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Every day Dialogue Thread: 05/22/2017

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49 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 05/22/2017

  1. anyone else having problems with calluses on their hands from all the pulling exercises?

    my calluses keep opening up and hurt, i then have to stop exercising for a bit. really annoying..

    i was told if i dont wear gloves those calluses will eventually keep my hands from hurting, but that hasnt happened yet 🙁

  2. The more I read up on the best bicycle to buy, the more I wanna do it. Unfortunately I’m still a college athlete so that’s out of the picture for a while. Why can’t I just be as big as the Piano man 🙁

  3. Went to apply for our marriage license today and some paperwork was not in order. Now u/zhululu is traveling for work so I have to lift by myself. And Governors Ball is fast approaching so I can’t eat my feels. At least the gym is waiting for me after I finish HIIT. Fuck Mondays!

  4. Going to get some tissue work/physical therapy/chiro for the first time in like 3 weeks tomorrow. Genuinely excited. Is this what getting old feels like?

  5. Someone I hadn’t seen in a while asked if I had been hitting the gym more and said I was looking bigger. It was a good day today.

  6. Girl I’m banging is into buff Asian dudes. I’m Asian. She told me I’m half her type. Should I just off myself?

  7. So today’s lesson: if its 3 PM and over 18 out; don’t take two ephedrine.

    Woooo it came on fast. Not sure if it was the extra strong brew cold coffee (reduced to 4:1 cup water/grinds) or what. It wasn’t like last time I took two.

    A light headache formed and heart rate definitely up. But nothing super horrible. A fun hour long ride.

  8. Also: desired to obtain super power to instill proper form into people just by looking at them.

    Also also: neat to see people picking up on lifts I like. Never saw anyone do incline front raises and today I saw three people doing it. Awesome!

    Going to start doing weird shit and see if people copy.

  9. Push a few extra reps out today for a great rider, and friends of the family Nicky Hayden and the Hayden family. He was a hell of a motorcycle racer and a great dude to know. Its crazy to see a kid from my small hometown have such a great impact on people around the world!

  10. PSA I wish I could make: to the fucktards and DYELs at my college, stop slamming the weight in machines. Ya you, the tiny dude who I JUST WATCHED break a piece of equipment because he decided to drop his little ass weight for tricep extensions from the top of the stack and snap the cable on the machine. The gym here is old enough, no one needs scrawny ass people breaking the equipment. Working out here is hard enough. So if your ego is more important than the collective well being of the gym, kindly fuck off.

  11. I haven’t touched a weight since fridayand I’ve been drinking like a motherfucker since then. Cheers guy.s

  12. How much cardio do you lads do and what kind? for the last little while I’ve just been doing about 30 mins of walking a day but I’m starting to feel it might not be enough

    talking purely from a health and not getting gassed out walking up a long flight of stairs and looking like a bitch perspective

  13. I hate asking for a spot when you’re programmed for multiple sets at a challenging weight (e.g. 3 sets of 4 at 90%). Then you either have to find 3 separate people or completely interfere with 1 individual person’s workout. And then they come over to spot and it’s not in sync with your rest periods…sometimes bench day sucks

  14. Damn, pretty sure I failed an exam I just took today. I thought I had the subject material covered and I felt pretty good reviewing for the exam. But sitting in that desk today I just wasn’t putting 2 and 2 together and I walked out dumbfounded. Idk what else to say, but thanks for reading, I just needed to vent.

  15. So even though I’ve been sucking lately, I’ve figured out which muscles need the most work in my upcoming bulk.

    Incline & OHP are the weakest of my lifts according to symmetric strength, so that means my upper pecs, front delts & triceps are the weak pressing links

    Bench is slightly less weak, which means my sternal pecs are slightly less weak

    Pull-ups & chinups are stronger than bench, so that means my lats & biceps suck even less

    And my squat, deadlift & rows are just wicked strong so I have no need to put focus on my legs & traps

    In conclusion: need to build up all my pressing muscles (emphasis on vertical pressing) + vertical pulling muscles = pecs, delts, triceps, lats, biceps

  16. Anyone have any idea how accurate chipotles macros are according to MFP? Trying to see if I can fit this bowl into my macros on a cut

  17. Did some AMRAP testing for my squat today, boosted my 1RM by 20 lbs! So happy, can’t wait to see where my deads are at later this week.

    Also started longboarding recently and I’m having so much fun with it. It’s nice to have a hobby outside of the gym.

  18. Day 3 of being broken up after 2 years together, supposed to talk to her in a week to see how we feel about it(should we work it out or not) can’t decide if it’s wrong of me to be ‘mirin sloots glutes or not.

  19. Sprained my wrist mid serious bulk and am very sad.
    Was running PHAT but now most exercises are impossible.

    Not sure if I should continue bulking doing legs 3 times a week, or switch a low volume cutting routine and work around the injury.

    Advice appreciated!

  20. 2nd gym wife smiled at me and made eye contact today. I think I might say something next time. In other news I got my blood pressure checked and in one arm with a machine it read 142/80 and with a manual blood pressure pump in my other arm it read 128/80 after a few minutes. I do get really nervous about having high blood pressure and get some general anxiety at the doctors office especially on days where i get a physical (that was a physical day for me) should I be concerned because the doc didn’t seem to think it was a big deal.

  21. Been slowly developing feelings for this one friend of mine so I’ve been flirting and I usually don’t get much back, but the other day she calls me up just to talk for a bit, but today she posts a passive aggressive post which I think might be about me? Fuck this shit girls are confusing I’m going homo

  22. I think I’m done with my cut. I’m at 15 percent body fat apparently and have dropped 15 pounds since March. I think I’m gonna go one more month ( until July first) and then start a clean bulk.

    I wasn’t able to see a full 6 pack like the plan was but I’m feeling so DYEL. I wanna start putting on some muscle and maybe my newbie gainz can help me out still lose fat in the process ( who I’m I kidding I’ve been lifting for 2 years straight those newbie gainz are long gone)

  23. Working on a loose template that is a 12 week program that is hypertrophy/strength based with some optional speed work if anyone wants me to post it?

  24. Was doing incline DB flyes. Piece of dirt or something fell in my eye. Best believe I clenched my eyes shut and finished my set.

  25. Today there was a pretty big middle aged dude in my university gym that looked like he probably used to compete. He randomly came up to me after a set and told me I have a lot of potential and to keep it up, then walked away. Had to keep from grinning like an idiot after that.

    Didn’t see him after that, and haven’t seen him in the gym before today, so I’m pretty sure it was Brodin himself.

    [Also here’s a pic from today](

  26. Ive been lifting for like 5 months. Started around 140-150(ish i didnt really weigh myself) Im now 180 pounds bulking strong. Ramadan is coming up and i was wondering if i should go for a one month cut or continue bulking. Im 16, 6′ 0″.

    Here are my B/S/D – 190/205/300

  27. i miss having chest fat cuz it hid both my gyno and the fact that my left pec is bigger than the right one

  28. Does Joff compete anymore? Seems like he’s tiny compared to the current “mens physique” competitors.

  29. Why do people even drink normal soda anymore. I can barely tell the difference with most diet sodas nowadays.

  30. I don’t know what to make of this.

    I ran into my ex boss at the gym from when I worked retail. She’s so-so and has a kid so we get to talking and I always flirted with her so I start flirting with her again.

    It’s going well and she’s laughing then this personal trainer who works at the gym comes up and kinda adds herself to our conversation but she gets all touchy feely with me. She’s standing by my side very close and holds my hand at some points when she laughs over something dumb I said. So ex boss says “we should go out with weekend and get some drinks” and trainer goes “yeah, we’ll meet you at the place” she gives me a long hug and and she goes into the gym shortly followed by ex boss.

  31. my workout bro is starting to bitch out on exercises, we skipped the holy grail that is triceps tonight. I might have to start driving separate so i can finish the damn workouts

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