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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 05/16/2017

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65 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 05/16/2017

  1. Alright boyos, is there anything I can do instead of RDL’s to help get that deadlift off the ground? I can go heavy on rack pulls for days but that off-the-ground lift is weak.. no matter how explosive I get. SOS.

  2. YOOOO Bradley Martyn really got fucking JAY CUTLER and Larry Wheels to be at his gym opening. I’m sure he paid the nicely but I find it funny as fuck.

  3. My birthday on Thursday is my shoulder day so I did birthday squats today duders.

    195 x 23 was easy peezy lemon squeezey. I’ll need to do it 3 times for next year.

    EDIT: tfw after exhausted after doing my working weights after my bday squats, my coworker (who played football in college) works in with me and reps an easy 10 on 315

  4. fucked up my wrist and can’t do anything without it burning like all hell. Haven’t ever had such a pain, I’ve hit legs 3 times this week, but arms, chest and back have to wait for now

  5. Does anyone else switch up their routine just to NOT look like you’re following a girl around lol I had to do that today to not give off creepy vibes

  6. I had a guy telling me to decline bench press, I said I dont like to do it, so he says :”Its the things that u dont like to do that make u grow” . I was like this guy actually said this cookie cutter shit . Later that workout I hear him talking to another dude saying that he doesnt deadlift cause he doesnt like it . ???? Where is your advice now buddy ?

  7. One last physics final tomorrow and I can get back to training consistently and stress free, damn it feels good.

  8. I added a girl on snapchat, send her a selfie taken @4am yesterday and she added me back


    wtf do i do now

  9. Excellent doc on Netflix called “In Defense of Food” for those who haven’t seen it yet. Does and excellent job of analyzing the progress and phases of food consumption throughout the decades.

  10. What do you guys do with your training frequency while cutting? I’m at a deficit of maybe 1200 calories, and I feel like my 5 days in the gym can’t really be that productive. Do you think I’d see a difference in post-cut size/strength by reducing it to 3 days/week?

  11. Im at a chinese buffet right now getting my summerbulk2017# going. I have never been more simultaneously disgusted and satisfied in a while. Anyone else hate cutting? ?

  12. Is high protein really needed on a cut or is it sorta overblown? I’m currently around 2 weeks in trying to drop down another 3 pounds or so to get to 10% BF and I only get around 100-120g a day. Haven’t noticed any dips in strength 18 years old 5’10 ~168lbs if it matters

  13. I could be going in to see test results for whether or not I have cancer and the most nervous I’ll be that day is crossing the street. So much damn stress to not die and relying on people to not drive stupid.

  14. Back pain is not causing sciatica so haven’t hit legs/back(more than super light weight) in like 4 weeks but on the bright side, no reason why I still can’t hit arms/chest 😀 Brodin be upon me

  15. Break up gains better be good to me. I called it quits with my fiancé a little bit ago. I’m not bitter or sad. I just feel…nothing. I’m not sure where to go next with this.

  16. Break up gains on the way. Grill of a few months just ended it. Suck for her, she won’t reap the rewards of cut season.

    Also, do pull ups count as weighted if I have my phone in my pocket, and a set of goofy Bluetooth headphones on?

  17. Anyone here ever injure there knee from deadlifting? I fucked up a few weeks ago by breaking at the knees and hips at the same time instead of letting the bar go past the knees then bend. My left knee has been hurting when I enter a squat stance or push with my leg. I was doing 315lbs for 4, my back was fine at least. I’m taking this week off of squats and deads but just wanted to know if any of yall ever had this issue and what you did to fix it.

  18. Amazon exchange policy is SOLID. Got a pair of Adipowers but they’re a TAD too small. requested an exchange and they shipped my new ones same day and UPS is coming to pick up my old ones tomorrow.

  19. Was wondering why my EC stack didn’t seem to be as effective as the last time. Turns out that trying to save money I ended up with pseudoephedrine instead of ephedrine sulfate:/ I’m not sure if I can go buy more without getting looked at for meth production

  20. Was doing roughly 12-15 sets per week per muscle group. Felt that wasn’t enough. Bumped it to about 22-24. Plz brodin let the gainz flow

  21. Ending my freshman year of college lighter than when I started yet much stronger and looking bigger. Went from 170-180-165.
    I’m also almost at my 1 year of serious lifting anniversary. It has been a great journey so far coming from being a USA club distance swimmer to a gym bro who still kinda swims for his college club team and just sprints.

  22. Damn bros

    On this cut

    I dropped from 38″ fat ass glutes

    To 36.5″ less fat ass glutes

    I feel great

    Hoping I can lose another inch

    And look like a mini 5% BB

    Instead of a “should skip leg day sometimes” guy

  23. Had to wear a tight shirt to work the other day and two coworkers squeezed my arm as they walked by. Then a friend said his jacket wouldn’t fit me because my “arms are too big”. Isn’t it great to be non dyel by normie standards?

  24. If I hit 275 for 3 on my 4th set of squats, I’ll be able to do 315 the next time I squat right? I got dis.

  25. Are landmine presses a decent substitute for incline bench as far as upper chest development is concerned?

    I just can’t seem to incline bench without aggravating my shoulders.

  26. TFW abs starting come in for the first time in your life, brings a whole new motivation to finishing this cut. Dont forget to do abs bros. i neglected them during my bulk. But am hitting them now while on a cut. They are responding and getting stronger despite being in a deficit. It guess my abs are getting newb gainz!

  27. So you know how you can go on masturbation rampage, and eventually after you’ve spent a couple of rounds, and your cock is sore… but you just *have* to jack off one more time?

    And then after, you know how how your dick feels like it’s been mashed, and your balls ache from the all the cock-vomit they’ve been retching up… and you even feel like there’s a strain in your gooch?

    Well, that’s how my chest and tri’s feel. Insane pump today. I feel well and truly abused.

    And very satisfied.

  28. Pulled 365 for a single yesterday but it looked like shit :/ On the brightsids one of the gym regulars said he could tell that my cuts been working! He said diet is the hardest thing for him to get down. Little does he know i struggle just as hard but itll be worth it when i can see my abs (hopefully)

  29. Johnny Sins has his own clothing line. Looks ugly as sin and very basic but I guess anyone can have their own line.

  30. Do you guys remember Fatbuilder?

    Well, he’s been training with this other regular, let’s call him coolguy(20ish, lean and muscular) and they’ve been working out together for a couple of months.

    They do a lot of exercises. I’m not kidding, like 6 different exercises for 4/5 sets each bodypart on some sort of ppl, but that’s not the point.


    Today he smashed a bench pr, 100kgx5. I am really happy for him, so I approached and told him he’s a beast, then he says that i will be pressing the same weight before December.

    I was amazed until he told me he’s on creatine. Fuck him, fake nattys are everywhere/s

  31. adventures of my buildings gym, lady doing sets of glute raises and half assed crunches for reps of 3, lady walking at full incline 1.5 miles with her hands on the machine.
    i give it a horrible score of 2/5

  32. People on overwatch are either super nice and constantly saying how good everyone is doing at their jobs, or pure cancer and telling everyone they’re shit and he’d be whatever the top rank is without them.

  33. To everyone that hates winter and loves summer, please fuck off. I don’t work outside, I don’t swim, I don’t fish. I don’t enjoy doing anything outside in the summer. It was 85 out today and humid a the air pockets between my balls and legs. I’m perfectly okay with 30 degrees every single day over a single day of this bullshit and it’s only fucking May.

    Seriously guys. Teach me to enjoy summer.

    Edit: I was probably being a little mean to you summer-lovers in that first line. I’m just extra mad at my family and their love for summer. Went out to eat for mother’s day when it was like 85 outside and I was just looking forward to A/C. Then my mom and sister-in-law both demand a patio seat and I came about as close as I’ve ever come to yelling at my mom. I hate the heat so fucking much. They kind of kicked off my summer angst this week.

  34. Was feeling like a sad kunt last night and still feeling like it today and just coming into the daily discussion and reading some of y’alls post changes my mood a bit. So let’s fucking go. It’s time to hit motherfucking chest tonight.

  35. Went to a makeshift concert some friends put together last night and saw a bunch of people I hadn’t seen since high school a few years ago and they all said I’d gotten huge and looked jacked. I felt really good about myself until I got home and saw myself in the mirror and realized they’re a bunch of normies who don’t know I’m still small. One day I finally won’t be DYEL anymore!

  36. What is going on with tinder? Back in the city where my college was I did pretty well, and there were plenty of cute girls. Back in my suburban hometown I understand why the obesity rate is so high. Every girl seems to be twice as wide as I am, and I’m pretty thicc. Needless to say, matches are down due to never swiping right.

  37. Had a client meeting run long so I missed a meal.. How many years did I just get set back?

    Anyone know good beginners programs as I’m gonna have to start again.

    Edit: just had a PB sandwich. Mass gainer shake and KFC meal in 30mins. Ama. Something like 1800 cal? Meh. Cloud mode.

  38. well saw many pros at Bev’s today (since NY Pro is this weekend, some guys are already flying in)
    Sergio Jr asked me where the water fountain was lmao, super nice guy though, personality wise he’s one of my fav pros. Looked a little narrow from what I expected but dudes arms are sick

    Also saw Brandon Hendrickson, was super surprised at how much smaller he looked in person since he’s one of the bigger/wider physique pros and how he looks on IG (never met him in person before today) I was way bigger and wider than him.
    Joe monji and garret (CP pro) were there, joe in person is kind of impressive, Garret impressed me more.

    Looking forward to more guys coming in to train at bevs, ill probably be at the NY pro this weekend

  39. I was doing yard work without a shirt on and a guy from a window company that did some installations at our house comes rolling up. The first thing he asks was “You been workin’ out?” Does this mean I made it :’)

  40. 10×10 on bench today with 245, as a way to ease my self in my new hypertrophy block and cut. Gotta love fighting fires, since all the work, even in the slow part of the season, allows me to eat 4k plus calories a day and steadily drop weight. Pack test is coming up, which I’ve trained for absolutely zero times. Going to wing it and take a gratuitous amount of PWO, so I just vibrant my self the entire 3 miles.

  41. The broken AC saga continues. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 94 degrees. The AC repair guy won’t be here until Thursday. Fuck me.

    There is a sweet spot when it comes to being hot, at least for me, where all I want to do is lay around and eat. Any hotter and my appetite is completely gone. I’m right in that sweet spot. Fuck me twice.

    After reading a pretty good argument in support of it, I have started implementing egg whites in my shakes for extra protein and to conserve whey. The egg farts are so bad. Fuck me three times.

  42. shit was going great with this tinder chick then in the middle of eating she just got into a bad mood and since then haven’t talked. I guess I said something wrong but no idea what. She was pretty cool to hang out with which made up for being not uhh well, slim. Oh well I guess.

    I get cute fit chicks at work staring and smiling at me every day but have no luck with tinder. I’m just afraid of HR shit if it goes bad. Maybe I just need to start hanging out on different floors so it’s chicks that don’t work in the same organization as me at least.

  43. Took two ephedrine & a woosh of cold brew before going in tonight. Felt the warm up right away. It really made my warm up cardio seem to take forever. But in a good way. The effects seemed to wear off pretty quickly though I did feel a lot more alert and focused through the night.

    Day 2 of headphone issues (They worked great when I came home and paired with computer, probably forgot to turn them off- oops). So that was a minus. Went at 8:30 PM.

    OMFG It was a zoo. Delt workout was just so out of place because every single piece of everything was in use.

    Gold star for the guy doing ez-bb curls in the cable station. Then doing pushups. Thank you. So. Much.

    Actual workout that I got done was pretty good. I’d rate it a 7/10.

  44. Hey fam

    Anyone here in the IT industry?

    Feeling pretty lost as of late in terms of career choices, but somewhat interested in doing a diploma in IT.

    The diploma is “Software devolopment” would love to get some insight from those that work in the industry and if this qualification is worth while

  45. Pouring rain while I was at the gym tonight. During my last set of bench there was a leak in the ceiling directly overhead. Long story short, I thought I was going to drop the bar and die after getting hit in the face by water unexpectedly mid-rep.

  46. Would you consider this as a good push day, regarding volume?
    week 1:
    Bench press 3×13-15
    Machine flys 3×13-15
    //front delts
    OHP 3x
    // rear delts
    Rear raise 2x
    bb facepull 2x
    //side delts
    bb upright row 2x
    lat raise 2x
    Rope pulldown 2x
    Tri ext 2x
    Week 2: basically increase one exercise for each muscle group by 1 set, so weekly volume is 14 instead of 12
    week 3:increase the other exercise by 1 set, weekly volume is 16
    week 6: deload

    And similarly for Pull and Legs?
    Then, after week 6, increase the weights

  47. Seriously think I have a problem with alcohol. Use it as a crutch for anxiety way too much. Anyone got advice

  48. I need help or suggestions really on other forms of cardio I can do. I had a grade 1 LCL tear and it didnt require surgery, gave it plenty of time off in terms of all forms of cardio and leg work. Started to slowly get back into leg work but I planned on cutting and I tried running today and it agitated it to the point that going up/down the stairs hurts again.

  49. Guy at my gym offered to take pics of me, but from looking at his IG(and accidentally liking a pic, god I’m a dumbass) he doesn’t appear to be a legitimate photographer. How do I politely decline?

  50. Hit a new deadlift pr of 275 at 170 body weight. 6 months ago it was like 205 at 155. Progress is fucking cool

  51. Another question complement to the one I posted minutes ago. Does anybody here have any experince with minicuting (2 weeks) in moderate deficit 500-700kcal?

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