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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 05/20/2017

Be at liberty to put up issues within the Day by day Dialogue Thread that do not warrant a subreddit-level dialogue. Though most of our posting guidelines will likely be relaxed right here, it’s best to nonetheless think about your viewers when posting. Most significantly, present respect to your fellow redditors. Normal redditiquette at all times applies.


32 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 05/20/2017

  1. Almost two weeks since my surgery which means I’ll be back in the gym soon boys. Kil ur fukn liftts t2day

  2. It’s been a headache getting here, but the 11 lbs of protein I ordered got here from myprotein. For anyone looking to save on protein PM me for my discount code.

  3. Finals are done, I’ve been sleeping more, I’m spending time with my family, I haven’t been to the gym in a week :/, I’m cooking, my breakfast shakes are back, and my friends are spending a lot of time together without me.
    I feel great, but I also don’t. Y’know?

  4. Alright I’ve been waiting for this for a couple hours. My girlfriend broke up with me this morning and I don’t really have anyone to talk to about it so I’m just coming on here to rant to you guys. I was seeing this girl casually for like 6 months and we recently started actually dating and I REALLY cared about her. Ive never had a connection with someone like I did with her. This morning out of absolutely nowhere she tells me she can’t date anymore because she still had feelings for her ex. The same ex that she has feelings for RAPED her and is constantly manipulating her. I am so fucking angry but I also feel pretty bad for her because this guy is a total piece of shit. Today is a rest day for me but you bet your ass I’m in the gym smashing chest right now, gotta get some of this anger out

  5. eating in a deficit is hard when you smoke a lot. also been doing cardio again lately because i’m gonna hike this summer, stairmaster is brutal

  6. I’m finally getting some hope after eight months of sadness. Last September my girlfriend of 6 years left, and I was devastated. Well now I’ve started talking to an amazing woman, and even though it’s only been two weeks since we started talking, it’s really feeling like we’re perfect for each other

    Only downside is she’s out of the state until July, so until then it’s all text and phone

  7. I lost my desire to lift, you guys. I still do it a few times a week, but I just dont have that need to continue pushing on with lifting.

  8. Feeling self conscious about wearing polos and shirt sleeve shirts for my internship because people always point out my bicep veins.

  9. S/O of just over a year and I broke up less than 12 hours ago. Motivation to lift, eat, study all down the toilet. It hurts to love someone and not be there for them, because you know it’ll hurt you if you try and stay if you think it isn’t working. Be a good person to the people you care about, you don’t know how long they’ll be here

  10. Hey guys, long term lurker first time posting in the DD.

    It’s been two years since I went from a lazy 340 pounds slob to a fit 175 guy.

    Bodybuilding saved me. MyFitnessPal just told me today it’s been 730 days since I’ve started this.

    Had no one to tell, so here i am !
    Kill your lifts today !

  11. As promised: Avatar Nutrition update #1:

    Been using it for a full week. I’m doing a muscle gain program so I’m in a small surplus and supposed to gain ~0.3 lbs/week. I went from 144.3 to 144.8 (5’9″) this week so I’m pretty close to being right on target. I like basically everything about it so far. [Photos]( of fluffy powerlifter physique as of this morning (not tryna be shredded, just tryna be stronk). Pls advise on how to pose for progress photos. I just went with the least sexual poses I do when I send people nudes.

  12. Just finished school and got an interview tomorrow for a company I’d really like to work for! So pumped. Hoping to kill it like we will kill our lifts today boys.

  13. Got to the gym today and they are doing a fucking boot camp for anyone (with or without a membership) and instead of using the group fitness classroom they moved all the benches in the free weight section and are doing it there, like seriously wtf?

  14. Was having a great push day untill i was done and saw that somebody had stole my cigs, lighter and money from my wallet. Jeez how can people be so fucking pathetic and poor..

  15. Decided to take a bit of a cheat day yesterday. Had most of a frozen pizza for lunch, and fried chicken for supper. Weight dropped over a pound and I’m now at a new low on this cut.

  16. Did anyone else see that Ask reddit thread where it was “what hobbys get you laid?” Cross fit was in the top 10, bodybuilding was nowhere to be found. Should I switch over to crossfit?

  17. Little bit of a dilemma guys. So I work at 2 separate locations of a pizzeria both about 10 miles apart.

    At one store i work with this guy that brags about cheating on his fiancee and shows me pictures of the women he hooks up with. And at the other store… he recently helped his fiancee get a job there, where I now train her.

    Her and I are becoming close due to spending a ton more time together and we are talking about personal issues and relationships and so on.

    Well recently he had broke up with her but now they are trying to make things work and Idk if I should fill her in or not… help me out boi’s.

  18. Was at a festival last week. Took a bus closer to where I live, and some guys were making an awful amount of noise (it was 4 at night), and one guy was just tapping on a soda can for 5 minutes straight. I asked him if he could stop, as it was annoying both me and others. He and his group of friends didn’t like that at all and confronted me. I just let it slide.

    5 minutes later I go off the bus, and the group of guys followed me and confronted me again. Suddenly one of them pushes me, then punches me in the fucking nose.. I had nothing to win by returning the favor so i just walked away and took a cab to my brothers place and slept..

    5 days later im at the hospital and find out my nose is broken.. Had to straighten it out, and ill tell you, straightening it out was MUCH WORSE than breaking it in the first place! Fuck random violence.. I live in Norway, this type of stuff is thankfully not normal here.

    Take care guys

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