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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 05/17/2017

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47 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 05/17/2017

  1. Tried a bench slingshot. Hit 225 for 4, which was what I maxed for 1 two weeks ago. That band is amazing, guys.

  2. So my poverty bench has finally hit 160. I’m on my 8th rep of my 4th set, push up the weight and hold it up just to test if there would be one more rep. Out of no-fucking-where this guy races to my bench to literally RIP THE FUCKING BAR out of my hand to rack it, give me a head nod and run away with the same speed he appeared.

    Did I pass the ‘Gainz Goblin 101’ course ???

  3. Does training calves make anybody else’s nauseous? This isn’t a joke. I feel like with all my blood rushing down there my calves get warm and my upper body gets oddly very cold. Makes me wanna throw up for some reason.

  4. I’ve been working on pullups for a couple weeks now as part of 5/3/1 BBB

    …..I’m almost to 1/2 a pullup!

    … :'(

  5. Any of you guys know that routine that consisted on Bis/Chest – Tris/back – Legs/shoulders ? I dont remember anymore details, it was a site somewhere and i wanted to follow that routine because I was running it and I liked and I cant find it anymore :/

  6. Picking my dorm room for college tonight. It’s finally hitting me that I’m gonna be leaving home and I’m so excited

  7. Can we talk about chest/ ab hair real quick? I’m going to Hawaii in 2 weeks and I need some tips. I’ve never competed and don’t plan to, so this is really the first thing I’ve really cut for (I’ve obviously bulk/cut many times before, just not cut hard for a certain event).

    That being said, I have very little hair. No chest hair at all. But I do have do have a pretty nice happy trail doing down bottom portion of my abs. So should I shave it? Wax it? Idk. What do you guys do?

  8. So just looking for opinions. Currently weighing in at 181 at 6’2ish. I competed two months ago at 166lbs and didn’t reverse diet at all and put the weight back on fast. I’m kinda wondering now if I’m lean enough to lean bulk or if I should cut about 10lbs then reverse diet and go from there. Goal is to eventually hit 200lbs but I feel like I look like shit at 181 lol chest needs some major work and so does back. currently middle of the day with 2 gallons of water in me.

  9. I’ve been thinking of going to somewhere in europe this summer for a week or two. Any of you got any suggestions?

  10. At least my masochistic tendencies are good for growing shoulders. Lateral raises today until I actually shed a tear the pump hurt so much

  11. The struggle is real guys. The legs on my pants are getting tight and my arms are about ready to bust through my sleeves. I may have bulked too fast…time for a mini cut and try again.

  12. There are two types of gains i’ve noticed in the past year, type 1 gains are small incremental differences where only you really take notice. Type 2 gains are gains where people around you start to notice, and type 2 gains were had recently. Feelsgainsman

  13. Update on the break up with my fiancé:

    I moved into my new place with my two dogs. I’ve been hanging out with my boys a lot more and going out on the weekends. So far in two weeks, I’ve smashed five different girls and I’m in the gym 5x a week (lucky to hit 4 before).

    I guess there were a lot of girls waiting on my break up to happen and were already there. Only negative is losing some furniture and items in the move. It feels great to be on my own and it has been a blessing.

  14. So I heard excess carbs have to undergo de novo lipogenesis to be stored as fat , so should my surplus be from carbs? Or does it really make that much of a difference?

  15. With the Mind-Muscle Connection on my glutes on doing stiff legged deadlifts and hyperextensions, I have built a thicker arse than most of the ig ‘fitness models’ I follow on ig. serious.

    today I was mirin my own arse for about 15 minutes. would never think that I’d be proud of my glute development. no homo though.

  16. Finally skwatted 315 today!! Which means I can check 1/2/3 plate OHP/bench/squat off my list. All that’s left is that damn 4pl8 deadlift that’s gonna absolutely fucking kill me over the next month.

  17. Fuckin’ deadlifts, man…it seems like they consistently go extremely well for me, and then they’ll randomly become abysmal for a week, and then I’ll have to take a week off from them. I guess I’ll probably have to start increasing my 5/3/1 sets by only five pounds per cycle or something now…meh

  18. Does having a ton of tattoos affect your chances of winning a Men’s physique/classic physique competition? I have a huuuge torso piece that I’m afraid might impede my chances of winning

  19. im finally happy with my left bicep but not the right one. the peak is higher on the left cuz none of my insertions are symmetrical 🙁

  20. After several months of isolation from the outside world, I had finally reached 10% bf and I was ready to go out and celebrate my accomplishment through a nice cheat meal. Me and my brahs settled for some In n Out, and as I walked in the two cashiers suddenly went from the typical unhappy expression of a fast food employee, to that of a person that had just witnessed a miracle. Soon after, they snapped out of it and realized that one of them was going to have to take my order. The two girls violently argued on who would take my order as I approached the register. Then the manager intervened between the two and smilingly said ” sorry about that, this one is on the… ” Before she had the chance to finish her sentence, every female inside the restaurant was rushing in my direction to ‘place another order’.

    The restaurant temporarily shut down due to the chaos my newly developed aesthetics had provoked. Alas the police arrived to control the situation and one of the female cops took me into custody and told me there was consequences for people like me… So of course we left the restaurant and headed towards the station (or so I thought). I noticed she missed the exit for the police station and asked her if she made a mistake.

    hbb-cop: negative, we handle handsome young miscers like you a little differently.

    And that is the story of how I lost my virginity. It also demonstrates the magnitude of the impact looks have on your life.

  21. What’s the difference between 5×5 amd 3×8 cuz 3×8 takes less time in all and i wanna do it for the stronglifts program (already 4 months in)

  22. Someone explain noob gains to me. I’ve played football in high school, and was in the Army for 4 years. Now I’m out and living this here bb lyfe. Been cutting for 2 weeks (2200 calories low carb) with 45min to 1 hour of cardio 4-5 times a week and I’ve gained 1.2lbs so far. I feel like I should be l losing weight but I am gaining size with these calories. 5’8″ 245lbs after cardio today.

  23. I used to love lat pulldowns because of the MMC and thought rows were whatever. I still did rows but didn’t enjoy them.

    Now I love rows because of the MMC and think lat pulldowns are whatever. I still do lat pulldowns but I don’t enjoy them.

    Life, amirite?

  24. Gravity is extra heavy today. Failed completely on pulling 325 which I hit for a triple last week no problem. Then could only hit a single at 295. Wtf

  25. Man finished his undergrad law degree and went back into the gym without having lost much strength at all.

    Feel totally deflated after that 4 years of crap, though.

  26. On a scale of 1-10…. How close are you to your fitness goals?

    How would you rate today’s workout?

  27. What do you guys say to someone that asks if you’re on steroids (and you actually are)? Asking for a friend.

  28. Found out today I passed the interviews to switch teams at work. So excited to get away from my manager. I can’t wait to drop the news on him.

  29. someone on here said the triceps are the quads of the arm, hit em hard. thank you for that cue kind sir, it serves me well.

    so many of you have offered great advice over the last two years that directly impacts my training. it’s pretty awesome, so thanks for everyone that shares what you know. I’m out here living by it.

  30. Any exercises that you guys think help with thigh width, broscience encouraged. It’s like my leg is getting more defined and bigger in every way but still pretty thin.

  31. Crazy how much sleep matters to gains. Felt huge last week. This week I’m working late then lying awake all night because I’m panicked I didnt get enough done and I feel like I barely cast a shadow. People keep asking if I’m sick

  32. Today this dude in the gym said he thinks I “look pretty good”. He didn’t even say no homo.

    I think I found the one boys

  33. Random question: does anyone remember an old thread on where some dude asked if he bulked too much, and then posted a picture where he was just really fat? I remember he was a black male and looked in his 20s or so.

    Been trying to find the thread, but no luck so far!

  34. I feel like my weight loss has stalled. For the last 2 weeks and this week I’ve been in the same weight range in the morning (153-155) and in the evening (151-153).

    I’m eating 2000 calories at a -1000kcal deficit and stacking cardio on top of that. I’m drinking plenty of water. I eat at least a handful of veggies everyday.

    I’ve also had very infrequent shits of low volume and I feel as if my food gets clogged up easily inside of me.

    What do I do?

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