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Every day Dialogue Thread: 05/21/2017

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52 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 05/21/2017

  1. Planning 2500 calories without peanut butter feels impossible to me. I have no idea what to do, it’s weird seeing these meals and realizing I have so many fats and calories left. I may have to just throw peanut butter on top of my pasta at this point

  2. 3 day work trial starts tomorrow, maybe I will finally get an apprenticeship starting in September.

  3. I bring a combination lock with me, that I hang off my backpack, that I use at the gym.

    3 weeks ago, I went to lock up my stuff and my lock was gone. I was confused but whatever.

    Last week, same thing, lock was completely missing.

    I can’t be buying a new lock every week, so I went to the lost and found, and my lock was not there. However, there were other combo locks with the combinations still on the back. So I said it was mine and took one of them. Hopefully I can keep track of this one.

  4. hey there affliction tshirt guy my age, I see you supersetting with some shake weight technology there and leaving your matching phone case and water bottle to mark your territory, just wanted to let you know? that hogging the lat pull down for half an hour in a packed gym with that nonsense isn’t helping your calves whatsoever.

  5. I’ve lost 3 lbs in the last 8 days! Finally dialing in the diet and I’m going to look like a goddamn bodybuilder or I’ll die trying.

    Then sometime in the next year I’ll join the darkside. Only if I get down to 10% body fat though.

  6. So yesterday I got some free samples of preworkouts, and I took one today before my lift. It was called Axiom by ANS, and the problem I had was that it didn’t show any of the specific ingredient amounts. Looked everywhere on the package and the internet.

    I thought “its probably just like 250mg of caffiene or something im sure it’s fine”, and took the whole single serve packet, and it fucked my lift up quite a bit. It made me really jittery and anxious, and it actually made me pretty sad too. I felt like crying but I didn’t really have a reason to. Pretty bad gym experience.

    Its so stupid that I couldn’t even see the amount of caffeine in it, though the company should just write the amount of every ingredient. That would have prevented this, and let me know exactly what I’m putting in my body.

    I guess the moral of the story is to be really careful with preworkouts that only show the amount of their “Proprietary blends”, taking at most a 1/2 serving before trying the full scoop.

    I know this is mostly my fault and just ranting, but sometimes I can’t stand the fitness industry.

  7. Thomas “Light” English Muffins are like a cheat code for cutting. 100 calories each, and they make you feel full as fuck(no Piana) because of the 8 grams of fiber.

  8. Watching Goomah’s show day video… Yeah he would need to hop on to be competitive in NPC. Dude he lost to looked huge in comparison and was definitely on shit.

  9. My ex walked into the gym 5 minutes after I did. It was difficult. She just walked right on by and ignored me. It hurt more than I thought it would.

  10. To save myself from buying 500 pairs of jeans per year to have them tear at the same frigging spot every damn time I relieved myself of the burden of leg days. Eventhough squats are my favorite excercise (175kg 1rm; if anyone cares).

    Geeeez I totally forgot that I had glutes or quads.
    How can something so nice feel so bad.

  11. Any young adults here having to live with toxic parents? How do you deal with it? The only reason I stay is because I have no money to pay for a place nor food and I wanna focus on school to get into lawschool in 2 years. Every week we have a fight where she repeatedly threaten to kick me out and I just can’t stand it anymore.

  12. Down to ~173 from 189 since mid-march and whoo boy I still have a ways to go. I figure half of that was probably glycogen and water weight because the pace at which I’m losing weight is slowing down significantly. Never let me get fluffy again boys

  13. Just went to an amusement park with the wife today. If you want to feel good about your physique that’s the ticket. Does anyone even lift?

  14. After encountering anabolic mirrors/lighting at Lord & Taylor yesterday in starting to think it’s not the department store fitting rooms that have enchanted glass as much as it is that the setup at my apartment creates DYEL reflections. (Previously posted about this phenomenon experienced at Nordstrom Rack)

    But then I went to buy a new suit and found that I need a 42R vs my current old suit of a 46R, so there’s always that.

  15. Guys i’m pretty sure my life is fucking over. Mom asked why I was walling funny and I explained i destroyed calves for the first timr in a year 2 days ago and that my shit is sore as fuck.




    “Makes sense that they are sore, that is the only part of your body without a lot of muscles”

    What do I do? Where do I move? Will rosetta stone be enough to become fluent in where ever i end up?

  16. Hey there bros, finals are making me skip lifting, so do me a favor and destroy it at the gym. Make gains for me while I proceed to bang my head against the wall hoping to learn something. Have fun 😉

  17. Attempting to start a website and offer online training. Going through content overload and have no idea where to start

  18. I hope this doesn’t end up being a humble brag, but I wish my lower body lifts weren’t so strong to the point where I have to purposefully stall them for about 18 weeks just so my upper body lifts can catch up. Gotta fix my proportions so y’all can mire my symmetry by then.

  19. Workout playlist was 100% Led Zeppelin today. Crushed pull day. Stairway to Heaven is an unironically really good song if you haven’t heard it in a year.

  20. I’ve been feeling a tightness in my left pec when jump roping. Sometimes I will feel it in the center of my chest too, but as soon as I stop jumping, it goes away. Any thoughts?

  21. I think Sophia Thiel has the best abs I’ve ever seen. Damn these kids and their genetics

    Also I watched Calum’s video in which he attempts to get the Hooters girl’s number and that will have to count as my female interaction for awhile wew lads what a rush!!

  22. Pulled a power play today, showed up to my tinder date on the beach without the shirt 6 weeks into my cut after hitting chest and back.
    She was touchy from the start
    Planned more dates
    Asked which gym I go to
    Hungout for like 40 minutes, but ended with a kiss
    Worst sunburn of my life
    Sunburn will affect my lifts tomorrow and the next few weeks
    Sand slid down my buttcrack
    *Worst sunburn of my life*

  23. Decided to do nordic curls when i got home after a deadlift session. Fuck I forgot how awesome they are. Gonna try to throw them in more often now.

  24. Soooooo… going to thailand in 2 weeks. Bro’s who’ve been before and gone to full moon party what else is there to do around Koh Samui and Ko phangan?

  25. They should have a restriction on the music selection for CP. If it’s classic then why are competitors posing to freaking modern R&B???

  26. Hey guys, What’s your favorite Pre Workout right now? I’ve been using Mesomorph and that stuff is awesome! I’m Looking for my next pre workout purchase.

  27. my inner head of my bicep has always been longer than the outer head is there any way to fix this?

  28. 1. Is it just me, or is Calum’s cussing being censored/muted on his videos?

    2. Been chasing an amazing woman for a while, and went out for drink, total chemistry, then she flakes out on the next date. I think she got scared it would develop into a “serious” relationship. Now I can’t even text her without having to wait a whole fucking day for a response, and I understand she may feel burdened, but why throw away something so good?

    3. Heavy rack pulls from knee+shrugs. Was feeling solid yesterday, then at 200kgs x10, (i warmed up a TON), my second set, something popped(felt like a fiber snapped or something?) in my mid back/ lower traps and it’s been ridiculously sore between my shoulderblades. It feels better already, but wondering if anyone knows what it is? I read up some, found something on Tnation forums… it could be ribs being slightly displaced by muscle tension?

  29. How do you guys reassure your partner you think they are attractive when they don’t lift and think you look at them badly.

    I’m crazy attracted to mine but she thinks I just want to bone Steve cook.

    Wtf. One time I made her put on a mask of him and she’s clings to the fact.

    Srs question.

  30. Third time rack pulling, worked up to 2 sets of 385 for 8. It still counts if I farted fairly audibly during both sets right. Related: how effective is the tactic of proceeding to grunt in a way that sort of sounds like a fart every rep after the fart, can that convince anybody but myself that it never happened.

    Also related: my gym has a single solitary shitty rack, I have the options of putting the bar a bit below my knee, or a couple inches above where I’d like to be. I’ve stood on plates before but it’s sort of a pain in the ass. Do I just stand on tiny 5 lb plates to get it to that sweet spot, or will those plastic platforms that people use for calf raises suffice without caving in?

  31. Talked to the grill PT yesterday after my workout. We made plans to hang out this week…and she offered to take pictures of me so that I wouldn’t have to use the timer on my phone. Interesting.

  32. Hi everyone

    I like to lift and look at butts

    That is all

    On a serious note I’ve been weighing the idea of writing a book, but I feel like it’s a bit of a pipe dream. On the other hand I have 6 pages in google docs written up, but I’m a bit hesitant to pursue it because I feel like I’m not good enough to get published or something. I’m just a 21 year old dipshit university student. I don’t want fear to hold me back from doing something awesome but I also don’t want to waste my time…

  33. I was jist getting out of the train to do my morning session of Sheikos bench program as I had to hold on to because the train was stopping abruptly. My triceps almost exploded how sore it is, and I have some 13 bench sets planned today. Kill me pls

  34. Bros, Spent all weekend cleaning out my grandparents house who both recently passed away, and stuck to my macros 100%. Came home, and realized I didn’t have food in my house. I’m starving, but too fucking exhausted physically and mentally to make food. Would I be better off getting something from fast food or just skipping and sleeping. I just don’t want to lose the gainz.

  35. I Sold all my ethereum when it was at 30bucks and now i cry myself to sleep every night. Hold me bruhs

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