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Each day Dialogue Thread: 05/25/2017

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52 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 05/25/2017

  1. i swear I’ve gotten fucked over in genetics in EVERY FUCKING WAY. im 5’7, i spent most of my life obese so now I have bad loose skin and gyno. don’t even get me STARTED ON my ween. and yesterday the doc told me that i am showing extreme signs of male pattern baldness, a gene I didn’t even think ran in my family. im fucking 19 years fucking old. fuck. God fucking damnit.

  2. I have a mirror in my apartment that when I look at myself from a distance, I look fucking huge. So I move in closer to get a decent progress pic but then I look much smaller. It’s a real fucking tease.

  3. While doing incline bench with my friend yesterday, some guy across from us started grunting as loud as he possibly could for every single rep on every single exercise.

    It took us 40 minutes to do 8 sets because we could not stop laughing. We had to rescue each other several times.

    He started walking to the other side of the gym by the lat pulldowns so we thought we were safe because he was so far away.

    My bro unracks the bar and starts lowering it for the first rep, and we hear a thunderous battle cry from afar.


    The bar falls to his chest and I pick it up. Many of our sets were interrupted like this. Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.

  4. I’m convinced the scale I bought for home is a load of shit since I can stand on it a couple times and get wildly different numbers. So I’m back to stripping down at work when I arrive in order to check in on things. 209 this morning which is down from 220 at work a week and a half ago.

    Definitely gonna be able to get below 200 by the end of this DNP run but I’m guessing it’ll be around 195. I’m hoping for less but based off experience and looking at where I’m holding fat I think 195 is a pretty accurate guess, which doesn’t give me much room to work with for that 200lb weight limit

  5. So I suffer from a disease called Graves disease with hypothyroidism, and I recently learned that cutting on a low calorie diet is causing problems with how well my synthetic thyroid hormone is converted in my body… Makes sense because all of these problems and injuries have been showing up very recently in my cut.

    So now what I have to do is raise my calories back up to maintenance. 2700 cal, and do a ton more cardio in order to bring myself back down to a 500 cal defecit… My body is actually gonna force me to cardio bros… Fuck

    Also had a question. I’m current eating 190g protein per day, 80g fat, and the rest carbs 217 lbs. Should I fill that other 500 calories with primarily protein?

  6. Back at the gym this week for the first time in 6 weeks. I feel so weak and so sore. I hit legs first day back. What was I thinking!!

  7. Apparently I have a femoral acetabular impingement in my hip. Got a doctors note to get out of leg day ?? but on a serious note anyone ever deal with this before?

  8. Basically my last day of hs not counting finals, and I still don’t know the dude at my lunch tables name. We’ve been talking shit for the past 5 months with everybody at our table and I’ve never heard hid name.

  9. Can anyone explain IF to me ? I get the burning fat part due o not eating for 14-18 hours at a time, but do you not still have to be in a surplus to build muscle? What I don’t really understand is how people can use IF to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. Also, how does it compare to the traditional Bulk/Cut cycle? Is it a bit slower?

  10. Going to be starting nsun’s 531 4-day program next week and switch things up a bit. As I advance through it I’ll probably tweak the accessories where I think I’m lagging, but is anyone currently running this program that has suggestions for accessory work to start out with?

  11. Making career gains bros. Have been doing a shitty fund accounting job for peanuts the past 9 or so months.

    Just got an offer for a claims job and I’ll be making 20k more than I do now. I’m fucking so excited. The job looks wicked interesting and the people are great.

    But the best part is the discount on gym memberships!!

  12. PSMF day 8, I upped my dose of EC to 25mg for the day (half taken in the morning, the other half taken at around noon) and have a lot more energy. Hunger is also being kept at bay pretty well, in fact, i’m hardly ever ‘hungry’ (Thanks diet soda!). Probably going to try and take a 5hr refeed come saturday to reset things since i’m down about a pound or two since last refeed.

  13. Went to LA on vacation last week. Went to the Mecca and it was dope. Didn’t get to meet Calum or really anyone because there was the generation iron 2 release going on that weekend but just getting to lift there was an experience I won’t forget. Also spent way to much money in the golds store and it’s all I’ve been wearing since I got back.

    Also I cut super hard for the trip and ended up pretty lean when I got there ( stopped in Vegas for two days before put on maybe 3lbs) and when I get back I checked on this sub and came across the Rich Piano video where he talked about not killing yourself with diet all the time and don’t forget to live life and also how that’s how you develop eating disorders and after watching the video I actually agreed. I really do put my physique before a lot of things and after watching that I’ve decided to stop to smell the roses a little more often. Like if I want a cinnamon roll I’ll eat a got damn roll. Only mistake I was was telling my girl and now she’s trying to take advantage by trying to guilt me into eating a little bit more inappropriately then I want. I worked to damn hard to get where I am to totally throw it away. Lift heavy things today bros.

  14. waiting at the airport to go to tampa for sunset music festival, hoping to make out with alot of slootz and maybe have enough confidence to rip my shirt off

  15. Solid max effort bench today, paused single with 315 bar weight and 110lb of chains. Sitting here drinking coffee with cream, been years since I’ve used cream. It’s delicious.

    Thinking about my summer stack, just about finished with my deca/var, thinking a light test/tren/mast cycle to look tight as fuck, for absolutely no reason even in summer it’s always hoodie/baggy shirt season.

    Head back to the gym tonight for my volume work.

  16. Been out of the gym for aprox 2 weeks due to an old upper back tear flaring up.

    Going back today and gonna hit everything except legs.

  17. My favorite manager is getting transferred to another restaurant it’s gonna suck not having him around, do I qualify for break up gains?

  18. “forced” to take my grandfather’s M6 to school. Stop at the mcdonalds I used to work at manager i worked with sees me in the drive thru we hate each other she asks how did I obtain the car I ask for a hamburger, she gives me a hamburger. I raise it to my lips and take a bite. My eye twitches involuntarily. Across the street a father of three falls down the stairs I swallow and look down at the hamburger in my hands. She gives me a hamburger I swallow and look down at the hamburger in my hands. I cannot swallow. There are children at the top of the stairs a pickle shifts uneasily under the bun. She gives me a hamburger I look at her face, and she is pleading with me. The children are crying now I raise the hamburger to my lips, tears stream down my face as I take a bite she gives me a hamburger. I am on my knees.
    I plead with her to go across the street. She hears only children’s laughter she gives me a hamburger I am screaming as I fall down the stairs. She is my child. I cannot see anything I take a bite of the hamburger the concrete rushes up to meet me I awake with a start in my own bed. My eye twitches involuntarily she gives me a hamburger as I kill her, I do not make a sound she gives me a hamburger.

  19. Been living in Central america for a while, so today was my first day back in almost a year. Felt like shit as my numbers were fractions of what they were before.

    Anyone got experiance recouping their gains after a pause from the gym?

  20. I assume some people here watch anime, and if you havent yet, check out One Punch Man. Its hilarious and also has a good story.

  21. So a few months ago I got out of a relationship. Ended badly and all that kind of stuff. Have moved to a new city and life is going great.

    Have met this great girl. Slept together and seen each other a few times. We get along on so many levels, and it just clicks.

    The problem is I know I’m just not ready for a relationship yet. I know I wouldn’t be able to give everything in it and would end up letting her down etc.

    Life’s a bummer at times.

    On a positive, lifts are going up, weight is going up.

    Kill your lifts

  22. Alright update on update from yesterday’s story (Tl;dr: told grill I liked her. She pretty much rejected me with silence so I left. Also got gold?). Fast forward to last night, she hits me up with this Interesting ?

  23. Does protein powder actually expire? One of my buddies works at a supp shop and is allowed to take products once they expire. He asked if I wanted a fuck ton of protein powder and I of course said yes. Just want to make sure I won’t be shitting my brains out in front of a crowd of people.

  24. Posted. Yesterday about some short shorts I received from Amazon. Holy shit. They are amazing. I can’t go back to my old long fat guy shorts.

  25. You know one thing I don’t understand. When people say X has good genetics. I don’t mean insertions. Like the ability to build muscle fast. Like how the heck would you know? There’s no data or anything to back this up.

    For example Chris Jones. I’m not going to debate weather hes natty or not, for the sake of this example he’s natty. People usually say he’s gotta be natty because he has “good genetics”. Could he not just be juiced to the gills or have done a lot of manual labour growing up. Or even just done more total work. How is anyone able to pinpoint it to genetics? People are even able to throw out numbers. Wot.

    I’m​ not asking it to further any agenda or throw anyone under the bus. It’s just one thing that doesn’t make sense.


  26. Damn bros, you ever cum so hard in a ~~girl~~ guy that your hamstrings cramp? I’ve never felt such an odd mix of euphoria and pain before.

  27. Sometimes I look at my self and say goddammit boy you did all the training, eating, sleeping and you had the discipline to keep it up.
    That’s why you look better then most people that are on gear. They usually use the gear to have a excuse not to train hard or eat good food that will fuel that workout.
    Guys this is not a rant against gear, I have friends who are on gear and they have the discipline.
    It’s just that people hop on to fast imo because they don’t see results after a year or 2

  28. Feeling small on this cut. Maybe I should hop on creatine and get some of dat dere water weight to add some mass.

    On the plus side I think I actually have pretty decent insertions.

  29. Woke up this morning to my mom telling me the vet was on her way to our house to put our dog down. She’s the only dog I’ve ever had (I’m 20, she was 12) and she was a yellow Lab and labs are notorious for having bad hips, and her hips were so bad we couldn’t get her in the car to take her to the vet clinic, hence the vet coming to our house to do it. She got diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago and had gone way downhill ever since.

    Kill your lifts today guys.

  30. Okay, honestly this is the last time.

    Someone explain please, if I have the upper body and no lower body, can I still build my lower body?

  31. Me on my way to the gym: “*hmm I’m a little tired today. I’m going to skip deadlifts*”

    Me upon seeing a **THICCC** booty gril on the floor: “*guess it’s time to do some heavy deadlifts*”

  32. Anyone have a good routine for back day, got back day and really need a workout, been switching it up every time and need a consistent workout routine.

  33. First workout on a noticeable dose of clen felt fucking amazing. deads came up super easy so did front squats. Still mildly afraid of sides, but I’m taking taurine, magnesium and potassium so am hopeful they’ll be mild or sparse. One question though, still natty?

  34. Having a tough time finding a co-op/internship for this upcoming fall for any supplement company or really any company involving fitness. Have any of you interned for a supplement company in the past and if so, how’d you go about getting that?

  35. I just want some chocolate milk man. Who needs cutting I’m gonna revert to planet sized powerlifter boy dammit. But really have zero food cravings just want to drink a gallon of chocolate milk.

  36. I’ve been shitting so much these last few weeks. I’ve been late to almost all my classes because I have to keep shitting.

  37. After countless of hours browsing semi-nude dudes and analyzing their bodies. I decided that i look like absolute shit,


    After taking a swim in the local swimming hall, i no longer feel the same way

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