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Every day Dialogue Thread: 05/19/2017

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49 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 05/19/2017

  1. Going to visit in laws this weekend, didn’t get in enough workouts this week. Just can’t wait for next week to keep pushing this bulk and make it to 150lbs before cutting. (5’3 manlet)

  2. Changed my squat stance to have my feet pointed slightly outward and holy shit it makes such a difference. Squats felt 300x better today, depth was solid, and could actually feel myself squeezing my leg muscles on every rep.

    First time I’ve walked out of the gym like a newborn calf in a while.

    Also cut is actually going great, and I found out my poster won the bed poster award for a scientific research conference.

    10/10 week so far.

  3. And the carb up slowly continues towards tomorrow, and water depletion in full swing. Less than 24 hours out now.

  4. Just a reminder to not take your health/the health of loved ones for granted. Nothing happened to any of mine thank god. I was just having a pretty shitty week and it got me thinking that all of my family members are in good health and that I should be extremely thankful for that. I have the opportunity to improve my shitty week but I couldn’t imagine the helpless feeling of one of my family members coming down with a serious illness. Yeah.

  5. And here I was, thinking that I had made it..

    Started my bulk at 3k cal, had to move all the way up to 3,6k to finally gain weight like I was supposed to. Had me thinking that cutting would be sweet and easy but when the cut came around I was sitting at 2.6k without the weight going down the way I wanted it too.

    Had to move all the way down to 2k to keep losing weight after the initial 3 kilos, I don’t understand this shit bros

  6. This is nuts how awful i respond to food or whatever. I know that this is like 5th time i’m crying about gaining nothing but fat even without hitting required calories goal but what the fuck is going on? Every day my fat around stomach is bigger and bigger

  7. Kinda funny steroid joke in Injustice 2. When it’s Bane versus Swamp thing, the intro dialogue goes:
    Swamp Thing: “Bane, you offend me.”
    Bane:” and why is that, Swamp Thing?”
    Swamp Thing:” Because you are not natural.”

    Link for those who care

  8. so yesterday i decided to do a one day bulk to take a break from this cut. i smoked a bowl and ended up eating my bodyweight in chocolate covered peanuts

    cut’s going well

  9. Woke up this morning and hit my goal of 185lbs. I dropped 15lbs over the past 3 months. This feels good as hell considering I was weighing 240 about 1.5 years ago.

    I haven’t been this lean in roughly two years and it feels good mane.

  10. I finished up my described isotretinoin (accutane is the NA brand) and I’ve been sweating non-stop ever since. Guess that’s better than dry skin 24/7. Hoping I won’t have to take another cycle, shit was awful.

  11. My last day of work in Dallas. Tomorrow , I’m moving to Nashville with my fiancee. I’m sad and all but the saddest part is that I’ll be away from the gym for a while.

    I don’t want to lose my gains Bros 🙁

  12. Any good books to read/video games to play you’d all recommend? The hunt for a new summer job is slow so I’m stuck part time right now and need to keep busy.

  13. Starting two-a-days on Monday in preparation for EDC in 4 weeks. Weights in the AM before work, cardio in the afternoon after work. Fully aware that I’m gonna hate my life but I gotta get shreddy for the pool party I’m going to. Pray 4 me

  14. Too many vodka sodas last night, ended up making out with a thiccc girl with some tig ol’ bitties. She was exceptionally whatever but I’m gonna fire those chest cannons this weekend.

    Also had a French toast bagel this morning so I guess the cut is going well

  15. Anyone who can share some experiences on the use of amphetamines, either for studying, cutting or at music festivals? I’m mostly trying to figure out what effect it has on muscle mass and body fat if diet stays in check.

  16. Hey guys I am looking for some general tips. I have about 16 days left in my cut. I was wondering what you think of my conditioning. I am still waiting for my love handles to drop some fat. I feel like them and my lower back are really stubborn. My current macros are 149 C 149 P and 60 F for about 1700 calories.

    I started at 174 and am just breaking 160 this morning. I’m 5’7


    [My leanest last year](

  17. i began eating way more fiber than i have before, and besides the daily asshole tearing, it feels incredible. i feel like a new man after every shit and not an ounce of my frame wasted on poo.

  18. I just witnessed this guy load up one side of the leg press, wall to the opposite side and instead of adding more weight he just started doing rows with the empty bar and the weight on the other side. Which one of you trolled me?!

  19. Doubled my daily water intake to around 4.5 liters (roughly 1.2 gallons) and it might just be placebo, but I feel better and have more energy throughout the day. And I think I sweat less.

  20. Shit sucks bros. My girl just broke up with me so she can go to college single. Not like I stayed with her even though I was going to college last year. Whatever. It was probably for the better anyways.

    New low today, literally:

  21. Hit my 2-year lifting mark (coming from a partying and gaming addiction) today and I am finally at a point that I am proud of my body. I still have a *long* way to go, though, but I’m looking forward to it!

    My biggest lesson learned is the amount of time I wasted by cutting. After 6 months of working out I actually already started cutting (as you can see on the pictures), with barely any mass to show. I had the classic idea of “abs > everything”. After I did my first serious bulk past winter I made most gains, aside from the newbie ones. Still, I should’ve started bulking way earlier – and for a way longer time. I also could’ve gotten a lot more result if I cut down the drinking and substance using in the weekends even more – but to be honest, I value that part of my life as well.

    I also should’ve made it a habit to make the same pictures as progresspics, but oh well..

    The first image is from a year before lifting at 19 years old. The second image is 6 months into lifting, the third 12 (after the cut I shouldn’t have done), the fourth 18 (near the end of my last bulk), and the fifth 24 (where I am now).

    My current lifts are at 120kg(264lb) bench, 175kg (385lb) deadlift, 165kg (363lb) squat and 65kg (143lb) OHP. The first months of my training were a brosplit, the rest has been on mostly nsuns 531 and partly CAP3.

  22. I posted in here three weeks ago about waiting to hear back from General Dynamics about a job offer.

    Finally got the call back and the salary WAY exceeded my expectations. I’m so happy, looks like I’ll be moving during June at some point. If anyone has any life pro tips about moving to a new city let me know lol.

    Much love boys

  23. Got a date Sunday with a dude who competes bodybuilding, does theoretical physics research, and also has a personality. Bumble pullin’ through.

    Wonder what’s wrong with him.

  24. Not trying to be rude here but if you’re natural don’t 2-a-days really just mean you didn’t use your time well?

    Other than if you missed a week and have a few parts to hit, or if you’re geared to the teeth, I have trouble understanding how you weren’t sore/exhausted, and how coming back to the gym could mean anything other than the first time there you were just fucking about

  25. My grandpa and aunt both were drawn out of a lottery for a once in a lifetime Idaho moose hunt. Those Mah fuggahs have so much goddamn meat on them. Can’t wait to bulk this winter on nothing but moose burgers and steak.

  26. I think the time I workout impacts how i feel for the rest of the day. Went to the gym 2 hours later than I usually do and just feel sluggish since then… Definitely going to keep my original time

  27. Bad day, nobody else to tell since nobody knew. went in for our 2nd ultrasound to find out our baby stopped growing after 7week. Everythings been so perfect with our careers, home, money, life we knew this was the right time. All we can do now is try again soon and hope for the best. Just a huge blow right now.. crazy how fast your future changes when you find out your going to have a child. And then how fast that can be taken away. Started on the whiskey earlier but after a strong one I decided that wasn’t going to help any so now I’m heading to bed. Going to hit chest when I wake up and then wait for the wife to get some and spend some quality tome and figure shit out

  28. Never been tanning before, would anyone recommend it? Like UV tanning bed tanning. Should i wear some light sunscreen? Trying to just get similar color all over my body instead of a board shorts tan at the beach.

  29. Started bringing scoops of whey to work for in between meals. Hopefully the normies don’t find out and give me shit.

  30. finally bought some wireless headphones and they were delivered today…….my off day.

    in other words, looks like no days off for me this week

  31. When you are on a first date but still look at Goobs snap stories……

    What the fuck is wrong with me?

  32. Fuckkk the fiber’s finally kicking in after like a week and a half. Gonna weigh like 5 pounds lighter tomorrow, we all gonna make it!

  33. I was thinking about how nice it’ll be to end this cut and start bulking again, until I realized it’s summer in a week and I can’t bulk for like 3 months. Fuck me in the ass.

  34. checking into a new whip… E46 m3 convertible. My 330i is a decent ride, but just not something Im super excited about driving.

  35. I posted this in the Foodie Friday thread, but I might as well ask it here, too. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good, reliable, relatively cheap food scale? I looked at some on Amazon, but wanted to see if there are any that you guys really like before I make a purchase.

  36. was the bot recently invented, or did everyone just recently forget how to post something that isn’t an album

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