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Ask The Professional Panel: Dr. Jacob Wilson And Dr. Robert Wildman –

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We’re residing within the golden age of protein. Be taught the important guidelines for the mightiest of macros, and a lot extra, from two of the brightest minds in muscle: Drs. Jacob Wilson and Robert Wildman!

By now, you’ve got little doubt heard that after a number of many years within the dietary wilderness, wholesome fat are again on the menu. However misplaced in all of the headlines about one mistakenly maligned macronutrient is one other redemption story, starring fats’s leaner sibling: protein.

Again within the carb-loving days of the ’70s and ’80s, a high-protein food regimen was thought-about pointless, if not downright dangerous. As we speak, we all know that sufficient, well timed protein consumption is essential for well being, optimum physique composition, and athletic efficiency—however that is no information to you and your shaker bottle!

So does that imply we have discovered all the things there may be to know in regards to the king of muscle-macros? Removed from it. Loads stays to be found about protein, amongst many different health matters, which is why we invited two of the sharpest, most skilled minds in muscle-building to share their skilled and private opinions on supplemental protein, science vs. bro-science, the mechanisms of muscle progress, cutting-edge analysis, and far more.

The easiest way to study from these specialists is to observe the complete video. Then, if you would like to refer again to particular sections, use the bookmark hyperlinks under. Do not see your query answered right here? Examine to see if it was addressed within the dwell, interactive Ask the Professional Panel that Dr. Wildman and Dr. Wilson participated in with celeb coach Ashley Conrad, or shout it out within the feedback under.

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30 thoughts on “Ask The Professional Panel: Dr. Jacob Wilson And Dr. Robert Wildman –

  1. I don’t know. Something makes me doubt these guys. Here on YouTube there are videos & audio’s by guys like Dr Brad Schoenfeld, Dr Mike Israetel, Broderick Chavez etc. I’d much rather listen to them.

  2. This is actually some very valuable content. I can't express enough how much the industry needs information like this. Unfortunately i read some of the comments and the I realized just how strong the ignorance is in this industry. Thanks for posting this.

  3. Dr. jacob said " he drank BCAA after every meal to keep protein synthesis " `!!! no offense , you don't have any muscular body at all for your advocate on those magic supplement. You preach what you aren't. If you take ton of supplement for years and you still get a bit of muscle , I don't faith of what you preach.

  4. Dr Wilson is a legend, I like his stuff. So what if he promotes supplements, the ones he recommend actually work. Keep up the good work Dr Wilson. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the videos. I love the fact that we're not just trying things but also finding out why things are effective. It helps a lot.

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing this conversation! It would be interesting to see more of these vids. Maybe break down some info about training methods like full body vs split or the project mass setup meaning the combination of strength and hypertrophy training

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  8. Sincerely and honestly speaking, this "three guys conversation" is another part of marketing which is all about making more money.

  9. This was pretty pointless honestly. When ever they were asked a straight up question like, "Is there a real method for protein intake like the classic '1 gram of protein per lb of body weight' method?" they just danced around the question and never gave a straight answer.

  10. what is the dosing of leucine? Can you overdose or what would be considered too much? Also, what is the best form? should it be taking with other aminos or can it be taking by itself in pill form? 

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