have nothing to say other than, UK bros enjoy your long bank holiday weekend.

  6. When fasting all day (No water / No Food) would you guys take creatine in the morning or evening? Or not at all? I’m not sure if its even matters.

  7. Competed in my first powerlifting contest, almost hit a 9/9 perfect meet but I messed up my last dead lift (212.5kg) by pulling it up too far from my knees, so I couldn’t bring it past my knees and had to drop it. Ended up with a 495kg total so was chuffed it went so well. Also being deaf the referees were very helpful by moving closer and yelling the commands, so thankfully that didn’t cause any issues.

  8. Brothers, i wanna try elimination diet for my depression, fatique and everything. What do you reccomend for a starter? like paleo diet, right?

  9. Saw some bicep progression today after getting some help from newbie Tuesday on how to break a plateau.

  10. Any recommendations for loose skin? I’ve cut till I hate life and still don’t have a flat stomach 🙁

  11. tfw it’s getting uncomfortably hot to train in joggers, but the heat is slightly more bearable than the humiliation of showing my calves.

  12. I know its not thursday but im starting the alberto nunez full body routine, wondering what you guys think about it:
    squats 3-4×8-10
    db bench 3-4×8-10
    horizontal row 6-8×12-15
    calves 3-4×10-12

    Wednesday: (all with 2 reps left in the tank)
    front squats 2×4-6
    db bench 2×4-6
    horizontal row 3-4×10-12
    vertical row 2×8-10

    squat 5×5, 3×5, 10×1, 5×1 (cycle every week)
    db bench 2-3×3-5
    horizontal row 4-6×10-12
    overhead press 2-3×3-5

  13. Knee surgery went great, everything taken care of, but it hurts like fuck currently. Got some hydrocodone to help the pain. Cannot wait to get back to my diddlys and skwits, only doing the binch press is boring

  14. Cut was going pretty well, I was down 10 lbs from my starting weight, then my SO came back into town and we’ve been eating like shit, so I’m back up 2-3 (probably just water weight, but still not something you like to see on the scale).

    So today it’s back to eating boring food and drinking la croixs like my life depends on it, wish me luck buddies!

    and have a good memorial weekend, thank you to all of the current/foreign services members on this sub!

  15. First day of N suns yesterday, those deadlift sets are killer! Feels good tho, and it’s a nice change from my arnold split 🙂

  16. Looking for some epic leg press videos/pictures. Anything leg press related 🙂 Can you point me in right direction? Thanks in advance!

  17. Carnival in my city tomorrow, 50.000-70.000 gonna be drunk as fuck in the streets! Gonna go as Salt Bae and then work graveyard shift at job. Should be fun

  18. Need some bulking advice bros,

    First off, im natty for anyone who may ask. I’ve been bulking and eating around 3000 calories a day..I gained ten pounds pretty quick but my weight hasn’t changed in like 3 weeks and my lifts are starting to plateau..

    what do yall think? Raise calories? Or just stay the path?

  19. Really down boyos. Not really anyone I can vent to other than my wife and I don’t want to put it on her.

    Had to go to the ER last week for my stomach, I’ve been having problems for a while and I finally caved and went in. Tons of tests later, turns out I might have stomach cancer. Kinda been in a fog for the last week or so, going through the motions. Still just hoping they’re retarded and it’s something not serious, won’t find out for a bit.

    Honestly just scared bros, I’ve got 2 boys at home (3 years/7 Months) and it freaks me the fuck out thinking about not getting to see them grow up.

    Workouts used to be my only release and those have been shit ever since too. Idk, thanks for listening. /rant

  20. Guy in the gym asks me for lifting advice, then says “I hope I can have a body like yours one day, that’s like my goal man.”

    Soo… Someone asked me on DD yesterday if I’m huge in Japan — I guess that one’s answered, right??

  21. The days I’m least productive in the gym are the days when the DD coincides with my early morning gym schedule.

  22. Final exam of differential ecuations in a couple of hours. I pretty much have passed this subject, and even with a 3/10 i would pass because of mid terms where i absolutely killed it.

    After it im gonna smash chest and arms and aquire the biggest pump ever

  23. As the new mayor of snap city, I am taking applications for the subscap security council. Send your resume here if you are interested

  24. Yesterday was shoulders and chest. I’m reaching the end of my cut, and starting to get my shape back. Yesterday was also my second day in a new gym. People have started asking me what my routine is and wanting form checks. Am I making it?

  25. Pulled 205kg (450 in silly units) for 6 this morning. Pretty happy that I managed to get the first 4 pulling sumo as I only decided to make the switch last week. I switched to conventional for the last 2 reps

    Definitely need to keep working on the form but I’m fairly confident there’s a new pr in the making.

  26. Fell off the cut pretty bad last night and ate like 20 chicken wings

    But then this morning, gym was godly

    Returning to the cut gonna be hard pray for me

  27. Pretty happy with my bulk, up to 90kg at around 15-16% BF from around 82 at 10-11% after 4 months. Feeling pretty comfortable at this weight, how realistic (or rather, unrealistic) is aiming for a slow recomposition, eating at maintenance, to stay at this weight while getting leaner?

  28. Started caffeine pills again yesterday. Would normally take 800mg a day and really didn’t feel like it affected me that much. Started with 400mg yesterday. Took one at 10am and one at 2 pm. Couldn’t sleep until 4. Woke up at 9.

    Aside from that, the last couple days, about 5 regular gymbros told me in their own ways that I’ve changed a lot since November, when I started lifting again. Went from 116kg to 105kg and joined the 1k lbs club again.

    ~~Hopefully~~ Another 5kg until the third week of July in time for vacation.

  29. So, bout 4 months later, me and grill are moving in together.

    Shit, I know you’re not supposed to this early but man, I really like her.

    Plus, she also thinks brown bananas are gross.

  30. Had a dream that I was lifting with Marc lobliner and he told me that eggs had no protien in them, I’m very confused.

  31. It’s the last day of school. I might actually cry today. This group of students is by the best I’ve had and probably will for a while. I really do love these children.

  32. Going to Ocean City Maryland for MDW this weekend.
    Basically get to sit on the beach and drink shirtless at the bars there.
    Just started lifting again so I kind of look shitty (Especially compared to how I looked a year ago to the day where I was a few weeks out, feelsbadman) but excited to see what happens and talk to some nice (probably horrible) young ladies.

  33. Hit new pb on incline bench with dumbbells but dropped the weight straight onto my phone and smashed the screen, the glory didn’t last long.

  34. What is the best way to run short bulk and cut cycles? In terms of deficit, surplus, training, cardio, and length.


    5’8 like 205

    Just turned 20. Used to think I know what and wanted where I was going with this bodybuilding shit but have just been going through the motions the last year– struggling with depression and some anxiety, just starting to feel better and maybe pick a show late summer? Idk, also not really sure where I’m going with this post just got no one to talk to about this shit I guess also someone hit me up to play some league of legends or something

  36. My ex texted me yesterday, asking if I’m ok, because it was Father’s Day and my father died in march. Had a pleasant conversation, and she told me she is seeing someone. I was afraid to hear that for the 11 month we are split up. For context we were together for 5 years and ended on pretty good terms. It actually didn’t feel as bad as I thought. I wished her all the best and am actually ok with it. She deserves to be happy and I’m pretty proud how I reacted. I told her that what we had was special and that she will always mean something to me and that I hoped she gets treated well. I mean in seeing several girls myself. Didn’t told her that, because I don’t felt like rubbing it in her face.

    Now I’m going to the gym and it’s deadlift/front squat time. Kill it bros!

  37. Well boys. This is a never ending cycle of never gonna make it. Bachelor party last weekend ruined progress, made it through the week without any sort of problem, but now it’s a 3 day weekend at the lake… I’m seriously going to be fat until summers over…. How the fuck do I stay social and cut… I don’t get it…

  38. Why should/shouldn’t I do a 10k calorie challenge. I know they’re easy and overdone but feel like I’ve been cutting for effing ever and feel like it’d be fun. I’m not prepping for anything or have a specific deadline I have to be lean by.

  39. I’ve been losing weight since January and eating about 1500 cals/day, and I recently realized that I haven’t taken a real shit all year. I used to drop a Snapchat worthy deuce at least once a week, and all year every turd looks like it was dropped by a 14 year old girl.

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