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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 05/23/2017

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46 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 05/23/2017

  1. Driving 148 miles tomorrow for a work meeting. I passed my driving test on the 28th of April and haven’t driven since. If you don’t hear from me, I had a tragic car accident and have died.

    I leave my house at 6AM UK time on the 24^th

  2. Pull day today bros. Gonna get that joocy pump and try to take some decent swolfies since I’m finally starting to get somewhat shredded. Any tips on how to take the best swolfie?

  3. I found a shaker that I forgot to wash out. It was 5 days old? I said screw it and just threw it away. I didn’t want to deal with the horror.

  4. I strained my mid-back doing deadlifts about 2-3 weeks ago, but haven’t had any issues since. While doing deadlifts today, I found myself engaging my abdomen more often than I used to. Are my abs just overpowering my recovering lower back, or am I doing something wrong?

  5. Bought new Chucks for our wedding. Got my nails done and the house cleaned and laundry done. Bought us tickets to Die Antwoord again. About to go smash legs and cardio. I’m not sure how u/zhululu got so lucky. ? Have a great one bros!

  6. Moving in with my gf after living with my Bros and I’m super excited cause I’ll actually have fridge space now.

    BTW does anyone have a good recipe for DIY protein bars? I got a 5 lb container of chocolate whey that I’m not using and want to make breakfast bars out of em

  7. Hey guys, i guess i will go ahead and ask this here, while waiting for the Thursday training thread: Have anyone of you have experience with training Full Body for 5-6 days a week. I wanna change up routine for some time. I am thinking of hitting big muscle groups for maybe 5-6 sets a day and smaller groups for 3-4?

    Here is the thing i have build up, but i am thinking it might be overkill:
    Currently i am on a bulk and am natty ~4 years experience with training.
    There are 4 different workouts and i think i will hit 6 times so A -> B -> C -> D -> A -> B -> Rest – > C -> D -> A and so on.

  8. Well Sunday and Monday sucked ass, sales were fucking unreal both days but it ended up meaning I had long days at work (not a big deal). Sunday night I decided to have a bro over since my lady had some friends over for drinks while I was at work, got home at 12 and by 130 I decided it was time to shut things down so that I could get some sleep.

    This is where shit hits the fan, 3/5 girls are fired up and don’t want to leave, I calmly ask them to sort out rides to leave by 2 all while I’m playing NHL17 with my bro. They start calling us losers and to shut the fuck up since they aren’t ready to leave. Queue me telling them to go fuck themselves and get the fuck out of my house. They fight a bit but ultimately leave and I go to bed, found out the next morning that they waited outside for a cab for half an hour.

    TL:DR Cunts are in my house getting rowdy, shut things down for 2am but they insulted me so I kicked them the fuck out. Don’t go into someone else’s home and tell them to fuck off.

  9. I am currently dealing with, SC joint/AC joint separation and some rib issues. Trying to get in touch with other people who had these injuries before, specifically SCJ which seems pretty rare. Seems like very few people have anyone in this sub???

  10. In case it hasn’t been brought up yet today:

    30% off the entire stock at MyProtein today boys. Just picked up the 11lb of Chocolate Smooth for $45, thought I would share the love.

  11. The only thing worse than seeing bad advice dispensed at the gym, is having to suffer through a session at PureGym and seeing it dispensed by the PTs

  12. Running 300 mg test per week (2 days at 150 mg) and just finished 8 weeks of var 50mg ed. How long to wait for Tren cycle – 8 weeks?

  13. I know this is going to be really controversial on this sub and I’m probably gonna get a ton of hate for this but: i like women who do squats

  14. wubba lubba dub dub bros!

    I possibly herniated my disc today!

    Shit happens not while you attempt some new weights, but when you’re weaker than usual and try to do your program as you should not listening to your body because of “do it anyway” mentality.

    I had the same symptoms long time ago, and McKenzie therapy saved my ass. I started the same therapy today immediately as I got home, pain relieved immediately. Wll go through recovery for a couple of weeks, if it’ll be successful won’t go to the physician as last time he told me that besides McKenzey and surgery there’s no real therapy for me.

    So fucking angry with myself ATM, when I’ll learn!

  15. How do 17 inch + arms look like flexed and unflexed (no pump) on a 6’1 or 6-6’2 bro?

    If someone has them can you post

    Just wondering

  16. Doing Dltbbs routine so I’m just using the hack squat machine for the first time…

    Is this damn thing designed to make me feel like a pussy or something

  17. How bad will I get my ass beat if I start kick boxing or mma being 92kgs at my most lean and functional? Currently clean bulking at 96 . Will the coach put me with guys with experience at the same kgs ?

  18. Bench was going up nicely for a while. Stuck at 205×7 for like the past three weeks now. Which is fine, I didn’t want a chest anyway.

  19. Started doing sumo in addition to conventional a few weeks ago.

    My sumo form sucks.

    It has gotten better by practice, but it still does suck.

    Any downsides to just sticking to conventional deficit deadlifts? (and conventional)

  20. what kind of stretching do you do before your working sets (if any, not counting the warm up weights you do)

    been trying to figure out a stretching routine involving bands and a myriad of other equipment

  21. Starting to see some new pec veins trying to peek through when I get a pump
    Tfw abs are still MIA

  22. I hate my school gym’s floor, it’s uneven so I kept bending my right leg more than my left leg. I failed 255×8 on rep#7 because I lost control.

    Now I have to finish the rest of my squat sets at my other gym.

    EDIT: Decided to go down to 245 and I couldn’t do a full set because all the reps were grindy as shit. That 255 fail fried the hell out of my back and the weight felt way too heavy. I’m gonna try 245x8x4 next week and get it for sure because this is unacceptable.

  23. Off to a festival on Saturday, does anyone have any tips on how I can look full? Was thinking about carb depleting then loading up the day before?

  24. Mentally tapped out of doing squats today. Instead, I did a ton of extensions and lunges. It’s about the same right?

    please say yes.

  25. someone convince me to do abs on my off day

    every week I say, just wait for your off days to do abs. it never

  26. Just sent a nude for the first time in 6 months and damn I can’t stop admiring my back gains. (Ps I’m a woman so don’t bother asking to see)

  27. I don’t have anything to discuss. I just need some encouragement. Cutting is hard, and I am a lonely man.

  28. I’m going on holiday in a month, should I shave my chest? Is it better for the beach or worse? Anyone got any opinions on how they looked before and after shaving their chest? And what’s the best way to do it? Razor, electric razor, scissor trim? Thanks

  29. i fly to la tomorrow morning so rn im waiting to cancel my portland gym membership. emotions are running wild rn 🙁

  30. My grandma was telling a story about a very small friend of hers. To get the point across of how tiny this woman is, she said “her waist is smaller than your arm.”

    Looks like I’ll do extra sets this week for grandma.

  31. I stopped taking preworkout as I started taking ephedrine/caffeine as I didn’t want too many stims in my system. However, my workouts since have been pretty sluggish and I’ve been slightly unmotivated. Anyone ever have this problem when coming off PW? Am I too dependent on it?

  32. So, this chick I been talking to squats more than me (175).. I don’t think I’m gonna pull out boiz, dat ass could crush diamonds. Meeting up with her this week.


  33. Jesus meng, with high school out I got a lot of kids flexing right in front of me in the mirror and making awkward stares…… just workout fools.

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