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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 05/24/2017

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41 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 05/24/2017

  1. Well,I’m currently bulking and last night I hit a personal best in chest’s press machine(around 190 pounds). During the second set I almost dislocated my shoulder(by almost I mean that it felt like it popped out and came back to its position in milliseconds).I had this injury years ago. Hurts a little.Coach said to rest for a full week. I wish next time I’ll be more careful and more prepared .

  2. Has anyone else tried keeping a calm face while lifting heavy? I saw a video of some powerlifter saying it helps him focus, and when I tried it today my squats were feeling really controlled and smooth even though they were heavy. It’s probably just placebo but my sets felt better than when I normally squat with my face looking like I’m taking the biggest dump of my life.

  3. Gym cutie I got the number of told me she was fresh out of a relationship and not looking to date anyone but still down to hang out. Uhh, I don’t even really know you yet, so I’m not sure I’d want to date you, but I guess thanks for the heads up? Was frustrating because she lit up like a Christmas tree when I asked for her number. Anyways, I went back to the gym yesterday after that. Here’s what I did minus cardio.

    DL 135-12 225-8 315-8 365-5,5,5 375-5,5 385-5,5 365-5 315-8
    Seated Calf 90-20,20,17,18
    Leg curl 90-20 110-20 120-20,20,20 110-20 90-20
    Leg ext 90-20 100-20,20,20,20
    Cable toe calf 150-20 130-20,20,20
    Deficit SLDL 155-10,10,10,10,10(4sec negs)
    Glute kick 130-20,20,20,20
    Machine rear delt 100-20,20,20,20,20
    DB shoulder press 45-20,20,20
    Smith calf 135-15 185-20,20,20,20
    DB lateral raise 15/20/30-30/20/10 30/20/15-10/20/30
    Seated calf 50-20 100/75/50/25-10/8/10/13, 10/7/10/10
    Db front raise 12.5-20 15-20,20,20
    Machine lateral raise 50-30,20,20
    Smith calf 255-10,10,10
    BB Bench 135-10 185-10 225-10

  4. How many sets do you guys do per muscle group? And is there a sweet and juicy range for volume for ‘Dat there growth. Also, need tips on juicy shoulders. Kill me now.

  5. Hey bros I’m looking for a bit of advice. Me and my friend have both been lifting for a few years and are thinking of hopping on the bike together, but after looking into kits they’re fucking expensive so we found [this]( but from the research I’ve done this shit is useless unless it’s injected. Perhaps this question is better suited for the Saturday thread but idk I’m just looking for some insight from someone who might have some experience with this type of stuff.

  6. SHOOP…AHHH. 500 carbs yesterday and 4000 calories, whatever it takes right? Jk it didn’t work, did some deadlifts yesterday night and it felt kinda like shit. Fried my back to the point where I got to biceps and was struggling to do half the weight I normally do.. pushed through regardless. Today’s another day to try again with a push workout. We are all gonna make it one day fellas.

  7. I did Hatha Yoga yesterday, am sored today, instructor said I did good job, did not smash, mostly cause she is 70+ and looks frail.

    Any advice on tinder pics, if shirtless pics are a no go (look good in a shirt but like shit otherwise)?

  8. When are why is it necessary that some people consume up to 500 grams of Carbs? Is it essential, or optional, or what? I’ve never understood why some people would increase carbs for a day or whatever.

  9. 11 days out from British Finals and i have just got over my flu. Ready to kill these last 11 days…… just starting to run out of YouTube material for my cardio though so does anyone have any recommendations? Been watching lots of Erik Electric and BeardMeatsFood!

  10. My local theater has that Geico bodybuilder commercial on constant loop. That commercial just cracks me up Everytime. Dunno why

  11. I forgot how much fun writing a program is. I spent about two hours last night modifying and expanding the “power body” routine that was on t nation a couple weeks ago. Fucking pumped to start it next week and get on something that gives me concrete numbers to hit. Gainz incoming. Also if anyone’s interested I can link you to the program through my google drive.

    Edit: here’s the link

    Pm me for any questions on it

  12. Anybody have any gym recommendations in the Bellevue WA area? I’m in town for work and wanting to hit up a decent spot if I can.

  13. Thank the lord for Popeye’s. They just put one where I live and their blackened chicken tenders are saving my ass on this cut. I don’t really have bad cravings at this point, but when I do I go there. Blackened chicken tenders – 2g fat, 2g carbs, 26g protein. And it’s delicious.

  14. Made over $500 in the last week with crypto currencies.

    What are you investor bros plans? I sold my BTC and bought a shitload of ETH and some LTC (for the lols).

    I know I’m going to lose my ass at some point, but fuck me these gains are ridiculous. At this rate I’ll have a big boy down payment for my first home

  15. Sorry, *really* random question.

    I’m from Brazil and a friend of mine is going to the US next month, and I asked her to buy something for me. I was going to exchange my money and my parents remembered they had kept some old dollar bills. The thing is they are super old. The oldest are from 1988 (they have “1988 Series A” written). Are they still legal tender? Can my friend use them at a store in the US without problems?

  16. My feelings are really starting to be all over the place with how I feel about competing. I’m going to do it, but fear is creeping up again. Picking a show date is making it very real. If I get up there and don’t even make callouts, it won’t have been worth it. I just want to get this over and done with. I miss my social life.

  17. Losing my mind, boyos. This is the most incapacitated I’ve ever been, and I am not dealing with it well AT ALL. Body needs to get its shit together and heal everything up already, I can’t handle immobility.

  18. So Ive been seeing this grill. Shes smart, funny, stupid gorgeous and we usually have a great time chatting and getting along. However, last night, I dunno if i was just in a funk but everything just seemed rather..awkward. As if it was an awkward first date, despite the fact we’ve been out half a dozen times. I was…

    Anyone ever get that sometimes? I feel like I kind of fucked it up as my mind wasn’t as charming, quick witted or inquisitive as it usually is. Felt like I was going through the evening half baked

  19. Anyone who puts “natural astectics” in their instagram bio 100% of the time probably looks like a buck 50 with abs and a punny biceps peak.

  20. Trying a new front squat grip /u/bentumbo told me about and it’s helped a lot. No wrist pain and only feeling slightly less stable.

  21. These last four weeks have been FeelsBadMan. My solution to the problem is to once again squat every day. So far, so good. FeelsGoodMan.

  22. Anybody deal with tennis elbow? I’ve got it and I’m sooo not looking forward to only squats and cardio for who knows how long. Help me bros ?

  23. Go to squat rack and then into my 2nd set some dude puts on 225 with no warm up I’m like damn that’s risky then proceeds to squat down 2 inches for each rep. Went up to 405 and I left before I had to witness more

  24. anyone else do cardio before lifting? Not a warm-up but an actual cardio session of 20-30 min. Been doing HIIT a couple times a week before workouts. Other days usually on a bike or steady walk on incline. Does it make a difference as far as glycogen stores and muscle wasting if you do cardio before or after?

  25. I think I may have tweaked my back and am hoping it’s nothing serious like a disc issue. I was doing barbell rows after a short hiatus and felt a sharp pain near my lower back/spine. Stopped immediately and the pain subsided. It’s been a couple days now and I feel no pain when sitting or standing but if I put additional pressure like slouch in my chair or kind of scoot my butt out (think typical girl butt selfie), I feel the pain at the base of my spine. It feels like it’s deeper than just the muscle which worries me. I’m hoping that it goes away in a week or two but if it still persists I’m assuming I should get this checked out?

  26. I ask really stupid questions like this all the time, sorry if you’ve seen my stupidity

    Someone asks if I’m natty, & I’m on SARMS…

    Do I say yes, or no, or what? current answer: Yes, but I’m on some pretty powerful legal stuff tbh, nothing anabolic or real steroids though.

  27. Mattie Rogers is out here on the ‘gram squatting 297lb for 10 high bar

    I’m out here squatting lmao3pl8 for like 2 on a good day

    We’re the same age


  28. need some help brahs. i posted yesterday here saying i was going to mini-cut before bulking again, im 19 5’11 160lbish and really want to drop some of this fat, but at the same time am scared of spinning my wheels around this weight which i feel i have been doing aesthetically. [this]( was from a few months ago, but i’m still around that and feel so gross sitting down like i have so much extra fat and i feel like i should not be bulking when i can grab handfuls of fat on my lower midsection and other parts of my body. my lifts are; squat – 255lb deadlift – 385lb bench – 180-185 ohp – 115ish for my 1 rep maxes. i don’t know if i should just mini cut or keep bulking until im around 170lb then cut? i don’t want to do leangains because it just seems too annoying to track progress and i dont think its optimal at all. in these pics i have good downlighting, but i promise i can barely even see abs in regular lighting i should probably of used less deceiving pics

  29. Does a belt make a significant difference for squats and deadlifts? I’ve never actually tried a belt, and I seem to have progressed just fine, I’m just curious if it kind of becomes “necessary” past a certain point.

  30. Driving the grill home last night post shoulder/arm workout.

    Catch her straight staring at my pump. “you mirin?”

    She smiles wistfully, “Yeah, I was in the gym too… that one Asian guy was too”

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