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Constructing Boulder Shoulders | Lawrence Ballenger Shoulder Exercise

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Huge, spherical delts make good our bodies look nice. And powerful, useful shoulders make your good lifts even higher. Here is how Lawrence Ballenger trains his shoulders for boulder dimension and power!

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Immediately’s shoulder exercise goes to be numerous enjoyable. We will begin with some heavy, compound lifts to construct general power and mass, after which get our pump on with lighter isolation lifts. This method lets us construct huge boulders after which chisel them into pure sculpture.

There are solely seven workouts on this exercise, however that does not imply it is going to be simple. It is your accountability to maintain the depth excessive. No one goes to construct your dream physique for you.

Throughout this exercise, clear your thoughts of all the things however the iron. Focus simply in your lifts and constructing your finest self. That is how you discover success.


It is actually vital to heat up earlier than you start this exercise. Except for spending a while on the treadmill, I prefer to heat up my rotator cuff by doing inner and exterior shoulder rotations and arm circles.

I do that as a result of I wish to keep away from accidents. Your shoulders are concerned in just about each train you do, so it is crucial to maintain them wholesome.

When I haven’t got a spotter, I love to do seated army presses inside an influence rack. Use the warm-up units to arrange the proper motion sample and work as much as your heavy weight. You’ve got solely obtained six reps per set, so meaning you get to pile on the plates!

I set the incline bench fairly excessive once I do that train. In case you like to make use of much less incline, that is completely nice. The Arnold press may help you add numerous energy and dimension to the entrance delt, which is ideal as a result of that muscle appears to be a spot the place many individuals are missing. Spherical shoulders are nice as a result of they showcase the width of your physique and make your arms look absolutely developed.

The main target of lateral raises is the squeeze and management. Do not simply throw the load up; management the motion via all the vary of movement. Squeeze the shoulder on the way in which up. On the way in which down, preserve rigidity on the delts by stopping earlier than your arm rests towards your physique.

As a result of you possibly can’t use any momentum and you retain rigidity on the muscle groups for therefore lengthy, you might have to make use of lighter weight. That is nice. Don’t be concerned about how huge the dumbbell is. Fear about preserving your shoulder contracted all through the entire train.

Once more, concentrate on the squeeze. As you undergo the units, you will discover that your vary of movement would possibly lower. Typically, the delt will get so filled with blood it is likely to be onerous to contract the muscle absolutely. Bang these reps out and preserve transferring.

By alternating the working muscle groups, you possibly can isolate every entrance delt. The very best half about doing this on an incline is that it actually stretches the goal space. The extra muscle fibers you possibly can stretch and contract, the larger your delts can change into!

Lots of people suppose they hit their rear delts sufficient on their again days, however I feel it is vital to do some extra work as a result of the rear delts are a extremely uncared for space. Your shoulders look rounder and thicker when you’ve got huge rear delts.

For this train, preserve your elbows pretty straight and parallel to the bottom. Squeeze the heck out of your delts.

Pile up the load and begin shrugging! Shrugs are normally a powerful motion for most individuals. I like to make use of straps as a result of my grip fatigues by the tip of the exercise. Use a slight pause on the high for peak contraction.

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  1. 'with the arnold press you're starting to get more front delt into the action, adding a lot of size tothe front delt which a lot of people are missing.' meanwhile they're the most overdeveloped muscle in bodybuilding.

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